Now the Hard Times Really Begin

Now the Hard Times Really Begin

By John Galt

January 16, 2009

Terminus of orbis terrarum ut nos teneo is

The problems illustrated by the talking heads on Capitol Hill and the total lack of honesty and frankness we desperately needed from the CEOs of corporations worldwide is about to lead not just to a crash of our markets, I think we achieved that in 2008. Instead we are about to witness a nightmare where the American people, not all of course but probably twenty percent, absolutely refuse to trust anything uttered by our mainstream media, financial media, corporations or government at any level.

This is and will be a dangerous development.

The new “happy” time we are supposed to enter with hope and change entering into our lives is a clever mask of propaganda which fails to address the problems of a demographic decline in our work force and the monetization of horrid decision making and loss by our financial geniuses. This happy time will create myths of epic proportions which fail to address the underlying rot of our society and the refusal to accept that the empire is in a terminal state of decline. For the sake of yourself and your families, do not accept what I say at face value; do your own research behind the news stories discussed and data presented, it will shock you.

The American people are starting to get that air of desperation in many quarters which indicates a willingness to submit to ideologies and programs which are the antithesis of our beliefs and intents of the Founding Fathers and what the World War II generation believed in. The new leaders of our society will initiate a series of centralized planning promotions where nationalization of industries, partial or in total, will be praised for saving jobs, saving money and preserving retirement income. Do not believe any of it. The concept of socialism has been dumbed down by decades of deliberate neglect inside of our education system and the dangerous ideals of a little bit of Marxism being introduced to save capitalism is akin to using napalm to put out a house fire.

You might be asking, “If the government is promising to take care of us, how are these the really hard times?”

If you have to ask that question, you fit the bill of the DGI and should really start reading or getting out more often. The defacto partial nationalization of Citigroup and the Bank of America should be a screaming siren of warning to the average person but few will bat an eyebrow. It is time to be prepared to either do what you can to blunt this wave of socialist fervor or get ready to hunker down and hide as a capitalist in the caves and jungles of the world to wait for your next opportunity to profit.

This means the choice is yours, to be a willing enabler or to take a stand; to withdraw from their economic system or to comply and share your hard labor and profit with the masses. There is only one choice in my book.

It is time for Atlas to shrug.

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