Fascism Has Come: Obama Orders GM CEO To Resign




The Tyrant-In-Chief, his holiness Barrack The Hussein, is so full tilt into fascist tyranny, that it absolutely boggles the mind.

Today, The Politco reports that The Obama administration demanded Rick Wagoner, the chairman and CEO of General Motors, step down, and AP reported his departure early in the afternoon without giving any reason for the sudden resignation.

Dear Leader plans to give a Press briefing tomorrow outlining HIS PLANS for the government to run the auto industry after stating on Face The Nation

“We think we can have a successful U.S. auto industry. But it’s got to be one that’s realistically designed to weather this storm,” Obama said.

“That’s going to mean a set of sacrifices from all parties involved,” he said. “Everybody’s going to have to come to the table and say it’s important for us to take serious restructuring steps now in order to preserve a brighter future down the road.”

More sacrifices.  More government – controlled and operated industry.  This news comes just a few days after Timothy Geitner announced his calls for more powers in order to seize any business they deem is ‘in trouble”.

Fascism has come ladies and gentlemen, with thunderous applause and hopeful idiots handing liberty to tyrants on a silver platter of ‘too big to fail’.

Obama and his minions at ACORN who are busy stoking up rage against the wealthy and their families with threats of violence coupled with  Obama’s soon-coming civilian army, will evidently have the power to seize and control any business they choose.

It is now a precedent America, that a sitting president – now has the power to fire anyone he chooses, private business or no, and take over any business he wants.

Capitalism and free markets have  just been abolished.

Does anyone even care anymore, or has America gone so off the reservation into Marxism that liberty and freedom no longer matter, only the holiness and supremacy of the State matters?

King George III could not hold a CANDLE to the tyranny we willingly submit to today.

The UAW Stalinists aren’t going to be smiling when their Fuhrer will fire them on a whim because the latest  10lb “green car” doesn’t sell and they need Obama to force us to buy them at gunpoint.



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6 responses to “Fascism Has Come: Obama Orders GM CEO To Resign

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  2. Bob

    Thank God you’re not a liberal, because you won’t get all PC over me calling you retarded.

  3. invar

    Because I point out the Usurping President of the Unite States ordered a private citizen of a private company to remove himself from his job, so he could stack the Board of Directors with Cabinet officials?

    Obviously you idiots that support pure fascism need to call anyone who points out what your messiah is doing, retarded.

    Because that is all you imbeciles have.

  4. Bob

    Hey, think whatever makes you happy kid. I guess it’s a good thing that you have an outlet for your fantasies.

  5. Abe

    Obama is the tip of the spear of the New World Order and is continuing the Bush/Clinton policy toward a one world government and currency. Fascist is putting it lightly. It’s more like high-tech big brother Orwellian feudalism.


  6. Come one this calls for reference, as hoenst journalists know and proof. Stop the innuendoes. Be hoenst. I am told the Rove-ers have editied Joe’s comments and that Biden is a gun owner, owns eight according to a good source and that ain’t ainti-gun, no matter what you suggest in your weird paranoic prose. Few people who live in that waterfowl lush state can possible be anti-gun or hunting, and many would probably like to pop a few more geese. “they both have supported or written laws that would have banned my trapshooting gun.” Prove it. I’ll wait a few more days.jsf

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