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On Obama and the Joker From ‘The Dark Knight’

A lot of flak has erupted in recent weeks over the Joker “Socialism” posters that were being printed and put up in California and other areas of the country.

The media went beserk, classifying the posters as an unspoken threat against Obama and an affront to decency and free speech and ‘racist’.  The media and even some police departments went into hunt mode to try and find the original artist who Photoshopped the image of Obama with the likeness of the late Heath Ledger’s Joker from the movie “The Dark Knight”, and in their zeal they were sure it was some kind of white, Right Wing bible-thumping Militia member who they would suggest charges be filed for such a perversion of their political messiah’s visage.

Of course yesterday we learned that the identity of the artist and it is not some Southern Angry White Male – but rather a Palestinian student from Chicago.  And crickets are heard in the mainstream media who not a week ago were trumpeting the dangers of such posters being created and now are dead silent that their framed caricature of the ‘offender’ is blown.

But beyond the image itself – there is something to consider between the character of the Joker from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and Barrack Obama.

In Christopher Nolan’s film, the Joker is an unknown with no record, who begins his climb to controlling Gotham by robbing from the Mob’s established banks.  He has no fingerprints or any records the police can examine.  The Mob itself is being diminished by Batman and the course of Justice being laid down by Jim Gordon and the GCPD.  The Joker adds to the desperation of the Mob with his thefts from their banks and shows up to offer his assistance in fixing their problem – by killing Batman and D.A. Harvey Dent.  The Joker warns the Mob that if they do not take his ‘offer’ seriously – they will suffer further setbacks.  When the weight of justice by Batman and Dent begins to weigh on Marconi and the Mob – they employ the Joker to ‘fix’ their problem and effectively assumes control of the Mob itself.  Joker begins by targeting specific officials and killing them, creating a climate of fear and panic.  Soon it becomes evident that the Joker is not interested at all in helping the Mob as much as controlling it himself.  He used the Mob to gain control of them and in the process gained control over all of Gotham himself.  He then begins to wage an assymetric war on the city to secure his power.  Joker tells Harvey Dent that he is an agent of “Chaos”, or “change”.  Joker’s doctrine is to “Upset the established order”, turn the foundations on their heads by showing them to be “pathetic” and ultimately he turns the citizens on Gotham against one another with the threat that if they do not do his dirty work – he will destroy them all.

The analogy to Obama is quite adroit in it’s application.  Obama had little to no record when he began his climb to political power.  He has no birth certificate or collegiate records the pubic can examine.  He began by working with Union Groups like ACORN and other political “mobs” to stir up trouble and establish himself.  Due the excesses of greed, credit and government mandates to political constituencies, The Mob (Big banks, Big Auto, Credit and Housing) were being diminished by the weight of free market justice catching up to them and they began to collapse as the economy took a downturn.  Obama and Democrats in government show up to offer assistance in “fixing” the problems they themselves contributed to, by killing the free market.  They warn that if these “mobs” do not get “bailed out” by government – they will suffer further setbacks.  When the economy and the fear created by these warnings weigh on the banks and Auto industry, they accept  Obama’s “Bailouts” and “Stimulus” packages that are effective takeovers of their enterprises.  Obama then begins to target specific classes and groups of people for destruction; (CEOs; Bankers, Investors, Automakers, Private Jet companies; Auto Executives; Doctors, Insurance Companies etc.) and creates a climate of fear and loathing.  Soon it becomes evident that Obama is not interested much in helping these industries get on their feet as much is he is interested in controlling them himself.  Obama used these stepping stones to control, and thereby is gaining control of the entire U.S. Production and service economy.

As the last few weeks have demonstrated, Obama is waging an assymetric war on American Capitalism and the American people themselves in order to secure himself in power.  Obama sold himself as an agent of “change” and has created chaos.  Obama’s doctrine is that of Marxist Saul Alinsky, to upset the established order, turn the foundations of the nation upside down while ridiculing our past principles and morality as “evil” or “pathetic” in speeches to the whole world.   What Obama is currently engaged in now, along with the rest of the Union and political mobs that he now has working for him, is to turn Americans against one another with the threat that if we do not sit down, shut up and do as we are told, that we will be diminished or destroyed.

In The Dark Knight, Batman has to have faith the the people of Gotham, who were so eager to demand Batman step down and turn himself in out of fear of reprisal from the Joker, will not ultimately give themselves over into playing the game the Joker wants them to play; one group against another.   The Joker is convinced that civilized people will ‘eat each another’ when the chips are down, and they will kill out of fear that they must do it to one group before the other group does it to them, thus engaging in chaos and anarchy themselves.  Ultimately, Batman’s faith paid off and the people of Gotham did not sink to the level of a genocidal maniac.

In America today, do we have the faith that the people of the nation, who were so eager to demand “Change” out of fear put forth by the political jokers and the mainstream media, not give themselves over into playing the game of demagoguery Obama plays?   Will they choose to allow themselves to be stoked into a rage of eating one another in jealous and envious rage and fear that one group must destroy another group of citizens by empowering the government to “punish” them?  Will we allow ourselves to descend into chaos and anarchy as the swath of destruction laid down by Obama’s policies make us desperate and fearful?  Can we have faith in the American people that the nation will not sink to the level of a wannabe genocidal maniac that has snitch programs, death panels and a citizen army of Brownshirt thugs intimidating those who dare stand up and against these efforts?

Can one categorize Obama as being akin to the Joker?  Well, if I had to paraphrase Alfred from the movie I would say – “Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, they can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with.  Some men, just want to watch the country burn”.



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