We Arrogant Americans

Those arrogant Americans

By James Lewis

We have a rock star president who for the first time in American history fired the President of a private corporation, General Motors, then immediately flew to Europe with an entourage of 500 courtiers and a worshipful media, bowed waist-deep to the King of Saudi Arabia, and proceeded to accuse his own country of arrogance. 

In France, of all places.

Does anybody else think this guy is shockingly ignorant? I wonder if he has every really talked to a concentration camp survivor, or a Cuban refugee, or a boat person from Vietnam? Or a Soviet dissident. Or a survivor or Mao’s purges.

Not to mention families with fallen American soldiers in the graveyards. Yes, he’s going to Normandie, but will he apologize for our arrogance there, too? Does he really understand anything beyond the PC history of the world? Or will he just lie in his photo op at the American Cemetery at Normandy?

Ahhh, those arrogant Americans. First they rebel against King George III and all the crowned heads of Europe. Then they welcome tens of millions of poor and persecuted people from the Old World. Then they fail to bow down to Europe’s greatest figures — from Napoleon and Otto von Bismarck to the Kaiser, Hitler and Stalin. Then they fight a civil war, losing half a million people to liberate black people in America. Then they diss the man the BBC considers to be the greatest philosopher ever, one Karl Marx, whose followers killed 100 million innocents in the 20th century. And then, to top it all off, they liberate both the Western half of Europe (in 1946) and the Eastern half (in 1989).

What arrogance these Americans have. Either that, or a very, very — no, stunningly — ignorantman was just elected president — largely because millions of benevolent voters believed that we owe black people a presidency. They may come to see that as their biggest mistake ever.  In the next couple of years they will see a tripling of government debt, high inflation, a permanent loss in their personal wealth, and a major devaluation of the dollar.

Which, to judge by his recent television performance, should just make him giggle quite inappropriately, in front of God and everybody.

What kind of man has such an obsessive need to put down his own country? Especially given our real history? Has he ever read an honest history book?
The answer to that of course – is NO.  Obama’s history books are of the Soviet/William Ayers/Jeremiah Wright variety – where America is evil and must be brought to ruin.
Which is what Obama is on his world tour to promote.
Make us destitute, impoverished and finally, defenseless.
Then he will deliver the nation up to be rendered into pieces by those same nations he bows down to.
Lord help us.

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One response to “We Arrogant Americans

  1. Simone

    honest history book!!??
    honestly.. read a non american book

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