Stop Obama or U.S. Will Cease to Exist



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5 responses to “Stop Obama or U.S. Will Cease to Exist

  1. JC

    Alan Keyes isn’t very bright, is he?

  2. invar

    What are your credentials in comparison to Mr. Keyes?

    You probably did not even graduate high school.

    He’s obviously a light-year of intelligence ahead of you, so your comment means nothing.

  3. Mike

    I voted for Alan Keyes for US Senate in Illinois when he ran against Chairman Obama back in 04. I saw our new emperor for what he was back then. A republican would have had a better shot if Obama didnt play dirty politics and smeared his opponent Jack Ryan who was forced out of the race and replaced by Mr. Keyes at the last second. Chairman Obama got Mr Ryan’s divorce records unsealed and used it against him, even though it had nothing to do with the way he would govern. How ironic is it that we cannot get some of Chairman Obama’s unsealed?

  4. JC

    I have to admit, I have not lost three Senate elections in two states by margins of a dozen points or more, nor lost three runs for the GOP presidential nomination.

  5. Great post!

    I also like what Wes Hazlett just wrote regarding how millions of dollars from the Obama stimpack will be “conveniently used by organizations like ASMA under the guise of ‘arts and culture’ dollars to push Islam down our childrens throats through the public school system.”

    Honestly, how subtle is this agenda going to get before the red hammer appears on our flag without Americans even knowing it!

    The Lord said to be watchful.

    ASMA website is so keep an eye on them.

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