Red Letter Christian Socialist Jim Wallis Concurs With Obama’s Attack on Banks

The High Priest of Obamanation and Socialism urges changing the free market for the “common good”.

One of the greatest dangers besides the Marxist in the White House that our culture faces is the Christian Socialist Movement.  Combining Leftist (Progressive) politics with selected parts of the New Testament, Red Letter Christian Sojourners seek to equate Christianity with Socialism – and therefore Christian duty.

Along with attacking Biblical Christian stands against Homosexuality and Abortion, this week Jim Wallis decided to give religious weight to Obama’s plan to nationalize the banks by regulating their size and activities. I’m still trying to find the scriptures where Jesus said Christians should empower the government to order businesses to give charity and to regulate their business to ensure ‘righteousness’.

I’m going to comment on this backwards religious Marxism as prompted by the article.

Liberal Evangelical Christian Jim Wallis Rips Banks; Calls Bonuses ‘Sins of Biblical Proportions’ 

When you breach the sacrosanct wall between church and state, and use religion to promote policy, bad things happen. At least, that’s what the left has been telling us for years.

But Rev. Jim Wallis, editor-in-chief of Sojourners magazine and author of “Rediscovering Values: On Wall Street, Main Street and Your Street,” sees it differently. Wallis used his interpretation of religion, particularly the Bible, to play the populist card and categorize portions of the American private sector as greedy on MSNBC’s Jan. 21 “Morning Joe.”

“These bank bonuses, I would say, are a sin of Biblical proportions,” Wallis said. “But to pick on the banks alone misses the point. It’s a symptom, I think of a real erosion of societal values because new maxims have taken us over – ‘greed is good,’ ‘it’s all about me and I want it now.'”

Yes, this is true.  Especially if you are a Marxist like Obama or a Christian Socialist like Wallis, who see no problems with being greedy with YOUR business, YOUR property, YOUR money.  It’s all about THEM and they want to tell you what to do with your money NOW.  Greed is good if you can disguise it as government charity.

Wallis suggested our society adopt a values system that sounded more like socialism than the rugged individualism that has made American great. He proposed using the economic downturn to implement these “values.”

Wallis is a known Socialist who has been busy creating “The Christian Left“, an amalgamation of Socialism and Community Leftist Activism coupled with their insistence that Jesus was a Socialist due the red letters He spoke.   They use the Sermon on the Mount as a proof text to justify their assertion that being a good Christian means being a good Socialist. 

“To those, I want to propose some old virtues like ‘enough is enough,’ ‘we’re in this together,’ and I love the Native American notion that you value decisions today by their impact on the seventh generation out,” Wallis said.

Yes, he’s proposing pagan virtues not found in scripture.  I do not find any translation of either the Hebrew, Greek or Chaldee that says “enough is enough” or “We’re in this together and therefore the government should nationalize your business”

“Now that would change things. So, I think we need to use a crisis to recalibrate and to think, if we miss the opportunity, all pain, suffering – my hometown of the Detroit, I was just there to launch a book, launching a book in the worst city in the country but it was the right place before going to New York. We don’t do this, we won’t redeem this crisis. So, let’s use the chance to rethink our values here.”

Hmmmm, “use a crisis to recalibrate what we think”?   Who was it that said “Never let a crisis go to waste”?  Oh yes, Obama’s very own Rahm Emmanuel.  It’s interesting that Wallis is of the mind we should use this crisis to ‘rethink our values’.  Didn’t Obama suggest something similar in his crusade to “change the foundations of the country”?  If you do some digging on their website, you’ll discover what those ‘progressive’ values actually are.  They are not biblical.  They are massaged to appear biblical.

But I’m curious there Mr. Wallis, in the spirit of ‘rethinking our values’ – the profits you are making from this book of yours – I assume you are sending them to Haiti or to someone who needs to keep his house in Detroit being foreclosed on?

From a policy standpoint, Wallis suggested America use these reassessed values to create this so-called “new economy.”

“Well, wealth doesn’t trickle down,” Wallis said. “We’ve learned that. But bad behavior does. And so, I think underneath this economic crisis there is really a values crisis. And how we get a moral compass for a new economy and I’m hearing this from business people, from unemployed workers.”

I do not find Jesus asking His disciples to use their values to create a ‘new economy’.  Make disciples, baptize – yes.  Make a Socialist economy?  No.  In Wallis’ estimation, Capitalism is of the Devil, Socialism is of God.  In his mind, Capitalism and the Free Market are the ‘values crisis’ that needs to be changed.  Socialism is the new ‘moral compass’ in his liturgy.

Wallis related a story about a protest in which he participated in Dec. 2009.

“I was standing on the steps of the Treasury Building with people that were being foreclosed upon and they talked about what happened,” Wallis said. “And they began to cry and I get up as the religious leader and I just got mad. I said, you know, we extended grace to these big banks because we are afraid after meltdown. They’re extending no grace to the people who need it – small businesses need help to do jobs. That’s right.”

I thought Grace was the province of God?  I was not aware that grace is about extending money to people who owe on mortgages they could not afford in the first place.  All Wallis advocates here is irresponsibility and the religious virtue of helping people be irresponsible.

As for the Wall Street bonuses, which banks are contractually obligated to pay and some employees rely upon in lieu of a regular salary – Wallis said to send them to Haiti.

“And these $150 billion, these bonuses, this could erase the budget gap in 50 states. this could provide health insurance for 30 million people. A quarter of it could prevent and postpone foreclosures until 2012. This is a lot of money. I say send the bonuses to Haiti or something like that.”

So, a “Christian virtue” is to have others dictate and tell you what you should do with your own money?  Matthew 20 more than counters this envious and tyrannical mindset, for Jesus Himself says in His parable of those who want to tell the Estate owner what he should do with his money “Am I not permitted to do what I choose with what is mine? Or do you begrudge my generosity? Is your eye evil because I am good?” Matthew 20:15

Wallis channeled his inner-Ellsworth Toohey to bash the market system and called for the change for “the common good.”

Yeah.  Marx, Engels, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and Obama all said the same thing.

“We lost, Mike [Barnicle], the notion of the common good,” Wallis said. “The invisible hand of the market let go of the common good. How do you restore a sense of community again? That’s I think the issue before us.”

“Morning Joe” panelist and CNBC “Closing Bell” anchor Maria Bartiromo asked Wallis if the American dream was still achievable.

“The chances of that are less than ever because of how the debt is stacked from the top,” Wallis said. “That kind of opportunity is what we need.”

The “common good” Mr. Wallis?  James 1:27 defines what pure and undefiled religion is.  What you mean by ‘common good’, is not the same thing James or Jesus advocated.

‘Common good” to you is “Communism”.


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9 responses to “Red Letter Christian Socialist Jim Wallis Concurs With Obama’s Attack on Banks

  1. 4854derrida


    I’ve just uploaded two rare interviews with the Catholic activist Dorothy Day. One was made for the Christophers [1971]–i.e., Christopher Closeup– and the other for WCVB-TV Boston [1974].

    Day had begun her service to the poor in New York City during the Depression with Peter Maurin, and it continued until her death in 1980. Their dedication to administering to the homeless, elderly, and disenfranchised continues with Catholic Worker homes in many parts of the world.

    Please post or announce the availability of these videos for those who may be interested in hearing this remarkable lay minister.

    They may be located here:

    Thank you

    Dean Taylor

  2. Biblical Christianity should be advocated ans an alternative to Socialism

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  4. The Christian Socialist

    What exactly is wrong with Christian socialism? Didn’t Jesus preach peace and love, carrying for one’s neighbour? You can be a socialist and still be Christian, you don’t have to be a pro right wing capitalist.

  5. invar

    What exactly is wrong with Christian socialism?

    It’s antithetical to the bible and everything Christianity is built upon; which is liberty. Socialism uses government of men to take from each according to his ability to give to those the government deems needy. This is theft, and breaks the Commandment of God. The only difference is that you use the government to steal the property and wealth you want redistributed instead of stealing it yourself. But it is the same difference.

    Socialism absolves the Christian from doing his own responsibility for charity by empowering government to do it in his stead, and in so doing – it makes government god above Christ.

    Socialism abhors God, because the ultimate end of Socialism is government becoming god. Look at any government where socialism existed; the Nazis, The Soviets, the North Koreans; the Chinese, Castro; Chavez – they make themselves god and often BAN Christianity.

    Didn’t Jesus preach peace and love, carrying for one’s neighbour?

    He did not preach that you should empower your government to do those things. He preached that you alone should do those things.

    You can be a socialist and still be Christian

    No. You cannot. This is as stupid as someone saying they are a Satanist – but worship Jesus. Socialism is the system of the Devil, disguised as an angel of light – it leads men into the depths of avarice, dependence and enslavement to government tyranny.

  6. Doug Kennedy

    Haha, this is great. I love when people think they know what socialism is, and they really don’t. The Nazis were a fascist government, not democratic socialist. Socialism is not a massive redistribution of wealth, but a social and economic system whereby the means of production, distribution, and exchange are owned by society often through cooperatives, social enterprise, and/or worker or consumer controlled enterprises. Is capitalism, a system based on self-interest and ambition where owners buy and own labor as if it were a commodity, a humane system? It is dehumanizing, and Jesus was the only man who knew how to be fully human (the fruits of the spirit). A system such as democratic socialism where production is adjusted to human need and where anyone who is willing to work can find a good paying job and democratically play a role in the workplace is a humane system. Would Jesus support consumerism, exploitation, egoism, greed and self interest, and alienation? No. Yes, Jesus did not preach a political agenda. He did not demand that we form a system of Christian socialism, but we as the Body of Christ must fight for justice. Capitalism is not justice. You say that redistribution of wealth to the poor is theft. Well what is redistribution from the poor to the wealthy??? The laws of capitalism demand inequality. As a Christian, if I want a good job, a good home, food for the table, a nice community, and a life in which I can find meaning with God, I should also want that for my neighbor. This is what socialism seeks to do. Can you be a Christian and be a socialist? I say yes.

  7. invar

    Well Doug, only a biblically illiterate ignoramus and/or moronic Socialistic imbecile such as yourself without a shred of understanding beyond your sophmoric public skool edukation could possibly suggest one can be a Christian and a Socialist.

    In biblical terms, Socialism in a government construct is antithetical to both liberty and to Christ. But let’s examine your idiocy further:

    I love when people think they know what socialism is, and they really don’t.

    Listen idiot, I have both family and close friends who have lived under Socialism and I understand and know EXACTLY what Socialism is. The fact, that you, like the Devil will try to tell us that such an affront to liberty is good and benign reveals your insidiousness. On my blog – you don’t get away with spewing such crap.

    The Nazis were a fascist government, not democratic socialist.

    Oh really genius??? Is that your stellar publik skool edumacation talking there? Tell me you who consider yourself so smart; what did NAZI/NSDAP stand for dufus?

    You have no clue what Fascism is – yet you are going to lecture me about what you say it really is???? You’re an imbecile – an ignorant moron hoisted on your own petard of abject cluelessness – yet you are arrogant enough to assert yourself wise. A larger fool I have yet to meet.

    Socialism is not a massive redistribution of wealth, but a social and economic system whereby the means of production, distribution, and exchange are owned by society often through cooperatives

    Like Satan, you lie – same way he beguiled Eve by telling her that they would not surely die as God warned them if they ate of the fruit of the tree of good and evil.

    Without having to rely on Wikipedia to try and bolster an insipid argument as you tried to present in vain, Socialism in government form is antithetical to the liberty we were established upon in the USA, and it is and always will be the beguiling propaganda that leads to absolute despotism, tyranny and dictatorship. Perhaps learn some history before continuing to illustrate yourself the imbecile.

    Would Jesus support consumerism, exploitation, egoism, greed and self interest, and alienation? No.

    So in your pathetic estimation, Jesus would support Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Chavez, Ceaucescu, Castro and the host of Socialist-promoting despots that committed massive genocide on their own peoples? Again – history and the bible do not appear to be in the realm of understanding for you.

    but we as the Body of Christ must fight for justice.

    What verse did you yank that from. An Epistle from Paul? James? John? Where are we commanded to fight for ‘justice” (I know your key words and what you mean by them).

    Capitalism is not justice.

    Socialism is despotic tyranny and contrary to the principles of liberty that Jesus and the Founders enshrined for the Body in this land.

    You say that redistribution of wealth to the poor is theft.

    It is theft. Only instead of you stealing the money from the purses and wallets of your neighbor, you use the government to do it for you by the point of a gun.

    The laws of capitalism demand inequality.

    Such rot and ignorant imbecillity on parade from you! Only an idiot with absolutely NO UNDERSTANDING of how Capitalism or the free market are supposed to work could say such a thing.

    What right do you have to tell me what I must do with my own things? Who are you to tell me how I must distribute my wealth, or meet your own definition of equity?

    Careful, that last is a quote from Jesus Himself.

    Only a tyrant who is zealous for his neighbor’s property thinks like you do.

    As a Christian, if I want a good job, a good home, food for the table, a nice community, and a life in which I can find meaning with God, I should also want that for my neighbor.

    By using the government to take from each according to his ability to give to each according to his need (as the government or you see fit??)

    Careful again – I just quoted Karl Marx, the man whose political manifesto you are more beholden to than scripture.

    This is what socialism seeks to do.

    No. Socialism seeks to enslave and make all drones of a central authority so people like you can feel good about themselves as you steal other people’s wealth and property in the name of ‘fairness’ ‘justice’ and ‘equality’.

    It’s what Mussolini preached.

    It’s what Hitler preached.

    It’s what Mao preached.

    It’s what you preach.

    And I will fight it to my dying breath.

  8. Christians who advocate for the poor should lauded for their desires but when they advocate socialism they should know that they may be violating the 8th and 10th commandments. Thou shall not steal, & thou shall not covet.
    Biblical Christianity is neither capitalist or socialist, both of which are materialistic. Biblical Christianity main aim is to save souls by changing one heart at a time. And the by product of being saved is a wllingness to help the poor, not as a forced compulsion but because we as Christians want to follow our Messiah

  9. Part 2
    In Biblical Christianity helping the poor is done with a joyful heart and spirit because we really care and not forced to do so, like in Socialism. A revolution that will far surpass Socialism will occur if we apply Biblical Christianity to our economic life. Not by force of government but like I said, but one person at a time, voluntarily.

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