How America Has Been Conquered By Marxists


J.R. Nyquist’s latest observations explains how it was possible for a Constitutional Republic to be conquered by Marxists from within, as they sabotage the nation and set it up for destruction by our global enemies.

Snippets from:

The Sequence
by J. R. Nyquist

The military power with the best tanks, aircraft and ships doesn’t always win a battle. Wars may be decided by many factors, including non-military factors. For example, a military confrontation may be decided beforehand when a society gradually turns to recreational drug use; or when the work ethic collapses; or a significant segment of the society unwittingly adopts the enemy’s ideology; or the political elite of the country shows itself to be corrupt and contemptuous of the public.

The United States has been a great and stable power for many decades. One should never, on that account, assume the invincibility of the U.S. The American superpower has been strategically mismanaged for half a century. During the Cold War the U.S. suffered outright defeats in Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. With the end of the Cold War came major Communist advances in South Africa (1994), Congo (1997), Angola (2002), Venezuela (1999), Brazil (2002), Bolivia (2006), and Nicaragua (2006). 

What is not understood, is that the Communist movement in general, being a fifth column instrument of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, became even more effective after the fall of the Soviet Union. As it happens, people react to words like “Communism” in a negative way. Therefore, from the point of view of strategy, it is better to dispense with the word “Communist” and use another word. 

The battle for what used to be called “Communism” is today a battle for so-called “social justice.” The advocates in this battle are “caring individuals,” who claim to represent the poor and the working class. Theirs is an ongoing struggle, and is fought on many fronts, especially inside the United States. The reason for accelerating their campaign within America is important to understand: The United States is the only military power, and the only economic power, strong enough to block the advance of Moscow and Beijing. During the Cold War, the Americans blocked these countries from advancing in many areas, including Africa, Southeast Asia, Korea, Taiwan, Iran, Germany, and Central America. Even the Communist victories in Southeast Asia and Africa were hardfought, and largely won through psychological warfare and propaganda. On the battlefield, America remained dominant. 

Given the obstacle presented, how could the Communist Bloc overcome America’s military power?

….Because of its advanced weaponry, the United States cannot be easily defeated in a war. But wars are won or lost before they reach the point of outright military clashes. The order of battle in the next world war is not merely a list of divisions or nuclear rocket regiments. This order of battle chiefly consists in assets that include banks, major corporations, non-government organizations (NGOs), environmentalists, peace activists, drug cartels, organized crime syndicates, and the left wing of the Democratic Party, which the Communists targeted for infiltration more than 30 years ago. 

…The campaign involves the use of economic weapons, as well as educational weapons. Every civilization nourishes within itself various cults opposed to its values. That is basically what “Communism” represents. The specifics of ideology are unimportant, for what is represented is essentially anti-capitalism, anti-Christianity, anti-Western civilization. It can change its name, it rhetoric, its tactics, but the movement in opposition to civilization remains essentially the same in its determination to destroy what presently exists. Taking this into account, take a good look around and re-examine the former Cold War battlefield. Note the changes around the globe, and the changes in Washington.

What do you think has been happening over the last 20 years? 

… According to Chandler, there is a vast network in America that aims to bring down the capitalist system, destroy the U.S. Constitution, and break up the federal system by getting control of the government. 

…According to Chandler, “The radical Left” is engaging in a new form of political warfare in which the Left targeted “open spaces” in the American social structure; namely, schools and universities, government, churches and community organizations. The idea was, wrote Chandler, “to transform society and replace traditional American values and institutions with neo-Marxist values.” At a Marxist conference that Chandler attended, one of the agenda items was openly listed as, “The Strange Pleasures of Destruction in Capitalist America.” He relates that most of the participants “were university professors.” In the course of this conference, purely by accident, he ran into Zapatista Subcommandante Marcos in an underground parking garage. According to Chandler, “Orthodox communsits warned conference participants about the dangers of wandering away from the basics of Marx and Lenin….” He further explained that everyone present at the conference agreed it was necessary to “destroy the state as a part of the coming socialist revolution. There simply was no other way to achieve socialist governance in the United States than to crush the existing capitalist system.”

Now the sequence should be clear. If the United States is bankrupt, politically divided and internally sabotaged by the radicals of the Left who have everywhere infiltrated the system, will there be a logistical support network for maintaining our tanks, bombers and ICBMS? 

…There are those who have been enriching themselves as they sabotage the economy and poison the culture. They pretend to care about the poor and downtrodden. But they live in mansions, collect enormous sums from government and business, advancing the foreign policy goals of enemy dictators. The organized Left is a business with access to billions of dollars. Its tendency is to serve as a fifth column.

And this is what Obama and the Marxist Democrats are doing.

Full essay at link.


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