So It Begins…in America

The Marxists and Leftists Get Their Reichstag Moment Over Abortion Doctor Slaying



“If the world hates you,  know that it hated me before it hated you. – John 15:18

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake”. – Matthew 10:22, Mark 13:13, Luke 21:17 

One of the sad travesties of American Churchianity, is that the truth of Jesus’ Words that Christians would be hated, reviled and persecuted in the world has been lost on the collective conscience of American Christians with both our long-term prosperity and safety on these shores.  In particular;  the dominance of the Health/Wealth Gospel of Televangelists and mega-churches has reshaped the Christian religion in America to something more akin to milquetoast and tepid water, rather than a vibrant and powerful belief system capable of sustaining a culture as was intended from our foundations.

The very notion that Christians could be hated and persecuted in America has often been laughed at and roundly dismissed by even some of the most ardent pastors and priests in the nation.  “That can’t happen here” is the general mindset, yet Jesus spoke in all four Gospels that such persecution would befall His followers – especially at the ‘end of the age’ of which timeframe He was specifically addressing.

For Americans, it is one thing to recognize Christian persecution and martyrdom in places like China, North Korea, the former Soviet Union and in Islamic lands, it is wholly another to even contemplate such things taking place in America.

Yet they are about to, and indeed – are at the very door.

I doubt many Americans have considered the amount of hatred and hostility that has built against Conservatives and the biblically devout (both Christians and Jews) in America during the last few decades.  Hatred that the Christian right has mistakenly appeased and accommodated time and again.  Hatred that has actually caused Christians to modify their own beliefs and doctrines in order to appease the hatred.

But there is no appeasing such hatred.  It only emboldens the hatred.

Then, when you have hatred and anger being stoked by political opportunists, lobbyists and agenda-pushers that occupy the highest offices in the land with access to a pliant and approving media –  you have all the makings for a mass persecution and genocide.  One that is inevitably coming upon the biblically devout in this land.

Go ahead, laugh at the remark.  Think it an absurdity.  Think it impossible.

Remember the DHS Assessment from two months ago that classified Right Wing Christians as terrorists and the greatest threat to the security of the United States?


It’s unfolding before your eyes.  How long are you going to remain willfully blind?   “It cannot happen here!” cognitive dissonance.

The death camps in Nazi Germany did not spring up overnight either.  The wholesale shunning, criminalization and then genocide of Jews in Germany did not happen in a fortnight.  It all began innocuously enough with the demonization of Jews as a threat to the security of the people.  Several ‘staged events’ by Brownshirts, and the hatred of Jews suddenly had a national spotlight and the acceptance of the mainstream.  It then manifested itself into a little sticker that had to be placed on Jewish businesses in 1934.

In five years trains were running “East” to death camps.

American Christians have not noticed the same machinations being arrayed against them here at home. Demagogues have gained national spotlights, and they use events to further agendas against the targets they want criminalized and eliminated from society.

Such groups and movements are become self-aware of their numbers and power to make demands and if not granted – to threaten and intimidate until they are granted.  The Ban of Gay Marriage in California by voters is just one example now bearing this fruit.

The hard and Secular Left now have their Reichstag moment with the killing of this abortion practitioner George Tiller.  It won’t be long before the media by both innuendo and even direct condemnation – accuse devout Christians and the Christian religion itself to be at fault for this killing.  They will blame pastors who preach against abortion, those in the Right to Life movement who may have done nothing more than pray for these clinics to shut down, with murder.

Oops – spoke too soon, the Kansas City Star already made my prognostication reality.

Tiller’s killers were many

…we already know the identities of his accomplices.  They include every one who has ever called Tiller’s late term abortion clinic a murder mill.

Who ever called Tiller “Tiller the Killer.”   The groups who spent decades fomenting hate toward a man who simply believed that he was serving a purpose by being one of the few doctors in the country performing late-term abortions.

It truly is amazing how predictable the Leftists and Marxists are.  It’s almost hilarious to see them going bezerk screaming “Murder!” over the killing of a man engaged in the industrial slaying of unborn children.

I wonder then if by such absurd notions, that killing Hitler would be viewed in the same light?

But don’t dismiss the threat here brethren.  This killing will become a fulcrum the Secular Left is going to pivot on to demonize Christians as a terror threat to the security of other Americans.  The media, blogs and Op-Ed pieces in the coming days are going to drumbeat this killing – and demonization is going to reach new heights.  You watch.

And don’t think Obama won’t capitalize on this event.  He was embarrassed over the leak of the DHS assessment of Right Wing Extremists that categorize just about anyone opposes his agenda or holds a devout belief in Christianity with being a terrorist.  This event gives him the gravitas to say the DHS assessment has merit.

Already Obama’s Atty General Eric Holder has dispatched U.S. Marshals to protect abortion clinics and providers throughout the country.

The radical Marxist Left, of whom Abortion is their tenet doctrine of faith – have their Reichstag moment.

How long do Christians in America have before persecution unseen in this country is leveled at them by force of law?

And then – how long after that before trains are running ‘East’?

Still think it is absurd that such things could happen to us here in this country?

Jesus’ words are pretty clear on the subject.

We have been deceived to believe lies of the doctrine of tolerance.  And now it is going to be used against anyone standing up for the Word of God.

“Then shall they deliver you up to be persecuted, and shall kill you: and you shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.  And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.  And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.  And because sin abounds, the love of many shall grow cold.”  Matthew 24:9-12




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9 responses to “So It Begins…in America

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  2. INVAR-Bravo!
    The regulation of religion is about to begin; but only for Christians. Get ready gang….

  3. James Simmons

    Dear Sword at the Ready,

    I will speak for myself. I don’t hate anyone or anything, not even Satan. Hating is an extreme emotion witch often allows violence. To “hate” requires the cooperation of Satan as he is the sole source of hatred. Hatred is not of God except that God allows Satan to wield it in the world. It is also counterproductive, requiring the use of energy which could otherwise be used in the way that I think God wants us to use it. In living the kind of life that Jesus asks us to, for instance.

    I am a moderate as regards most questions. For example when I consider financial matters I am decidedly conservative because being so minimizes risk. Politics is difficult to describe because of the current trend in thought which assigns us all to either liberal or conservative camps. I am not a democrat. I am registered as a true independent, that is, I am registered “non-partisan”. I vote the party which seems best to me based on the issue and proposal of the moment. As regards social questions I mostly side with liberals except when they go to extremes because I believe that here is where Jesus would stand, with the little folk who always seem to get the short end of the stick in life. Responsibility to the world community is of great importance to me. Regarding international issues I am also mostly liberal because I do not consider that anyone else in the world owes us anything and that we are all equal in the eyes of God. I fear too close a relationship with our federal government to international or domestic business interests feeling that this could threaten Democracy if taken to extremes. What I mean in this is simply that it is possible that business could wield such influence with congress that the will of the people is sidelined in favor of a minority. This is possible. Still I hate no one.

    Now I will talk about religion and government. This is my considered opinion. The arguments in our country, and they are not hard to find, seem to connect God with Christianity in such a way that to speak of one is to speak of both. Is God only available to Christians? Jesus came to us to show us the way home. It was we who turned the simplicity of His message into a religion and added the bodies of conformational requirements. It has always been so with people. Can we understand this, that humans are inclined to form groups and associations in life? I am of the opinion that we may refer to God the creator externally of any religious coloring and that, if we do this, everyone of us, perhaps even those who claim to be atheists (I personally doubt that there are any in truth), can possibly come together in harmony.

    Who are Christians anyway? Lately the term seems to refer to only those American branded churches which preach strict Biblical mores of very recent historical delineation. But these good folk do not have any authority to say that any other of the hundreds of varieties of Christians in the world are not their brothers in Christ or that they are in any way less worthy in the eyes of God. Yet many of them do just that.

    I do not advocate the suppression of any of the many Christian groups but I ask that they, when speaking of their desires for the expression of God in our country, avoid the use of the Christian format which is otherwise appropriate. In church for instance amongst their own congregates. This is because they are speaking of what they think would be good policy for everyone, not just Christians. “In God We Trust” is a very good example. It is a simple declarative sentence. It does not refer to any religion but to God as being over all of them, as He is in truth. This issue on our coinage provokes comment only when the insistence is put forth that Christianity is to be preferred. But we are not all Christians in this country. Can we not just acknowledge God in a purer sense? Of course we can, if our human desires can be set aside for just a moment in favor of what Jesus shows us. God existed long before there was any such thing as a religion and may be spoken of in a non-Biblical, non religious way should that approach be best. That approach is best when attempting to reach non Christians otherwise God’s message will be lost in religious fervor and division of people to the delight of Satan who loves to see us hating each other. To use this method will have the effect of uniting all citizens which surely is the goal? Is not rejecting Satan a means to the goal?

    It is my firm belief that when we all understand that the whole point of God’s Word in all the scriptures of the world, all of them no matter to whom, where or when, is no less than an effort on His part to tell us to be nice to each other; that we should not, any of us, force our views on each other. Why? Easy. A divided Humanity is one that is conquered by Satan. A united Humanity is of the Father. The purest way to be “of God” is to make the approach with Hearts open, personalities closed and this is most difficult to do from within the practices of religions for they are all too much influenced by us. We have never yet left God’s word alone but always we have changed it to suit ourselves; to suit the politics of the times or for a host of other reasons. We humans have always tried to edit the Words of God to suit moments in time.

    Above our human inclinations God waits patiently for us to become aware of ourselves and to really see our own behavior. We are as children. We have been this way but not forever will we remain thus. Religion serves no purpose when it tells us of salvation in a way that makes us each separate from our fellows or when we suppose to tell others that they are wrong. Salvation and eternity are hollow promises to those who demand that all others on the planet join them elevating the personality which is finite to a station above that of the soul which is the only part of us which is both of God and eternal.

    To reject Satan and his influence in the world is to reject those who council fear. When did Jesus ever demonstrate fear? Once, perhaps, for a fleeting moment in the garden before His arrest but otherwise never in His life. We should follow this example. If we do we will look at the torments of our day and see that behind each of them is the great opportunity for us all to overcome them and to say that they are truly the “things of the world only”, to be left behind as being of no use or moment to the Godly man or woman. Doing this we emulate Jesus who calmed the storm one day, showing this disciples that they need not be afraid.

    Sorry I am so long winded but those are my thoughts. Do I sound so far out that a Christian cannot agree with me? What should a Christian do? Should a Christian try to change others? Is this his duty? Perhaps so but what is the best way to accomplish this? I say that to follow the life example of Jesus is the best way. Lead by example and avoid throwing stones at others. The humble man or woman will succeed where the warrior will fail. It has always been thus. It will always be so.

    The violent man or woman, those who live in extremes of emotional violence whether it be in support of God or no, will go to heaven after death but it will be to a level of heaven which is compatible with how they lived their life on Earth. There they will remain, learning greater truths after they finally realize that those exist. When they have cleansed themselves, and this is always a personal process, they may advance to an area which is higher and closer to God. Not before. When they arrive at this higher heaven they will find waiting for them all those who really did try to live the way that Jesus wanted to. No blame to anyone of us here. It’s just the way it is…

    Religion? I am Christian, Muslim and Jew. I am all three and I doubt that God is displeased. I try to reject anger, hate, violence and greed. When I fail I try the harder….

    The Sword of Christ is used by each of us in turn. We turn it inwards to cleanse ourselves. It is the “violence” of changing our own natures thus raising ourselves from Earthly considerations to those of God. It is incorrect to suggest that this Sword is ours to use against others. Those of our brothers, the Muslims, who are beguiled by Satan believe the same thing. This is why many of them kill in the name of God. They are in error. Should we do likewise?

    Will someone explain to me how, exactly, the contents of this website are beneficial to Humanity or how those contents compliment the message that Jesus embodied for us through how He lived while on Earth?

    I am afraid of what I read in this site and would really like to read some thoughtful, non emotional responses.


  4. invar


    You are speaking based on your own authority and ideas, and not God’s or history. You come preaching a false gospel to the Christian brethren here.

    You have no authority to speak to the attributes of God when you yourself are ignorant of the scriptures themselves.

    You say you are Christian, Muslim and Jew. That all paths lead to Christ.

    Such is deceptive bunk.

    Scripture is clear that God has no part with Darkness – or of untruth, and Islam is nothing but untruth – yet you tell it is of God. You tell us to read and accept all the religious writings on the planet on the same plane as scripture.

    You lie.

    God has no part with worship systems not OF Him. He destroyed and allowed to go into captivity – Ancient Israel for fornicating with other belief systems and breaking His Commandments. Christians have been instructed to preach and baptize specifically in the Father and Jesus’ Name.

    Yet you identify yourself as one who would chastise God for How He commanded Israel to destroy the Canaanites and not to follow their religions or practices. But Israel did embrace and follow the ideas and religion of the Canaanites around them – because they listened to people like you who made similar arguments about all paths pleasing God. Israel was destroyed for it.

    You say God does not hate? Scripture tells us He does:

    “There are six things which the LORD hates,
    Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him” – Proverbs 6:16

    Your entire lengthy post is one of futility and meaningless banter on this site, your own ideas and opinions that have nothing to do with God or the scriptures whatsoever as clearly demonstrated.

    I have to assume attempted deception on your part – because you employ the very tactics of the Devil Himself here.

    You sound exactly like many Christian Socialists who hail Obama as king and embrace a “new” version of ‘community Christianity” that is at odds with the Bible.

    As for your ‘moderate’ position on all things – such is not the province of either compassion or intelligence. It is the province of lukewarmness, indecision and groupthink. It means you have no principles beyond your own comfort.

    You also in clever subtlety – ask that devout Christians stay behind closed doors and keep to themselves when it comes to evangelizing or speaking about the attributes of God and His Commandments when you tell us to only speak to our own ‘congregants’. You tell us it is not Christian to tell others that they are wrong about anything. You tell us that it is inappropriate to use a Christian format when discussing God in our country.

    Such is your shame of Christ that you tell others not to stand upon Him, and to discard His Word and embrace everything He told us to eschew, and the Commission He gave us to do in Matthew 28:19.

    You employ all the tactics of Satan and the rabid liberals and Marxists to demonize those they hate. And while you say you do not hate – it is clear in your reply that this site, is something you hate – which is why you question whether the content of this site is beneficial to humanity.

    Lucifer transforms himself into an angel of light – and this is exactly what you are attemtping here in this reply of yours.

    It’s not going to fly here. We are not that gullible and we are not ignorant of the devices of Satan, which you have employed here to deceive.

    Your words are not of God, or the scriptures, because they are contrary to what is Written – and you have no authority aside from your own twisted perversion and ideas of what being a Christian is supposed to be.

    If I have to, I will be happy to take each statement of yours, draw the sword of scripture – and cut it to shreds to be shown for the garbage that it is.

    You are getting the blade here, because you come in the name of God – and speak blasphemy.

    And I have no problem with drawing the sword and cutting nonsense and falsehood down.

  5. James Simmons

    Thanks for the good reply.

    Satan exists and has influence in the world only by leave of the Father. Clearly God considers it important that we meet and overcome these dark influences so that we may know Him better. At some time hence God will put Satan down permanently but it is not yet time. For the time, however, there is more for us to learn.

    I do know Christian scripture quite well, having been a student of humanity for nearly 70 years. The source of the words of the apostles was God but they were only men after all, and fallible. Each of us has exactly the same opportunity for access to God as did they. This idea has always been met with fear by those who do not know how.

    Yes, I do not doubt that you could answer each of my points using scriptural references. I’d like you to use your own God given mind instead. Answer with what you know to be true. The purpose of scripture is to guide us in His way. Do you know His way yet or are you still dependent upon what other men wrote of God so long ago?

    My world view is one of tranquility and happiness. When the coarse and violent emotions have burned themselves out. When greed and selfishness are no longer possible God’s work will be almost done. Satan will have been banished in that happy time. We will not have locks on our doors nor armies at the ready. Emphasis will be on giving and not receiving. Anger, which is a product of fear, will be unknown. Politics will no longer be necessary. The subdued “wars” of sports events will no longer have any appeal to us as competitiveness will be a thing of the past. No man or woman will want anything to do with alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs since they will have found that they are now far above the base emotional lives which made those things seem attractive.

    The best part of the future world under God will be that there will be no discord between men in religion. All men will finally understand what God’s purpose in allowing so many was. There will no longer be any need for priests or preachers since those base influences which made their work necessary will have passed into history.

    The point of all this “wishful thinking” on my part is that I try to speak and act now as though those times were already here. My somewhat unusual literary style does cause some to questions my motives and intent, it’s true. I will not now, or ever, join in hating others, I will not kill, I will not steal, I will not allow the piteous crying out of those who react to the current world crises waxing, at once, to both God and the very reactions to danger that Jesus would have us avoid, sway me from the high paths.

    I reject Satan and his followers.

    I embrace God the Father of us all.

    You see, friend, the whole point of scripture is to teach us, as individuals, how to overcome adversity. It is a private fight. Each of us looking in a mirror. We then change others by example, not by force.

    Thanks again for your considered reply.

  6. invar

    Satan exists and has influence in the world only by leave of the Father. Clearly God considers it important that we meet and overcome these dark influences so that we may know Him better. At some time hence God will put Satan down permanently but it is not yet time. For the time, however, there is more for us to learn.

    The only thing you’ve written that is scriptural and that I agree with.

    I do know Christian scripture quite well, having been a student of humanity for nearly 70 years.

    I’m not moved or impressed by your self ascribed credentials. I know plenty of “scholars” who spent their lives in ‘study’ and are as unscriptural in doctrine as any secular perversion of the scriptures.

    The source of the words of the apostles was God but they were only men after all, and fallible.

    So? Are you implying then that scripture is therefore fallible? Because if you are – you disqualify any argument you make here on this blog. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

    Each of us has exactly the same opportunity for access to God as did they. This idea has always been met with fear by those who do not know how.


    If all mankind had opportunity for access to God – the world would not be in it’s state of conflict and confusion. The reality is that mankind is in a state of REBELLION to God – and has been since the beginning.

    It’s the entire point and purpose for a Savior.

    But no, not all men in this age have opportunity or access to God.

    No man can come to me, except through the Father which has sent me draws him: and I will raise him up at the last day. John 6:44

    Notwithstanding the fact that in many places on earth – anyone seeking God outside of permission of the state and it’s culture (ie; Muslims) face death, and many billions have never heard the Gospel or Christ and Him crucified preached.

    Do you know His way yet or are you still dependent upon what other men wrote of God so long ago?

    Don’t even attempt to go there with me. There is a way that seems right to a man, but that is the way that leads to death. Lean not on your own understanding – but on every Word of God. You can look up those verses in context yourself.

    My world view is one of tranquility and happiness.

    Yeah, so was Lenin’s, Pol Pot’s, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Idi Amin and every other utopianist tyrant that ever stepped into a position of power.

    Man’s view of tranquility and happiness are impossible to achieve without God – and indeed man’s history is proof of this truth. And don’t even try to state that religion is responsible – considering Atheist states killed far more people last century than all the religious wars combined.

    When the coarse and violent emotions have burned themselves out. When greed and selfishness are no longer possible God’s work will be almost done.

    Why? Because YOU say so?

    Who are you to make such prophetic pronouncements?

    Are they scriptural or from your own deduction?

    WHEN do these things take place? WHEN does mankind’s emotions ‘burn themselves out’ and WHEN are greed and selfishness – (a hallmark of human nature) no longer possible?

    Does man grow into enlightenment to achieve these utopian things?

    I know the answers to these questions from scripture – I’m curious to know how much folly you are going to attempt here.

    Satan will have been banished in that happy time. We will not have locks on our doors nor armies at the ready. Emphasis will be on giving and not receiving. Anger, which is a product of fear, will be unknown.

    WHEN and HOW are these things you speak of, realized?

    Again – I know the answer, you are being tested to see whether you speak on your own authority – or God’s.

    There will no longer be any need for priests or preachers since those base influences which made their work necessary will have passed into history.


    And has made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. Revelation 1:6

    And You have made us unto our God, kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth – Revelation 5:10

    I reject Satan and his followers.

    I embrace God the Father of us all.

    The Devil transforms himself into an angel of light, and deceives the whole world.

    You combine ideas antithetical to scripture and God’s revealed truth – as equally valid as the Word of God – and suggest the failings of man make the Bible fallible – since you assert men wrote the scriptures. You also employ the tactics of Satan himself – by twisting the Truth of God – slightly and combining it with falsehood ie: “No, you shall not surely die – but you shall become AS God, knowing good and evil”.

    You see, friend, the whole point of scripture is to teach us, as individuals, how to overcome adversity.

    Unscriptural. The point of scripture is teach men how to overcome SIN, and how to have Life, and have it abundantly.

    We then change others by example, not by force.

    That too is unscriptural, for Jesus Himself is going to descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and the trumpet of God – and He is going to bring peace on earth by WIPING OUT HIS ENEMIES – BY FORCE.

    Read about the valley of Hinnom and the 200 million the Lord will “enter into judgement with ” that come against Him when He returns to Jerusalem.

  7. paul

    good article. i’ve just started looking at history more to inform current affairs and the signs are indeed worrying. i’m glad you guys are keeping a proper eye on things and giving us a good christian perspective on the deception and trend of Obamas new administration. I started my search with the tactic of both germany and italy in using disgruntled ex-servicemen as foot soldiers to form the nazi and fascist states.

  8. CWM

    I couldn’t agree with this more. You’ve nailed it on the head. We as Christians are the next target, and I say that meaning “true Christians”. With the sudden turning of so many churches last year to idolatry through obama worship rather than God worship, it’s obvious most of them would gladly throw their Bible out the church door and preach from “the audacity of hope” as their new scripture if obama told them to. I pray for our country every night that we can just hold on long enough to last through this storm brought about by ignorant voters.

  9. Mrs. Johnson

    A sister forwarded this discussion to me and I have been reading it with concern in my heart. Not because of anything that’s going on in the news, or the profoundly sinful actions of ungodly leaders. Anyone who can read the Bible with any bit of understanding knows what’s ahead of us.

    If you call yourself a Christian, you have responsibilities before God. You don’t get to do whatever you want and call it “Christianity” because you like it better than what God says to do. But because we have done this so flagrantly, expecially over the past several decades, we are in fact reaping what we have sown. When the divorce rate is as high in the church as it is in the world, when the abortion rate is in such a state for women who claim to be Christians, when we follow our own traditions and make idols to worship (for what else can “megachurch” leaders be but idols?), we show God what we think of Him. And we have been given what we have asked for.

    When I say “we” I mean people who call themselves by the name of Christ. Not all are true believers, though. You can get down on your hands and knees and howl at the moon, but that doesn’t make you a dog. Neither does picking which day you prefer to worship, claiming the law has been nailed to the cross, believing anyone who doesn’t “confess Christ” (nevermind if they continue to live like heathen) will burn in hell for an eternity, thinking you’ll be raptured up out of trouble, or that you’ll spend eternity in heaven, make you a Christian. So much devilish confusion in the world about the pure word of God. Jesus told us plainly that if we loved Him we would obey His commandments. And John said the same, noting that it was not a hard thing to do. But humans continue to struggle with preferring their own way to God’s. The Bible is replete with such stories.

    What does strife among Christians really do? It brings division and rancor and religious pride and does not show the world the kind of love Jesus said we would show to the world if we were His disciples. So we end up with people like Mr. Simmons, who look at us in confusion and wonder and think “This is what God is all about? Forget it.”

    What passes for Christianity today in most of the world is something neither Christ nor our Father would recognize. It should also give you pause to know that God does not hear the prayers of sinners (Jeremiah 11), particularly when they claim they belong to Him but go about their sinful ways.

    Most people who say they are Christians prefer the traditions of man to the pure word of God’s instruction. Unfortunately, many don’t know they’re doing that because they don’t study their Bibles, rather preferring to listen to preachers who have gone through seminaries that teach the Word of God is not infallible. The result? Stiff necks and proud hearts. This is evident from what I read in the response to what looks like a genuine set of questions from an unbeliever.

    Mr. Simmons, if you are still reading, you have a lot more understanding than you are given credit for. But you also are confused about the Living God and what He requires of us. You have to get it in your mind that there is one, true, Living God and He has revealed Himself to us in the person of Jesus Christ. Every other “god” that other religions talk about are NOT this God. Once yu cross that chasm, you will begin to truly understand God.

    He is real, He is a spirit, and His Son once visited earth to give His life as a ransom for all of us who were in bondage to sin. So that we don’t have to live separate from Him, because our sin keeps us from being in His presence.

    Does this sound like Christian gobbledygook to you? If it does, then you probably do not yet have any idea of your great need for God, for someone to save you up from the confusion and darkness that clouds your mind.

    What is sin? It is not doing things God tells us to do, or doing things that go against what He tells us to do (transgression), or twisting what He tells us to do into some form we more happily prefer (iniquity), and telling outright lies about what He says we should do (guile). Unfortunately, you will find all of this preached from countless pulpits across the world.

    God is real, and He has given us guidelines for godly living, He has told us when and how to worship Him, He has told us how to care for our bodies and for each other, how to treat the land, how to do business, and countless other subjects. He has given promises to the descendants of Abraham. Most professing Christians today haven’t the slightest clue about their relationship to Abraham, about what God is working out here on earth for His people. Many, many prefer the teachings of the elders, or church fathers, or whatever name they currently use. Jesus told us plainly what He thought of that in the seventh chapter of Mark.

    Keep praying, keep studying, ask God to truly show you the meaning of His word. Stop reading New Age writings and philosophy, which are the products of the vain imaginations of man. Believe that God has, in fact, given us through the weak and flawed vessels of humanity, the exact things He wants us to know. Understand that over time human translators have tried their best to sway people to their own traditions by their word choices and punctuation. If you have time, pick the scriptures that most draw you and then study them out for yourself in the original languages, uncorrupted by human ideology. The word is true; but you have to study to show yourself approved. Much human doctrine is layered into translations, which discourages people from trying to know God.

    Don’t give up. The time is at hand for you to trust God completely.

    God bless all of you.

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