America’s Marxist Revolution


by John Galt

August 25, 2009

Ah the good old days. I remember growing up with communists on the college campus, communists ready to nuke us, communist spies recruiting on campus, and the constant battle between the good old U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. From the pictures above, it seems like the communist movement is resurgent except that the only difference is the only picture from that era is the last one encouraging Soviet citizens to volunteer to work on Saturdays for the good of the party; coming here soon, I’m sure. The communist party fist in the second is still a popular symbol for the Marxist infestation in our nation and many others yet you really only see it in major cities and now out in the sticks with all of us primitive redneck types the media hates.

So why an anti-communist threat when the threat is not there? Because it is there, it is as strong as ever and the American people are gullible enough to submit to such a system if marketed properly. Don’t believe me?

In my paranoid right-wing capitalist pig opinion, their is an undercurrent of teaching that conforming to the ideas of Marx is actually a patriotic American duty and will serve all of the people far more beneficially than a system where “capitalists” and other selfish individualists create markets that support themselves and is not politically desirable for the “people” as a whole. This warning is to tell you that you are being conditioned. You are being trained like a dog. When the whistle blows you will seek out that reward in exchange for your labor; trained to understand that to be fed, treated by a doctor, allowed to drive or purchase a car or other goods, and most of all provided security and protected by the state is a benefit of working for the state and causes of the state. Thus your trades of freedom for food, submission for protection, and financial security for sharing your labor are to be indoctrinated not as a vice but as a symbol of sacrifice and the new definition of patriotic freedom. Corporations will willingly propagate this idea in exchange for a piece of the action, creating an almost Fascist style oligarchy that works within the framework of a Chinese Communist style system.

And to them you are just the cog, a tool, a part of it, like a rail tie that the trains of history run over until worn out, replaced then discarded.

This is the subtle messages being transmitted to the people via channels of advertising and government programs. Think I’m crazy? Yes, probably so.

But the “Join the Revolution” picture was from this pamphlet:

That’s right, the ad was for the “NetSpend” preloaded credit cards. The symbolism is purely communist in nature if you look at it closely. I picked the pamphlet up at a Murphy USA service station while filling up for gas. If you think the message will not be sent, stay tuned, as you will soon be told not to speak out against the leaders of the nation and the party.

Just like the Soviets did in this poster:

Comrades, I hope you are ready for this; some of us will resist this to the bitter end.


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