The Death of Liberty In America


Liberty in America – 1776 – 2009.    After battling an illness of Liberal Socialism for decades, Liberty finally succumbed to her fate after an apathetic and ignorant People ignored the cancer of Liberal Socialism and the disease progressed into a fatal case of Marxism that the public assumed was hope and change.

Liberty, enshrined on July 4, 1776 – gave birth to a nation of prosperity and blessings never before  seen in the history of mankind.  Generations of Americans that came forth and basked under her sunlight of freedom, were empowered to create the engine of innovation, that led to unprecedented technology, health and standard of living that was the envy of the entire world.  The land flowed with milk and honey, and justice and wealth followed in the days of her maturity.

But like the great trees that withstand the wind and the elements, she rotted from within – and took in ideas and principles that were anathema to her existence and well-being.  Elite Socialist minds and the self-appointed intellectuals taught the people to loathe the fruits and foundations of Liberty, and they rejected the principles upon which sustained her.    She was poisoned by the malicious and devious brokers of power that sold her people the shackles of slavery that were presented under the auspices of good intentions.  The people were led to hate her and demanded that she be remade into an image of men.

The people traded their reliance upon God, to a demand for government.   The People abandoned individual liberty in favor of collectivism.  The faithful rewrote their commission to preach the Gospel for a gospel of earth worship,  and instead of feeding and ministering to the poor themselves – they empowered the government to do their charity and absolve themselves of responsibility.

They betrayed God for an aberrant morality and in the process, betrayed Liberty to the vices of the tyranny of men that always seek to bind and restrain her.  The People traded wisdom for nonsense and became fools.   They are led willingly like sheep to the slaughter and to the path of destruction that has befallen all Republics before ours.

Liberty lost her countenance from a broken heart, and succumbed to the vile poison of Statists and the indifferent apathy of a people that demanded security and provision above all else and saw no value in trusting their neighbors with her.

Liberty died restrained to her bed, with only a handful of angry and determined patriots with tears and resolve to fight on in her memory.

Visitation is ongoing.

Burial is set for the moment Obama and the Politburo cram National Socialist Healthcare upon the people.


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5 responses to “The Death of Liberty In America

  1. Spot on! Good work! I could not agree more. Keep up the good work. Sometimes .it seems to be awfully lonely out here for conservatives.


  2. I certainly admire the passion that this post displays towards the importance of liberty. Nevertheless, you description of this nation’s past as an egalitarian, Utopian garden of Eden seems a bit dramatic. The beauty of the situation is that we crafted a set of ideals that seek an unattainable but honorable goal of freedom. I agree that we should be aware of the delicacy of freedom and liberty and the aggressiveness of tyranny. But to describe America’s past, or any place for that matter,
    as a place of “milk and honey, and justice and wealth followed in the days of her maturity” seems to overlook the some of disheartening events, mistakes, and imperfections of humanity. A hubris mistake almost.


  3. tim

    obama did not start this, even though he will more than likely finish it. good olboy bush drove more stakes into america’s heart than obama will. so lets put some of the blame where it belongs.

  4. INVAR

    you description of this nation’s past as an egalitarian, Utopian garden of Eden seems a bit dramatic.

    Most obituaries are often glowing in their remembrance of the deceased.

    obama did not start this

    I don’t recall stating blame on any one particular person outside of mentioning Obama and nationalist Healthcare being the final nail in the coffin.

    That stated – the Bush derangement syndrome hatred is not only ridiculous, but stupid in the face of comparison of Bushs’ 8 years of Democratic Socialism to what Obama has ALREADY done in 140 plus days with brute Fascist Marxism.

    I guess it’s easier to continue to blame Bush for all the woe than to admit we made One Big Assed Mistake America.

  5. I agree with many of your sentiments. By continuing the conversation we may just revive liberty.


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