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Government Will Now Regulate All Tobacco – Soon, All Food


Government Will Now Regulate All Tobacco – Soon, All Food


All the seig heiling cheerleaders empowering the government to regulate tobacco and other “harmful” legal substances have no clue (or maybe they do) of the absolute Frankenstein monster they are creating.

Today the Politburo passed a bill by an overwhelming margin of 307 to 97 – to grant the government the power to regulate and oversee tobacco production. Government will now tell the tobacco industry how much nicotine will be allowed in their products, and control ALL their advertising – which in essence will be ads that tell people to QUIT using their products.

Politburo Subcommittee Chairman of Health Henry Waxman (D-Ca) lauded the power that government now has to regulate “harmful” products that make a profit for companies.

Ultimately, this sets the precedent for government to control all business and farms in the United States. Just as they have nationalized the auto industry and will dictate what kind of cars, emissions and fuel mileage they can produce; just like Obama’s national health Care initiative will dictate what kind of health care you can receive and have rationed; the government now has the power to tell any company that produces a product how to make it and how it can be marketed. profits redirected to the state of course.

But this is not the worst part of this precedent. Because while you may cheer the punishment of the cigarette makers and the essential criminalization and takeover of the tobacco industry, you overlook the fact that your food is next on the chopping block.

Yes, the government now that it has control over regulating “harmful products” – is now moving to do the same thing to food production in the United States.

Think I’m kidding?

When Obama shoves his “national Healthcare” down our throats – he will OWN YOUR HEALTH, like he owns the companies that took TARP money in whom he now dictates how they will run.

Like those Twinkies, Pizza, soda and burgers? The government is going to tell the food companies how much fat, sugar and salt it can put in their products. After all, they contribute to bad health and when we get national healthcare – they will state they have to ‘control costs’ and force us to eat ‘healthier’.

Like a juicy steak, chicken or pork chops? Forget it – you will be made to go vegetarian because herds and flocks contribute to global warming and meat is “unhealthy” according to lobbyists that have power to write legislation in the Politburo. 

If you think this is fantasy – think again. The same subcommittee that pushed regulating and running the tobacco industry – is already moving to doing the same thing to the food industry:


House Food-safety Bill Moves Forward 

The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health has passed a food-safety bill that would give the Food and Drug Administration broader reach, including some authority on farms. It also would charge food processors a yearly $500 fee and impose tighter FDA scrutiny. The bill is called Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009, and was introduced by Reps. John Dingell (D-Mich.) and Henry Waxman (D-Calif.).

Waxman is the House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman. He noted that the user feeds would go to FDA, giving the agency a “much-needed infusion of resources to keep the food supply safe.”

The legislation would require processors and growers to meet standards aimed at preventing food contamination and it would increase inspections.

The FDA being authorized to conduct on-farm inspections, which NCBA said would undermine USDA’s regulatory authority, would not improve food safety and would be costly.

The “full pedigree” traceability required of FDA by the bill (which would include meat, which is not regulated by FDA).

Giving FDA authority to create farm-safety standards, including manure use and animal control, which NCBA said are outside FDA’s expertise and already handled by USDA, Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Interior.

Granting FDA authority to quarantine a geographic area during a food-health emergency, which NCBA said would disrupt the food emergency response process that currently includes USDA, the Department of Homeland Security and individual states.

The camels noes, head and front feet are in the tent.

We are become nothing but slaves to the government and they will now tell us how to run our businesses, what we can drive, what we can eat.

Enjoy your chains America – so many of you are so comfortable with them on.

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