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MSNBC: Gun-Toting Protesters are ‘White’ Racists…Edits Out Black Man With AR-15

If you were not already aware of the blatant media propaganda efforts to stoke racial warfare and cover for Obama – here’s incontrovertible proof of the lengths and efforts MSNBC and the Mainstream media will go through to creatively edit the news and spin it in order to create the public opinion they want to create:

Now, here’s the actual fella with the AR-15:

Now go back and rewatch the first Youtube video and witness the creative editing and deliberate attempts to demonize white folks as Racists and dangerous.

Of course Andrea Mitchell already explained why they spin the news for us “little people” in the proletariat – we simply do not know “what is good for us”:

This of course is the Obama Bag lady who opened her show yesterday with this “unbiased reporting” of the news:

MITCHELL:  Our new NBC News poll shows misinformation is heavily clouding public opinion on health care.  Fifty-five percent believe the myth that illegal immigrants could be covered.  Fifty-four percent believe it will lead to a government takeover.  And half believe that tax dollars would fund abortions. Despite White House efforts to dispel all those rumors, 45% still believe that the proposed legislation includes the so-called death panels.  These numbers not good for the White House.  It shows that they’re not getting their message out.

So – MSNBC and the media will simply craft and shape the news for us to digest – and will get angry at us if we dare question them, or their messiah.  We’re too stupid to know what is good for us, so MSNBC and the State Run media will shape and craft it for us, so all of us can follow Obama to the glory of his new Marxist Reich.



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