Obama’s ACORN Brownshirt Mobs Assault NY Senator


That’s a German word that has little resonance in America today.   Few remember what the German militia Brownshirts, of the Nazi Party, were outside of the stereotypical use of the term to describe someone who they think is intolerant.  Even fewer remember the tactics and purpose Brownshirts served in establishing totalitarian power in a collapsing republic in Germany in the 1920s.  

They were  the original uniformed thugs Hitler used to organize demonstrations and engender support for the National Socialists and their plans to nationalize the economy and implement a new kind of governance: fascism.  Eventually they became street brawlers who dealt with any political opposition to the Nazi ideology. They threatened, intimidated, and assaulted and murdered those who opposed the “change” Hitler was bringing to Germany.

When the Nazis fully gained power in 1933 their strength was about 400,000 and they considered themselves the rival to the German Army. Hitler needed an army of civilian zealots who were as well funded and as powerful as the German army of the time.  The Brownshirts were instrumental in the establishment of both the Nazi ideology, and Hitler adoration through fear and intimidation.  They became the street muscle the Reich used to thwart and negate any possible opposition to the new change Hitler was bringing to Germany.

Ultimately, the power struggle between the SS, the Army and the Brownshirts resulted in Hitler eventually executing all the leaders of the Brownshirts in what became known as the Night of Long Knives.  Once Hitler was fully secured in power and had all his opposition eliminated, there was no need for the Brownshirts and the organization was disbanded.

The similarities between Hitler’s Brownshirts and Obama’s use of ACORN is astounding.  Like the Brownshirts of Nazi Germany, ACORN serves to rabble-rouse, intimidate, threaten and bully the political opposition to Obama and the Politburo Democrats that are solidifying their control of the country.  In Germany, the Brownshirts were sent to voting places to intimidate and beast up anyone they suspected of not supporting the Nazis.  During the election, not only was ACORN charged with intimidation and fraud in some states, a widely seen Youtube video showcased Obama supporting New Black Panthers dressed up in military fatigues carrying nightsticks to intimidate the voters.  

The Brownshirts did the same thing in Germany, and were often pardoned for murders they engaged in – same as Obama’s Justice department pardoned the thugs intimidating voters in Philadelphia.

History repeats itself in a fashion that should send alarm bells off in the heads of any American that has any modicum of understanding about liberty and history.  On Thursday, Obama’s ACORN Brownshirts stormed the NY capitol, and assaulted State Republican Senator James Alesi, and spitting in the face of his chief of staff.

A mob of 150 ACORN mobsters stormed the capitol in Albany NY to “protest” and prevent the transfer of power from Democrats to Republicans due to the caucusing of two dissident Democrat Senators with the Republicans, which effectively gives the GOP control of the NY State Senate when certified.  As a result of the two Democrats switching “sides” as it were – the ACORN rent-a-mob was dispatched to storm the capitol and intimidate the Senators.

Does anyone remember a mob of Republicans storming the Senate to intimidate Democrats when Arlen Specter or Jim Jeffords jumped to their side?  Anyone recall a crush of mobs with pre-printed signs with political talking points accusing them of engaging in a coup de tat??

I didn’t think so.  But here – there is zero tolerance for disloyalty to the nazi- er…Democrat Politburo.  The State Senate in NY is now shut to prevent the orderly transfer of power as Majority Democrats have closed the chamber to prevent the transfer of power.

Like the Brownshirts, ACORN serves as a kind of political police force for the tyrannical mob seeking to establish total control.  Like the Brownshirts in Nazi Germany they are being given greater and greater power to ensure Obama and the Democrat rule is permanent in America.  In fact Obama made this promise to them in 2007 – and he is following through on his promise:

 Obama has already decided to run the Census out of the White house instead of letting it be conducted out of the Commerce Department that has Congressional oversight.   It has been learned that Obama is granting ACORN power to conduct the Census next year.  So what you have here is ACORN being used in the exact manner the Brownshirts in Nazi Germany were used to permanently establish the Nazi Party as the ONLY party and ideology allowed in the state.

I fear it will not be long before shoving and spitting in faces is the mildest form of intimidation ACORN uses.  And then, the future of America seems destined for the same dictatorship all the other Socialist Utopias ended up with.  Ruination and mass death.



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9 responses to “Obama’s ACORN Brownshirt Mobs Assault NY Senator

  1. themadjewess

    Acorn has already been to my home with their census. I advised them I was a Russian and escaped the evils of the USSR only to find YOU at my door with your smiley faces and nike sneakers?!
    They gave me the piece of paper, and I sent it back to the Hitler Gestapo of The Yes We Can Patrols, and told them that they are screwing $$ up by using trees for all of this paper.
    I sent a copy of my LONG FORM B.C. to the HQ and DEMANDED that Obamas be sent back to me in return.

  2. I am so looking forward to my vist from the statist census worker. My first question will be are you affiliated with aacorn, my second question will be are you leaving the easy way or the hard way.

  3. Lets not dwell on our opponents roughing up the innocents. They understand what it takes in the long run. Intimidation and sometimes brutality. If you want to stay in the mix, you have to be ready to mix it up.

  4. Cmwarn

    Wonder if all those 150 nuts had a permit to protest at the capital? Everyone else has to.

  5. I liked this post.

    Feel free to visit my website, it has hundreds of blog posts, mostly about politics and current events. And I update it quite frequently, if not daily, thanks.

  6. John Locke

    We the people will need to stand up against this 39 year old fascist movement. Tolerance is their mantra and is not evident in their actions. ACORN caused the economic meltdown with the help of traitors like Dodd, Frank, and Kennedy. Let us also not forget George W. Bush and his ill-fated closing of the “Minority Housing Gap Crisis.” July 4th is just around the corner. Shall we sit on our laurels or stand up against tyranny? My family fought in the Revolutionary War and I will honor their sacrifice by protesting on Independence Day!

  7. Not one peep of this in the local news. If these perps where reported on by the government controlled media yesterday like they should have, there would have been a thousand citizens at the capital today to restore order and put these thugs in their place. Some demo rat let them into this restricted area. They need to be exposed and punished.

    In NYS, it is illegal to form or train as a militia. Therefore, we the people need to organize a neighborhood watch chapter, operating statewide to protect and defend our way of life against these brownshirts.

    Do it now, before it is to late.

  8. tim

    That’s because like Nazi germany, the press is in on the fix. They cannot imagine their own freedoms being curtailed. Good god, this is the third reich all over again, with an apology instead of a national pride angle. Sixth amendment supercedes state law. Fight back.

  9. larryk12309

    I live near Albany NY and it’s the first time I’ve heard about Acorn getting involved up here.

    Just before this feud in the State Senate happened everyone was debating gay marriage. So I have to wonder if the whole thing wasn’t just a smoke to avoid voting on that.

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