Good For Nothing Christians

There is very little of late that I have agreed with Chuck Baldwin on.  But in his latest essay – he hits the nail on the head and through the wood about the very thing many of us have noted and have been busy railing about for the last several years – largely to deaf and stopped-up ears.

When you consider this culture, and the charge of both Christ to the Church, and what our nation’s Founder’s expected of Christians – Baldwin’s essay is just one more indictment of the lukewarmenss, plaguing the Christian Church in this country.

America’s churches are filled up with those who only want to hear the smooth and easy words of Joel Osteen or Rick Warren, fulfilling once again,  Isaiah 30:9-11 to the letter:

For it is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of The Lord that say to the seers, “Stop having visions!”; and to the prophets, “Don’t tell us what is right!”, that say: “tell us smooth things, tell us deceitful things, get out of the way, turn aside from the path, and get rid of the Holy One of Israel from being seen among us”.

The modern American Christian is fast becoming good for nothing, even when they think they are something.


Good For Nothing Christians 
by Chuck Baldwin 
July 10, 2009 

“Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savor, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men,” Matt. 5:13 KJV.

Jesus said that salt without savor is “good for nothing.” Savor is the ingredient, the character that gives salt its quality–and its value. When salt is as it should be, it is a most precious commodity. Not only is it used as a seasoning; it is, more importantly, a preservative. As most everyone knows, salt was the primary source of food preservation before the days of refrigeration. Salt has been deemed to be so valuable at times that wars have actually been waged over it. During times of unusual deprivation, salt can be even more valuable than precious metals. But when salt loses its saltiness, it is absolutely worthless; it is “good for nothing.”

Jesus plainly proclaimed that He viewed His disciples as being the salt of society. In other words, when believers have the character they should have, they provide the preservation of the land. They hold back and retard the putrefying properties of spoilage and decay. But when Christians lose their character, when they lose the internal resistance to decay, they become “good for nothing” and the result is, the land is “trodden under foot of men.”

It grieves me to say that, for the most part, the modern Christian, the modern pastor, and the modern church have lost their savor. Taken as a whole, we have lost our inner character: the ability to resist decay and preserve the land has long departed, and America is fast being “trodden under foot of men.”

Our churches are no longer places of respite from the world: they are mirrors of it: the same dress; the same attitudes; the same carnality; the same spirit; the same stubbornness; the same pride. Churches are no longer bastions of truth: they are glorified social clubs or mere corporations, where Christianity is never allowed to interfere with business. Instead of being watchmen on the wall, our pastors are CEOs or, even worse, politicians. Popularity and personal ambition far outweigh commitment to truth and an independent mind. And as for Christian homes, forget it. The modern American home is straight out of Isaiah chapter three: “babes shall rule over them.” In the average “Christian” home, children rule the mothers, and mothers, in turn, rule the fathers. Discipline and instruction are out; leniency and ignorance are in.

We have a pandemic all right, but it’s not the swine flu: it is a pandemic of spineless Christianity. Parents who cannot stand up to their own children; pastors who cannot stand up to their own congregations; religious leaders who cannot stand up to politicians; and churches that cannot stand up to unconstitutional government.

Our so-called “conservative Christian” special interest groups are far more concerned about not losing financial contributions than they are about confronting the real evils of society. And as far as the Religious Right is concerned, it lost its soul somewhere early on in the first administration of George W. Bush.

If one is looking for someone to blame America’s demise on, don’t look to the prostitutes, drug dealers, or crooked politicians: look no further than the doorsteps of America’s churches. While the ominous clouds of oppression and tyranny boil overhead, our churches are content to play kid games and wallow in their own materialism and laziness. I realize there are exceptions to the rule, of course, but they are few and far between.

Sadder still is the lack of anything on the horizon that points to any kind of spiritual awakening. Look at the churches that are growing: for the most part, they are of the Joel Osteen and Rick Warren variety, where conviction has been replaced with compromise, and popularity has replaced principle. Genuine Bible prophets usually occupy the pulpits where hardly anyone attends. Truth has been replaced with entertainment, and calls for repentance are drowned out by the clamor for prosperity theology.

I can tell you from personal experience that, in more than 34 years of Gospel ministry, it has never been harder to continue to carry the torch of truth than it is today. It takes a toll on one’s physical health and emotional being, and even on one’s family. Any pastor desiring to carry the torch of truth today need not expect to have many friends. And any evangelist desiring to carry the torch of truth today need not expect to get many meetings. Truth is about as popular as a bad case of the measles, and yes, I mean among today’s professing “Christians.”

Should it surprise us, then, that we see the encroachment of our liberties and the erosion of constitutional government coming hard and fast? Should it surprise us that America is losing its conscience–not to mention our heritage? Should it surprise us when we see hundreds of large, empty internment camps popping up everywhere? Should it surprise us when we read of would-be tyrants in Washington, D.C., trying to pass egregious legislation that would strip us of our Bill of Rights? Should it surprise us when we see multinational corporations working with foreign governments to erode the sovereignty of these United States? Should it surprise us when we see both Republican and Democratic Presidential administrations look the other way while our borders are being invaded and even erased?

When the salt loses its savor, it is “cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.” And that is exactly what is happening to us today.

Does all this make me fatalistic? Not at all. I am absolutely convinced that God will always reserve to Himself a faithful remnant and a land of liberty for those who desire it. But before we talk about the land, we must be sure that our hearts are willing to pay the price to obtain it. We’ll leave that discussion for another time.



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5 responses to “Good For Nothing Christians

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  2. larryk12309

    Yes I agree with you! Chuck B hits the nail on the head and admonishes this dad to have more spine and less whine. Sometimes I wonder where some of these Constitution Party are really coming from too, but here, C.B. knocks it out of the park.

    As far as preachers go, if you don’t like Osteen and Warren how about John Piper and Paul Washer or websites like “Living Waters” and “Wretched Radio” dot Com?

    from: A fellow blogger and Culture warrior.

  3. invar

    Well it’s not a matter of liking one preacher or another. The general messages of the Christian Church in America hold the form of religion – but have no power behind them. They have become large group self-esteem build-up sessions of entertainment, or they are turned inward and are of no effect upon anyone near them.

    We have gone lukewarm at best, and the itching ears of a people who want to hear smooth and easy things with a smile – dominate the attention spans of most American Chrisitans – who want to be entertained rather than instructed in righteousness.

    I listened in stunned disbelief to a recent ‘sermon’ of Osteen’s, wherein he discussed that no request we make to God was too trivial – citing as an example how he prayed each Sunday for no rain, so his congregation would not get wet. He claimed God honored that request and it never rained for 2 years on a Sunday when he preached.

    While I am sure there is no request we can make that is too trivial for God, is there no circumspection as to our motives for what we ask for?

    I do not hear repentance being urged from the modern Christian church in America.

    I do not hear instruction on how to live a life in Christ by being obedient to God’s Word, and transforming ourselves by doing the Commandments. I do not hear how we should go about making disciples, baptizing them and teaching them the commandments and to withstand sin.

    Instead I hear about how you can get rich by merely asking for it; how God loves you no matter how steeped in sin and trouble you are; or how God loves the one who can sing in church.

    Is it no wonder then that the Southern Baptist Convention recently forecast HALF of it’s current membership would drop in the next several years?

    Is not our current collapsing and depraved culture not a testament against this feel-good lukewarm kind of preaching and teaching in our congregations?

    We’re losing the culture because Christians are become about self and have no guts or convictions outside of emotional platitudes to stand up for God, Christianity and the moral principles that sustain liberty.

  4. TOTALLY agree with everything said here.

    Christianity needs to be back to basics AND MOST DEFINITELY back to its First Love with the Saviour and LORD Himself !

  5. Calvin Hobbs

    Posted with permission of Wes Hazlett


    Wes Hazlett’s comment to Spencer’s The Coming Evangelical Collapse:

    These sentiments have clearly exposed the underbelly of the real agenda of the forces behind the slow death of America.

    Rather than fulfilling the commission of Christ to simply preach His Gospel to allow the Word of God to convict the human heart as the true catalyst of change, we as a collective body are misappropriating our strength and energy into using the government and intellectual debate as weapons of warfare in this spiritual battle.

    In doing so, we as a collective body of Christians are not allowing the Word of God to Save, we are hiding behind conservative media moguls like Rush Limbaugh as though they are saviors of a principle that America was founded upon.

    While the wealth of Rush Limbaugh can cushion him from the attacks he suffers, the wealth of the individual Christian cannot be relied upon to endure the vile attacks of the enemy in a new America where the enemy does not play by the fair rules of engagement.

    In a new America where the President rules by clear policy that government is the new god of America, there is no future for Christianity in America if the Christian expects government to yield to the true God by merely petitioning government to change.

    Christians in America must stop hiding behind government and public approval and start forging ahead with no fear of what man can do. We must do this now if God’s grace will save this Country from its future course of soon destruction from our own ways.

    Wes Hazlett
    The Bodyguard: A Christian Apologetics Ministry

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