Obama The Marxist Demagogue

From the White House website – Ever wonder why official White House photographers always seem to shoot and pick photos that put halos of holiness on Obama as they promote him as mesiah and savior while he “changes” America into a Marxist tyranny?

Is it because Obama himself wants us to think he alone is savior of the auto industry, savior of the banking and healthcare industry?

Savior of all things, for all people …. or at least SELECTED peoples?

Obama thinks himself without limits, godlike in his mission, which is a mission to destroy the country and remake it in Marx’s image.

I’d say he is well on the way.

Obama by his own admission, will now decide where cars can be built and by whom they can be built.

Red State or Southern GM plants have been told to pound sand by this Fascist thug usurping the office of president.  One Czar after another Czar has been created to implement the policies of the Supreme Leader and his Politburo – to the cheers of millions of idiotic stormtrooping Union members, whom have hope Obama will confiscate the auto industry, and ‘turn it back over to the people’ – just like any Maoist dictator would in the Red revolutions before this one.

And as they cheer like the imbecillic sheep to the slaughter, Obama sets his next targets for destruction.

Because this is what Marxists do.

Perhaps America needs to understand what the true agenda of the Marxist is.


Barack Hussein Obama is a committed Marxist – what are Americans going to do about it?

On Nov. 5, 2008, Americans woke up to a very real Marxist coup — although most didn’t realize it. I sat down and cried while a huge crowd gathered and were cheering. I intuitively knew something was very wrong. After watching Barack Hussein Obama destructively pursue his agenda as president, I now understand why.

Most Marxist coups rely on deception — and that was certainly true of this one. Just about everything Obama said during the campaign was a calculated lie. His handlers and key supporters were equally willing to lie and deceive to gain advantage.

Once Marxists seize power through deception, manipulation, exploitation, and corrupt interference with the political process, they never give it up. It is entirely possible that we will never see the end of the current regime of Marxists in America. In 20 years, the President of the United States might still be a man named Barack Obama. At the very least, we can expect Obama and his fellow conspirators to do everything in their power to ensure that outcome.

Failure equals success

Initially, the objectives of Marxism center in undermining the status quo — for only after the existing order is sufficiently weakened can it be dismantled and a thoroughgoing socialist system installed in its place.

We shouldn’t be surprised, therefore, that Obama has no intention of strengthening or improving our country. His deeply-held Marxist beliefs will drive him to create chaos, disruption, economic collapse, and moral corruption — accompanied by the silencing of his critics — so that from the ashes of American civilization, a socialist nation will arise to lead in collectivizing the world.

The vision of Marx — that from the utter destruction of Western civilization, a world order of near-total communalism will emerge — has never been proven to work, for the theory can’t be tested in advance. Thus, ideologues like Obama are foolishly willing to risk everything of value for a theoretical dream. Unfortunately, that dream is completely false and morally bankrupt. Only persons who lust for extreme power over others would buy into the unfounded premises, evil methods, and unmatched threat that we call Marxism.



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5 responses to “Obama The Marxist Demagogue

  1. Turner

    “…beliefs will drive him to create chaos, disruption, economic collapse, and moral corruption — accompanied by the silencing of his critics…”

    Best summary description of the Bush administration I’ve read.

    As for the “halos of holiness” in the photos, where were you between 2001 aand 2008? The adoring “liberal” media snapped **tons** of Bush-pics with the halo effect.

    Obama is your president, and he deserves your support if we’re to get this nation back on track. But obviously you’re too busy burning witches to do what’s right.

    Thank God at least 70% of the country doesn’t share your anti-American views.

  2. invar

    The only Anti-American, Bush-derangement syndrome stooge here is YOU pal.

    And LINKS and PROOFS please of AP and Reuters and the WH Photographs of Bush with halo’s in every photo as they do Obama.


    He’s a usurper. A fraud. A demagogue. A Kenyan National.

    The jerk has not even provided proof he is a natural born citizen and continues to spend millions in legal efforts to keep it sealed.

    You Marxist stooges – bowing down to your messiah make it easy for those of us who love liberty to determine who the real enemies are. Perhaps soon you’ll just stop the pretense and wear the brownshirts or blackshirts to match your tyrannical ideology.

    And I can care less if 99% of the country decides to seig heil and worship your messiah as Fuhrer. I won’t be one of them marching to Marxist destruction. I stand in opposition to EVERYTHING Obama’s agenda and ideology will attempt to accomplish.

    Count me your enemy – because I most certainly count you among mine.

    I don’t compromise with evil. I don’t compromise liberty with tyranny and call it ‘change’.

    Evil is evil, tyranny is the venue of tyrants like Obama – and unlike you goosestepping stooges – I don’t bow down to it.

    And I never will.

    I’m just waiting for you idiots to make that last mistake.

  3. Anonymous

    Well said, Invar.

  4. ldyboxtrkr

    Turner – Can you say “Owebama”? His ratings aren’t that high , by the way. I’m sure they are on MSNBC , but so sorry – 70% – not!! Dropping like a rock since inauguration. Running roughly 57%.
    Kinda low for a messiah.
    He’s not worthy of the office he holds.
    Oh – just for the record – I hope he doesn’t succeed.

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