An Open Letter to the 9-12 Movement and the Tea Party Participants

August 6, 2009

Dear Participants of the 9-12 Project and Tea Parties,

God Love ya’ gang.

I know what you are trying to do and believe me, I think it is noble. Five years too late, but noble. I am aware that some of your groups have been hijacked by the usual screwball hypocritical RNC types and some groups are doing all they can to evict the clowns or bypass them. Others just get into lockstep and march with the liars who brought our nation to this point thinking that a Republican Progressive is better than a Democrat Socialist Progressive. That’s for another day or for everyone to read the editorial I wrote titled “Blame Wisconsin” for a historical perspective.

The AstroTurf protests look great (sorry but I just grinned reading the grimace on the face of the White House Robots when they uttered those words) but now what? You’ve caught the semi and have the rear tire in your dog jowls and you don’t know what to do. Meanwhile, the socialists are trying to shift the big semi of public opinion into reverse and crush your movement. As the big dog right now, you can either move up to the front and chew those tires off or play by the same old playbook and get steamrolled by the MMM (Marxist Media Movement) which will be more than happy to have pictures of your protests broadcast worldwide with plants wearing Nazi emblems as the Wicked Witch of the West so proudly lied about on national television.

Glenn Beck took a call before the noon hour today about the protests and town halls and his suggestion was to protest outside of their offices in local communities and if they were single, in front of the homes of the cowards, er politicians who were ducking their constituents. The problem is that your movements have failed to realize that you are not their constituents whether you voted for them or not. Glenn fails to address this issue not because he is scared, although he should be, in reality he probably cannot address the issue due to legal liability problems. Thus I offer a solution which will cost your movements and the protests a measly $2.20 each to start and a wee bit more in the end, if you would like to learn how to win the war instead of just one or two battles.

I was Them

This is a first time, hard time, and most painful admission but most of my readers would understand that if you were a college student in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s odds are you were a Reagan hating left wingnut lunatic.

I was at that time as a sophomore, one of those subterranean slimeballs because it was great dating hippie chicks and even better it meant you did not have to be responsible for anything. Until you graduated from college and reality sets in. Which I did. And then you realized the hippie chicks were nasty skanks who viewed clothing optional the same way they viewed shaving and showering as optional also.

Thus a great conversion happened in my life and I was saved from a life of being a community organizer with no morals and a preplanned desire to usurp the Constitution and institute every Marxist’s wet dream fantasy. However during my time being a moron and a bum, I did learn how their non-violent tactics worked and much to my chagrin now, they were quite effective. Until the really radical nutcases moved in and that is when America finally had had enough and rejected the scum.

So just how did they do it?

$0.44 and Ingenuity

A stamp can cause more pain to the Obamanation than a screaming seventy year old woman at a town hall meeting. More on that a bit later. Now that the Marxist movements have captured your strategy, you can not stay static nor remain focused. It is time to attack, not with violence but with brilliance, the constituents of the political class need a message sent to them and considering the fragile nature of their economic designs, they are most vulnerable at this time for paying attention to the voters and not their lackeys in Washington, D.C.

There is a website provided by the very people who we need to send a message to at the Federal Election Commission which provides you a portal for the 2008 and 2010 elections to see just who is donating money to these morons who refuse to listen to the will of the people. A lot of people are under the misconception that businesses do not listen and do not pay attention but alas, that is a lie. You see, what the left wingnuts used to do during the hippie transition era of the late 1970’s is exactly the same tact that the poverty pimps used during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Thus if you wish to get the attention of the political elites, you have to approach the business community and get their attention. First, you contact in writing or via telephone the business in question. You notify them that you are aware of their contributions to a certain Democratic Congresscritter, oh, like Kathy Castor from the Tampa area. You politely remind them that you pulled the information from the FEC website and that you do not approve of businesses who contribute funds to a politician who wishes to promote a certain issue, like socialized medicine. Let’s take a look at a sample page from this year with a list of contributors from the FEC website:

Wow, two large companies felt it was necessary to pay homage and contributions to a noted left wing socialist type who supports everything antithetical to capitalist ideals. I guess this means that they won’t mind then, a series of protests in front of their businesses with oh, say 200 or 300 9-12ers or Tea Party supporters with signs stating that their companies support stealing health care from the elderly, Eugenics, and candidates that support these causes. If you do that, do it on a public sidewalk and make sure that when they television cameras arrive, you bunch up and look noisy so the reporters can report that the “mob” makes them “uncomfortable.” Whatever you do, do not act violently! Be peaceful, chant, pray, sing whatever to cause pain for the business in question until they agree IN WRITING to no longer support the cause or politician(s) you oppose.

That is how the left did it. They realized decades ago that protesting the candidates or politicians accomplished nothing but by boycotting the contributors on a local basis you can create pain that will piss off the donors and finally get legitimate recognition that the media will not ignore. Think about “Joe’s Chevrolet” should it be on that list. How many customers do you think will avoid the ‘Cash for Clunker’s’ bargains if there are two hundred protesters on the sidewalk in front of their business on a Saturday afternoon because the owner decided to pay bribe money to a local politician? You can not win calling, you can not win faxing, you can not win whining to Mr. Beck on the radio; you must adapt, change and confront.

Now for the big question: What happens if the police arrive?

You have to have a plan to bail the cohorts out of jail. Do not resist arrest, simply sit down on the sidewalk, lock arms and start singing the “My Country Tis’ of Thee” when they start to assemble in force. When the officers approach, politely inform them you will not disburse, that you are exercising your First Amendment right to protest (make sure you have a permit but if the local government is corrupt, screw them, assemble anyways) and tell the officer you have to be booked. If they have to start hauling 200 people a day to the local lock up for processing, the businesses will begin to feel the impact as you spread the word.

When an officer approaches, ask if you can pray first and invite him to pray with you. Recite the Lord’s Prayer, then unhook your arm from the person next to you, and follow his or hers instructions with a “yes sir” or “yes ma’am” (unless the officer’s last name is “Boxer” then you say ‘yes Senator’) and they will haul you off to jail. If 200 people did this, the police will respect you for cooperating but you’ll get a small fine as a result and some media attention, especially if they arrest 200 plus seventy year old protesters.

Now for the first class stamp. A major corporation like a Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, etc. could care less about one letter. But a million letters a day? Yeah, that would get their attention. Do not waste your time on sending letters to companies where the government has direct control or ownership like Bank of America, Citigroup, Fannie Mae, GM, etc. Work on the medium sized companies that do not have the staff or personnel to handle the load. Look for a mid-Fortune 500 or Fortune 1000 company for example with revenues less than one billion bucks, but enough to contribute to the anti-American politicians and causes. A semi-trailer full of bags of mail for a week will slow their company processes down and with polite letters mixed in with their regular mail either force a public comment about their support for Obamanation policies or better yet, force them to withdraw financial support for those politicians (the real goal) who think you are just another right wing radical nut clutching your Bible and gun. This is more of a 9-12 Project type of thing but in your letters, please be factual, polite and do not curse. Most importantly, hand write every one of them and thank your local Post Office for the hard work those poor folks put into the effort carrying all the mail. They are just schmucks like us, trying to get by.

That is how the nuts work gang. They want to disrupt and hijack funding, not convince the masses they are right or wrong. They realized this in the 1990’s and moved accordingly. I would suggest those of you so inclined to make a difference consider your position, your liabilities and these tactics as there are oh so many more which one can use if you read their playbook or just remember whatannoyed the hell out of you in the late 1970’s.

As for myself, I will remind you that I’m a 73er. The last person you want to make a call to action for.

I wish you the greatest of success and hope you win the day. If not, we are ready.

God Bless,

John Galt



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4 responses to “Time To FIGHT BACK – With INGENIOUS TACTICS

  1. I just got to say that you have that communist figured out. Obama is neither conforming to the constitution nor is he upholding it. This spineless marxist needs to be removed, and yes, we must remember these precious words….

    “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

    —Samuel Adams

  2. Thanks for reposting Invar. It is not new, it is a strategy of old, executed by our side during the Revolutionary War:

    Fight to win, fight where they can’t, fight by using the unexpected methods.

    They would NEVER expect such things from “our” side.

  3. What would be helpful here is a published list of all the Senators and Congress men/women who support this bill. If they won’t hold town hall meeting’s where we can voice our concerns, then we will take it to them!

  4. That’d make two families that feel that way for sure, contniug mine.I was talking to my old Daddy on the phone last evening. He’s 85, Tailgunner on a B-24 in WWII, USAF Retired. And so on and so forth, a veritable Pillar of the Community in which he resides.He refers to our illustrious President as Obummer . His kids, and our offspring seldom are that polite. Yeah, Barry is a Clusterism, all right. And that’s all I’m going to say about it.

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