No Joke: Pledge of Allegiance to Obama

That’s what this video is.  Seig Heil to Obama.

This is freaking insane.  This is messiah worship of the highest order.  Oprahwood and the Hollywierd Leftists have constructed a stupid 4 minute worship service of Obama as they PLEDGE themselves to him and his new agenda.

Truly sickening that America has fallen to such Nazi-like idolization of a would-be fuhrer.

If your stomach is strong enough not to toss up everything in it:

I Pledge Video

In a new YouTube video produced by Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions, dozens of celebrities – television and movie actors, sports heroes, musicians and more – describe how they will pledge to “be the change” and “be a servant to our president.”

The video opens with a quote from President Truman, “They say that the job of the president is the loneliest job in the world,” something the celebrities plan to alleviate for Obama by pledging to pitch in through several causes.

Throughout the video, the celebrities pledge to support local food banks, to smile more, to be better parents, to work with the charity UNICEF, to “never give anyone the finger when I’m driving again,” to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s, to meet neighbors, to use less plastic, to plant 500 trees, to “be more green,” to turn the lights off and to “free 1 million people from slavery in the next five years,” among dozens of other pledges.

The purpose of all this pledging is summed up in the video’s grand finale.

Actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher begin the closing scene by saying, “I pledge to be a servant to our president and all mankind.”

Then, as the scene pans out, the other celebrities joint the chant: “Because together we can, together we are, and together we will be the change that we seek.”

By the end of the mass pledge, the camera has panned back to a mosaic of faces that morphs into a picture of Barack Obama’s face with the words, “Be the change.”

UPDATE: 9-23-09 – ANOTHER video pledging our kids to praise Obama has surfaced.



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26 responses to “No Joke: Pledge of Allegiance to Obama

  1. How soon they forget!

    PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla.—”I want you to stand, raise your right hands,” and recite “the Bush Pledge,” said Florida state Sen. Ken Pruitt. The assembled mass of about 2,000 in this Treasure Coast town about an hour north of West Palm Beach dutifully rose, arms aloft, and repeated after Pruitt: “I care about freedom and liberty. I care about my family. I care about my country. Because I care, I promise to work hard to re-elect, re-elect George W. Bush as president of the United States.”

  2. invar

    Bush is gone, went home.

    Your punching bag is no longer there.

    Big difference between a campaign rally pledging to re-elect someone to office, and pledging your life and labor to dear leader.

    I defy you to find any videos with anthems sung with tears, songs written, PSA’s and other devotionals dedicated to a cult of personality in Bush like you find for Obama.

    Obama is our Hitler/Mussolini/Mao/Stalin/Jim Jones hybrid.

    Trying to equate the messiah worship of Obama with a campaign rally for Bush is pretty pathetic.

    But then you kool-aid drinkers are pathetic.

    You can Seig Heil on your own.

    I’ll have nothing to do with your idol worship.

  3. andrew

    what the hell man forget obamaaa

  4. Jake

    This scares me to no end. Keidis is the biggest sellout by the way. This reminds me of the U.S.S.R., China, North Korea etc.

  5. Jen

    It would have been a nice, inspiring little video if it weren’t for the “be a servant to our president” line at the end. Either our celebrities which are treated like Gods in our country are dimwitted morons, or… No, no. I’ll stick with dimwitted morons. Believing they are just stupid helps me sleep better at night.

  6. Adam

    The President serves us. Not the other way around. If the Hollywood wackos want to be in a country that pledges servanthood to a leader, then they can get the heck out of here. That video was just pure disgusting.

  7. Daniel

    so i read the description of this video, and i was thinking…THATS Creepy, but then i watched it….and i dont think its that bad…yeah… Obama’s campain slogan was “change” and that’s all this video is asking us to do. Change for the better. Obama is the current symbol for change due to his election to presidency so he is going to be the obvious figurehead to fall under. But apparently it’s a Nazi thing, i dont think so, but…. if it’s the slightest socialist…it’s nazi, and apparently were going to excommunicate a religious group and try to commit genocide against them if we join Obama…and Oprah because she funded the video. Seriously, don’t call the president a nazi or his ideals nazi-like because thats just….well…stupid.

  8. Nathan Brainard

    OK so the reason he is like a Nazi is because of his political agenda… its called Socialism… One leader commanding thousands…. its should be thousands commanding one leader…. this is America, a country founded for the people, by the people….. Obama is a totalitarian regime like leader…. is he going to murder 16,000,000 people… NO… is he a a regimist who’s followers act like a cult who take from Americans under the pretext of helping us???? I think so and so then do most people who are over 30 and work for a living…. Grow up and get a job, and study what the government of socialistic Nazi Germany was like and tell me if that’s what you want….. GIVE AN INCH and government will take EVERYTHING.

  9. Daniel

    OK so i’m not some teenage twit here i’m in my late 30’s and i have a job, so thanks for getting me totally wrong. There’s a big difference between socialism and Nazism. For one socialism is a political policy, or a way to run a country, meanwhile nazism is coined after a political party of germany that was taken over by hitler and then made into a fascist system…so fascist… not socialist, okay. Also the nazi party was “nationialist” not socialist, true its basically the same but it excludes groups of people. So my biggest point here is Don’t Call the Nazi Party Socalists, THEY’RE NOT, theyre fascists and nationalists but not Socialist. Socialism has gotten such a bad name because those trying to attain it have failed and become corrupted (Hitler, Stalin, Lenin). So yes, give an inch and a Fascist government will take everything.

  10. invar

    There’s a big difference between socialism and Nazism. For one socialism is a political policy, or a way to run a country, meanwhile nazism is coined after a political party of germany that was taken over by hitler and then made into a fascist system…so fascist… not socialist, okay. Also the nazi party was “nationialist” not socialist, true its basically the same but it excludes groups of people. So my biggest point here is Don’t Call the Nazi Party Socalists, THEY’RE NOT, theyre fascists and nationalists but not Socialist

    Obviously Daniel, you did not pay attention very well in Social Studies and History class back in the 90’s in High School.

    SOCIALISM is the foundaitonal ideology for BOTH Communism AND Fascism.

    Do you know what NAZI stood for Daniel?

    The National Socialist German Workers’ Party – or in German – Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP).

    Did you catch the NAME there Daniel?


    Fascism IS Socialism, same as Communism. They are just different expressions of the same system – kind of like Catholics and Protestants are both Christian, yet they fought like cats and dogs in Ireland.

    The only difference between Fascism and Communism is this – In Communism the State owns everything and you are nothing but a tenant for the state. In Fascism, you are allowed to keep your proprety or business, but it is run by the state and a significant portion of profits are taken by the state.

    What Communism and Fascism have in common – is that they murder MILLIONS of their own people and are responsible for genocides.

    Socialism is the father system of the genocides of over 50 million people last century.

    Socialism has a bad name because Socialism is anathema to liberty, it is a system of slavery and brutality where the state is made God.

  11. Daniel

    K since were dealing with definitions….Socialism is the root of communism and fascism yes, but communism and fascism are not socialism. It’s like the whole “a square is a rectangle but a rectangle isn’t a square.” The idea of socialism is a utopian society with everybody working and getting their “fair share” of the work that they do, sounds great, definitely as a whole doesnt work. now communism has a very bloody name, and so does fascism, because Lenin and later Stalin moreso believed that in order to create that utopian society they needed total control so anyone opposing them, who were many because the country was in turmoil after revolution, were done away with. Stalin and Lenin took an idea of a utopian society, created the communist party to back them and twisted that idea into something crooked and evil. Socialism itself is not slavery, not burtality, and it’s not murder.
    Again I wrote on this comment board because this journal is not right, it calls a rectangle a square, and President Obama some sort of anti-christ which is not good journalism, its an extremist view that i found wrong and immoral.
    And again “national socialist” is short for or another way to say “nationalist” you can look up the nazi party and its description from before the 1920’s till hitler shows that the party was an elitest party that only accepted members of german descent and from the ever popular aryan race. NOT Socialist.

  12. invar

    Okay, well you are a brain-numbed Obama drone who likes to play semantics with the facts I spelled out for you.

    Hitler was a Socialist. Read Mein Kampf and get a clue. The Nazi Party, while using Nationalism to engender acceptance of their radical worldview by the majority were SOCIALIST WORKERS PARTY.

    It’s in their freaking name if you had ANY shred of intellegent honesty about you – you would recognize that FACT and accept it.

    But n0 – you’d rather play Apologist for Socialism and Obama.

    Not gonna fly here. We’re at war with that ideology as assuredly we are at war with Jihadist Islam.

    Socialism is slavery, despotism and anathema to liberty.

    Also – I am not a journalist – nor ever made the claim I was.

    And indeed Obama is every bit the Marxist anti-christ to liberty I said he was.

  13. Daniel

    So Invar, what’s your opinion on Obama’s address to the school children a few weeks back? I want to know. I’m done with this debate because you and I are never going to resolve it. And as for being a journalist I was referring to the “No joke” story above, not you.

  14. invar

    My informed opinion is that Obama did not give the lecture to the students he originally intended.

    I saw the lesson plans that were sent by the White House to public school systems three weeks before his actual appearance. Not even Hitler was as brazen in his intitial plans to indoctrinate the youth.

    But – because those lesson plans made it into the public square – the outrage over what his original intended speech was caused him to change the speech altogether.

    The intended plan of course was to make the opposition look like radical reactionaries. But we read and saw the lesson plans from the WH so we know what the original intent was: what all kids must do to serve Dear Leader.

  15. Daniel

    Do you have a link to that intended speech, i’d love to see it.

  16. invar

    There is no link to the intended speech. What was released was the ‘lesson plans’ that the White House distributed to public school teachers that covered how they were to prepare the students before the speech and the questions and projects teachers were to do with students AFTER he gave his speech.

    The lesson plan accompanied a letter from Education Secretary Arne Duncan suggesting that students “write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president’s agenda.”

    The lesson plans were ‘modified’ after the public uproar upon the disclosure of those lesson plans – and it is well assumed that the speech, likewise reflected that modification. Obama’s speech to those kids contradicts everything he has been doing as president and was seen by most as completely insincere.

  17. invar

    Here – this is a nice little song that a public school taught our kids to sing in praise of Dear Leader after he gave his speech to these little minds full of mush:

    This was the intended desire across the nation for all public schools to be engaged in after Obama addressed them.

  18. Daniel

    What proof do you have of anything you just said, all i saw was an obama happy teacher teaching her kids to sing simple song about obama. sure that is kinda disturbing but we’ve made songs like that for a dozen other past presidents. How about the teaching plans sent out, do you have a link to those? C’mon if you’re trying to prove something to me show me proof.

  19. invar

    Google is your friend.

    Do your own damn homework.

    Besides, if that video does not bother you – I’m talking to a turnip and I’m wasting my time.

    And we NEVER, NEVER wrote or sang songs of praise to a sitting U.S. President and his policies.


    Only Communists and Marxist regimes do this.

  20. Daniel Turnip

    Well I cant find those teaching plans so… If you did that would have proven something to me, if the sources were reliable and all of course, and there have been songs before, have you heard of “we like ike” for eisenhower, thats a song that alot of people knew back in the 50’s while Eisenhower was still in his presidency.

  21. Eshto

    You people are so woefully misinformed and crazy, quite frankly, I am embarrassed to share this country with you.

  22. invar


    The video speaks for itself – as does all the other worship of Obama that you goose-stepping Marxist morons do.

  23. Rudy Stanowski

    The Anti-Christ isn’t coming…He’s already here!

  24. Anonymous

    This is so damned rude of morons like you who oppose those who goosestep to Obama. We Marxists say ‘Get off your high horse, you’re giving americans a bad name around the world. you destroy everything with hate.

    But we hate your guts more, which is why we are allied with Al Qaeda and other Islamists who seek your destruction just like we do.

  25. Wonder how many of these douchebags will honor their commitment. Too bad these are some of the very people that really don’t see what little this president has done and how devisive he will continue to be. If ignorance is blis, these are some of the happiest folks on the planet. but when you’re making the money they are, the world is a different place and you can rise above the hardship Obama has manifested in this country…No credibility with any of them.

  26. Anonymous

    Where are they at these days….oh thats right…all their wealth has been redistributed….

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