The Iron Fist of Obama’s Tyranny Now In Plain View

In less than a week, Obama and the Marxists have revealed the level of despotism they will level against us.

They instituted a Government Snitch Program right out of the White House, where citizens are urged to report on other citizens that oppose Obama’s plans or if they sound “fishy”.

• The Speaker of the House, Stretch Pelosi and the other Kapos of the Marxist Mob have called Americans who are protesting ObamaCare, Nazis, and said that they “carry swastikas with them into these town halls”.

• Obama has directed his ACORN and Union Thug bosses to “confront” the town hall protesters.

Americans are being locked out of Town Hall meetings with their elected representatives while Union members and ACORN Activists are let into side doors and given front row seats to staged town hall events to demand ObamaCare.

Americans are being attacked by Union Thugs at Town Hall meeting after The White House directs them to “hit back twice as hard“.

• Ads for the National Guard are looking for “Internment and Resettlement Specialists“.

Look America – and WAKE UP.

We are right now, all Jews, The National Socialists are in charge of the entire government with a charismatic ‘messiah’ leading the way, who hates us and demands to “change” this country – and it’s Krystallnacht, the Brownshirts are out, ready to do their master’s bidding.

History repeats, can you not see the sign of the repeat?

What is going on here?

First we have the brazenly Orwellian directive from the Office of Health Reform/Ministry of Truth to contact our friendly snitchboard operator to report any “fishy” communications from our neighbors/political extremists. Then from Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs I learn that the National Guard is now looking for a few good internment/resettlement specialists?    


Internment of whom?

I’m moving where?

As if the seeming overnight bankruptcy of our entire country were not enough to rattle our nerves, we have the White House’s apparent confidence that it need not bother fretting over the appearance of totalitarianism. What is it that imbues these people to think that no-one will notice the unsettling parallels they have with unseemly dictators?

It is at about this point that I start trying to reassure myself that this can’t really be as terrifying as it sounds. Then I remember this little clip entailing what Obama’s former SDS friends had in mind for people like me. Many of whom, like Marilyn Katz & Andy Stern, are wandering the halls of the White House today.

Taken separately, the White House’s asking Americans to inform on each other, the apparent creation of a new Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) and the wild-eyed genocidal fantasies of 60’s radicals would probably be enough to disturb anyone. hen taken collectively it becomes the substance from which nightmares are derived.

Let’s re-cap shall we, One, there is now a White House sponsored, “community” driven blacklisting site. Two, we have a freshly created military specialty in our traditionally domestically-oriented National Guard that seems to be tailored towards gulag maintenance and operations. Three, the cherry on top of having subversive elements advising our Dear Leader who had frankly once proposed exactly these same Stalinesque measures including the slaughter of millions of their fellow countrymen!

Boiled down to nuts and bolts it looks something like this;

1) Locate, record and target.

2) Segregate, contain & re-educate.

3) Evaluate, assimilate or eliminate.

Throw in fantasy claims that Obama’s opponents carry swastikas, emanating from the mouth of the person next in line after Vice President Biden in presidential succession.

Fantastical as it seems, and it is. I cannot help but recall the old adage about ducks, so modified a bit, if it sounds like Marx, and acts like Mussolini, it is probably Obama.


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9 responses to “The Iron Fist of Obama’s Tyranny Now In Plain View

  1. Now the DNC is deploying AFL-CIO palookas while hypocritically dismissing good-faith Obamacare opponents as paid shills -even running disengenuous TV ads to slander them- meanwhile SanFranNan is halucinating and seeing imaginary Swastikas.

    This should make clear to anyone just what these far-left elitists think of your opinion.

    Note that whenever Obama, Emanuel, or Gibbs are asked about why polls show SO many people oppose their misguided Cap-n-Trade and Obamacare proposals, they ALWAYS segue-right-into “we need to educate the public…”.

    LOL- save your breath… Constitutionally-aware patriots don’t take lectures from Marxists.

  2. invar

    We better wake up and recognize that we are at war with Marxist Tyrants.

    And finish the war that THEY started.

    Their gloves are off, and they reveal the iron fist of tyranny, for the President’s Administration is telling these Union Thugs and Ideologues to “Punch back twice as hard”.

    We better be ready to hit back and make sure we are not taking our usual butter knives to a gunfight.

  3. Ivar, how can i as an old woman help? I would like to do something that counted. Janet

  4. Janet,

    I love my Country and it is worth fighting for because you matter to me.

    You say you are an old elderly woman- I say you are part of a generation that brought America through a world war fought on multiple fronts, a great depression, and many triumphs. As God as our strength we all will honor you through this Obama great depression that is attempting to criminalize our Nation’s most worthy of citizens.

    ‘If America fails to protect it’s elderly it will find itself without a reason to grow old in it.”

    Wes Hazlett

  5. invar

    Ivar, how can i as an old woman help? I would like to do something that counted.

    Prayer to the Almighty counts above and beyond anything we can do of ourselves.

    Then, do Matthew 28:19.

    Changing the nation requires a national repentance.

  6. “Carrying swastikas” indeed.

    I think the Madam Speaker needs to go easy
    on her liquid lunches before she gets in front of the press!

  7. Don’t you guys think that perhaps Obama wants to know what people think of his policies so he can better address us? I don’t remember any anti-Patriot Act propaganda from this site

  8. invar

    I have a bridge to sell you.


  9. In all humility,

    God is using this iron-fist of President Obama to wake up our brethren and in the process He is judging His own members in this Country who have looked upon this Country as a superior force in the world despite or in spite of the Great God of Heaven who blessed it so richly.

    God removed His hand of protection at times from Israel because they rejected Him- a people that He blessed and separated from the world through the faith of men like Noah and Abraham.

    Israel went after other gods and gave themselves wholly over to the abominations of godless nation’s and God judged that Nation.

    All through the Record of the Word, it is obvious that God rewards those who love and fear Him. God is merciful and gracious and a mighty tower and refuge to those who place their trust in Him.

    I could care less what you think of me writing this- but the shadow of God Almighty has darkened America’s countenance.

    I just pray that we have not been duped into thinking that another ‘violent’ civil war is the answer to taking back our Country.

    Iran, Russia, Venezuela and others, like the Velociraptor’s in Jurassic Park- are scoping our perimeter fence for weaknesses in this Country.

    If American strength lies in our ‘global superiority’ and not in dutiful repentance to and dependence on the Almighty -we are in for a real treacherous future.

    Our enemies will themselves tremble at our shaking knees before God but they will laugh at our pride and our wrath at our own officials that we elected- if we neglect the hard lesson that God is teaching us at this very moment.

    Even though God has removed His hand of protection from this Country (as so eloquently noted by Bill Keller ( , and as evident from the catastrophic demise of the wisdom of our leadership that we have collectively elected to office- God is still allowing us space to repent and turn to Him. God is a Jealous God that is jealous to see us abide under His true protection.

    How long can the righteous God of heaven stave of His punishment of America when we continue to stew in our own vomit?

    We have failed to preserve His Name within our borders so now God is removing our borders from the rest of the world.

    We have failed to preserve God as the Creator within our public school system so now God is allowing the hoax of climate change to swoon over the Country.

    We have failed to preserve the value of human life in America so now God is allowing the demise of our culture in favor of multiculturalism.

    We have failed to distribute God’s financial blessings accordingly because of greed at our highest ‘Churchian-Empires’ as created by the likes of the mega-church.

    Western-Christianity has become a hissing sound and a head scratch to the whole world so we are now surprised that God is letting the dogs that were once without America now attack and slaughter from within America?

    We are exercising futility of epic proportions if we think that organizing a tea party will trump the strategic prowess of the spiritual powers of wickedness that we have invited to roam our land as we wave the red, white, and blue.

    We are reaping what we have sown and the iron fist of Obama is a mere bi-product of that choice.

    I pray for our elected officials. I pray for our fellow American’s. I pray to remain humble and in the place that God has put me because I am just a wretch, worthy of hell.

    May God help us from our sinful ways. May a mighty whirl wind from His nostrils blow away the American ‘hope and change’ hot air in a blast furnace of genuine repentance.

    Our brave, bloodied, and blessed men and women fighting and dying serving in our military deserve a Country that seeks God’s face because without the blessing of His presence in our military- all the technologically advanced weaponry known to man will not save a Country that rejects the Almighty.

    May the majesty and glory of the King of Kings radiate on His earth and on this American soil yet again by His will, grace, and mercy and by our love and fear of His greatness.

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