A Beast Approacheth…


You Are All Pieces of Crap

by John Galt
August 17, 2009 

And so am I.

You and I are nothing but fleshy fertilizer for the machine of a failing empire struggling to maintain relevance in a world where their own lies, deceit and energies are being applied against them and against their will. We witnessed the attempt to create a new order for the world in their own image but the intents of these clowns was to do nothing more than create a peace of their design using the ground bits of bones of our grandfathers, fathers, brothers and friends left on battlefields and oilfields around the world. While they beg you to subscribe to their dying cries of “save the nation”, they really want nothing more than to create a final desperate moment where their hands of evil can move away from your wallets and grasp deeper into your heart and soul.

The weaklings will beg for help and mercy and proclaim that the greatness of community is more important than God given freedoms and rights. They will tell you that you are weak, and that God has failed you. They will cry on your television shows demanding you to subscribe to a new nationalism to replace the traditional American values with a stronger and greater calling, a new system under the flag of that new nationalism: 


You will be told if you do not surrender that you will be evil and cause the starvation of children. That you are a piece of crap causing grandmothers to be put out on to the street suffering from your avarice and that your selfishness will eventually kill your neighbor. That you are acting out on primitive racist ideals planted to usurp the real intent of our Founding Fathers, that of a nation unified for the cause of all people worldwide, not for just this land we once called the home of the brave and the land of the free.

You are to be stepped on, wiped off on a the curb or in the grass and discarded in a plastic baggie in a dumpster or left to fade away as a smeared memory in a summer rain into the sewer drains of history. You can accept this fate but I suggest you prepare for the absolute worst case scenario or plan to help the grass grow from the root side of life. You are no longer important to this new machine, you and your children, your parents, your relatives are nothing more than collateral for a foreign government to loan them the support to maintain an impossibly perverted hybrid system of socialism, corporatism and oligarchy. Thus the plan to strip your freedoms and rights of families and beliefs and leave you as nothing more than a modern day version of THX 1138, where you take the purple pill for when you belch, Ambien to help put you down to sleep, Viagra to help you get up for your marriage and God knows what next for that funny twinge you feel in your elbow every third week or full moon.

They want you to be a creature of their creation, a slave to the new system of mind numbed “patriotism” where individual ideas are dismissed as dangerous and the actual history of our nation is meant to be something you are supposed to be ashamed of. You piece of crap, you had best snap to and obey, this is for your retirement pay, your survival, your welfare check, your new subscription at Blockbuster for the latest Wii game.

Do as they say or do without.

As so many who do not understand, do not want, or refuse to submit to doing. They wish to be more than a cog, they would rather be irrelevant than fertilizer, desperate instead of dependent. Yet in their desperation they have opened themselves to be the most exploited class of them all, waiting for the kindness of others, the almighty benefactor of government. While nations like India attempt to withdraw from a caste system, we are degenerating into a modern day thugocratic oligarchy where caste is all that matters and creative initiative is to be stolen and exploited. Guard against the extraction of your freedoms and ideals, protect your individualism, do not surrender your ideas without the motivation of profit or an expansion of liberty as our nation’s founders envisioned.

The sacrifices you will be asked to make will not be polite requests. Your sacrifice will be for your neighbors, your church, your community you will be told. Balance the truth and do what you must butsurvive. This is not the time, place or reason for lone wolves, or wild speculation in meetings or where others will attempt to steer you into their traps. But get ready for the clock is running out of seconds. And America is on borrowed time. Remember what you have learned and learn what you must remember. There are no second chances.

The time is upon us now to prepare to hold the line. It is short. It is succinct. It will happen with great shock and fury. And when you awaken from this nightmare, should you be one who does, every aspect of your life will have changed until the day you die. Fear not for that day, fear for the day you are too weak to resist.

Prepare to stand, practice not to fall.



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2 responses to “A Beast Approacheth…

  1. ldyboxtrkr

    Is it not understood that we are finite here in our human bodies? Everything is spinning out of control – but if you have read the Bible you should easily understand why. You’ve already been told what was going to happen – why are all of the things happening now such a surprise?
    It’s right in front of you. Evil is nothing new.
    It all depends on what you understand.
    God is the one being attacked here. And He gets attacked by us constantly (when is the last time you said Godd–n or JC in a not so endearing manner), yet we still call on Him … in our nearing death , in sickness or just arguing over a stupid thing. Most times we figure we can heal the problems without His help(lots of luck). I don’t care if I offend anyone anymore. The God of Abraham ,Issac and Jacob is the real true God and I WILL STAND. I’m ready for the battle of all time. It’s not far off. But I know one thing – I won’t be able to do it with hate and I absolutely will not be able to do it without Him.

  2. AMEN.

    I am a wretch saved by the greatness of His MERCY and GRACE. I deserve to go to hell.

    Glory to God for the Son of God and His sacrifice for the sins of many. God bless His Holy Name.

    He is coming back to sanctify His Holy Name. May His members know His will and be abiding in His will.

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