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Obama Health Summit: This Is How Tyranny Works

The sham that was the Obama Health Care Summit left me sick and speechless.  The fact that Obama spoke more than all of the Republicans combined in the time allotted – is just one indicator of Obama’s narcisstic and tyrannical self.  The Marxists had the floor more than two times the amount of time Republicans were given, and while the GOP was chided for daring to read from the Health Care legislation itself – the Marxists gave the American people a lesson in talking point spew.  I mean, hey – one constituent of Louise Slaughter (D-NY) supposedly wears her dead sister’s dentures because she does not have ObamaCare.

Chavez and Castro have to be laughing at their American counterpart in the White House.

Obama and Democrats’ Unprecedented Attack against American People and the Obama Summit

 By Sher Zieve  

For the first time since the loyalists to King George III and the British army moved against the American colonists and patriots, the US government is moving en masse to both stop and silence any opposition from the American people to Obama and any and all of his and his Marxist-Democrats.

While watching Thursday’s faux Obama-organized Health Care Summit (planned as a day of photo-ops and sound-bites for Obama‘s 2012 campaign), it became clear to me and others that the Democrat leadership had and have no intention of listening to sound arguments against the ObamaCare Death Plan, Cap & Trade or any of the other ulterior-motive clandestine procedures they have planned against We-the-People.

Instead, Harry Reid had already announced the day before—Wednesday—that he and the Dems would affect reconciliation (the “ramming and shoving” process), probably next week, in the Senate in order to force the despotic ObamaCare Death Plan onto us. Note: Reconciliation—incorporating a simple and not a super majority—is supposed to be used for budgetary items.

In fact, this Obama “summit” quickly degraded and devolved into Obama shutting down any and all Republican who offered alternate proposals and opposing comments while Democrats engaged in ongoing “kiss the tyrant” moments. In fact, Obama told Republicans that he could speak as long as he wanted because…“I’m the president!” Apparently, the rest of the Democrat leadership believed the same about their own self-inflated self-importance as comment-time from the far-left was twice as long as comments from the right. Note: That’s also “right” as in “correct.”

During Thursday’s Health Care Summit, I viewed the patently totalitarian Marxist-Democrat Party telling We-the-People that we no longer matter to them. Our voices are—once and for all per the Democrats—of no further importance. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Dictator-in-Chief Obama made it crystal clear that the American people WILL accept whatever draconian plans they force upon them—and like it—or else. Each and every time the questioning and contradictions from the right to false statements made by the dictator-in-chief became too uncomfortable for his fragile ego’ or simply presented the truth in too bright a light, Obama shut down the questioner with reprimands similar to ‘you’re off of the subject’ or ‘stop your talking points’ or ‘the campaign is over and I won’.

During much of the time Representative Eric Cantor (R-VA) was quoting directly from one of the voluminous Democrat ObamaCare plans, Obama refused to make eye contact with him and, with increasingly tightly-pursed lips, started shuffling through some of the papers in front of him. Note: This was a Judge Judy moment. Whenever this happens on her television show, Judge Judy Sheindlin says sternly to the offender: “Put down your papers and look at me!” Wish she’d been there.

As long as any of the Marxist-Democrat Party members are in power, their abuses of said power will continue to escalate. This is what despots do. When asked at the ObamaSummit if the Democrat leadership was even listening to the American people, the response was either silence or a quick change of the subject.

Not since the first American Revolution War officially began in 1775 has the oppression against We-the-People from an opposition government been so intense and so relentless. Now, for the first time in our history, the majority leadership within the US Government is moving against its own people with increasing alacrity, force and determination. They have told us and continue to shout to us in myriad ways that they will refuse to listen to anything we say unless it is to thank them (our new “masters”) for placing us into bondage and slavery.

Despite increasingly overwhelming opposition from the American people to Obama’s and the Democrats’ Orwellian plans for us, they are moving even faster and harder to oppress us and shut us up. This is how tyrannies are formed, folks. And we are now firmly smack-dab-in-the-middle of our own.

Reid: Dems will use 50-vote tactic to finish healthcare in 60 days:

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Obama’s Civilian Army Taking Shape?

One thing that I have noticed that Dear Leader in the White House has been consistent about – is that stern statements he made to avid supporters like Unions and other Leftist groups during the campaign, he has been unflinchingly stalwart about.  From Healthcare, the Stimulus, pushing for a “world without nukes”, canceling new military weapons systems and spending to affording Jihadists Constitutional Rights – Obama has been delivering on those promises.

One last promise he has made was to “create a civilian security force that is just as strong, just as well funded as our military” is something being done via stealth, and these folks have been good enough to chronicle the development of what may become America’s Gestapo and Stasi.

White House Organizing High School Kids For Civilian Service

Organizing for America is recruiting Children in our high schools in order to “build on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering students across the country to help us bring about our agenda” …………of national socialism.

Organizing Kids for Obama

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Conditioning The People To See The Tea Party Movement As Terrorists

Before you read John’s excellent essay this morning – recall that the Obama Administration met with the art community so they could promote Obama’s agenda.  

One has to wonder if this is the fruit of that meeting.


by John Galt

When I was a child, some forty plus years ago, I used to buy comic books for their entertainment value. Sergeant Rock, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, Superman, etc. were there to stimulate my mind and activate my imagination. I remember walking, calm down current day parents when you read this, almost three miles to the Elmore’s in my town a five and dime which had all of my favorite candy and comics and where after earning an allowance for working around the house I would walk there to buy my favorite issue or latest Wacky Pack release, always hoping to get the newest stickers, of course. Ah the joys of childhood.

Until this week. I heard Glenn Beck the other day, late in his show, discussing the latest edition of Captain America, number “602″ and the content within it. The focus was on a panel displayed below:

(Marvel Comics/

I have circled the offending portion in red but this is purely out of context of the entire article and theme, to which I shall address it in total a few paragraphs from now.  The content Mr. Beck discussed was disturbing and the portion above triggered the following response today from Marvel:

Where Mr. Houston is correct is in our accidently identifying in one of the held up signs, the group as being a part of the Tea Party instead of a generic protest group. That’s something that we need to apologize for and own up to, because it’s just one of those stupid mistakes that happened through a series of stupid incidents.

-Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics from the February 11, 2010 Washington Times Story

The claim that this was a mistake and filler from the publish does not wash when you read the theme of the entire comic book in context. In fact I had to read it three times to make sure I wasn’t in Cuba or East Germany reading the tripe that I read. The author, one Mr. Brubaker, apparently felt that by tapping into the average American’s discontent he could enhance a villain which again typifies the leftist “Militia Stereotype” tripe that I hear on a regular basis which is tagged on anyone or any group which opposes either political party for their unconstitutional behavior.  My discontent started when I paid $4.99 for this crap instead of the thirty cents that I was used to as a kid but that’s a story for one of my inflation rants. Having read through the entire story, let’s look at the other panels which I call objectionable and tie all of this together:

(Marvel Comics/

As you can see we have the politically correct heroes observing a protest rally against oppressive government taxes and anti-Constitutional behavior. Gee, gosh, they must be evil then, right? They might even own “gasp” guns!!!!!!  Reflect on this and the comic book as a whole if you have read it as I have. Think hard on this. Did you ever or have you ever in the last ten years seen or read a comic with Anarchists, Communists or Pro-Illegal Alien protesters and rioters depicted in a negative light via the story as a whole? The answer to that would be “no” and you’ll never find such an issue.

Those panels were from the proceeding page, but let’s look at one more where I’ve circled the discussion and for a damned good reason:

(Marvel Comics/

The theme of the story is a group of well armed American citizens raising some sort of army that killed some local deputies in Idaho when their hideout or lab was raided. The signs were not fill ins as these signs were present at some Tea Party and 9-12 rallies except for the moronic one in the panel above which appears to say “NO GOVT IN MY MEDICARE” which is enlightening since Medicare is a government agency. Ah well, it’s hard to find good writers and people who understand that the artwork from the 1930’s to 1980’s in comic books was indeed appreciated because the stories were not left to the devices of people with major agendas against pro-Constitution Americans.

Why do I call bull crap on the apology above? Why do I have more serious concerns than ever about the path this nation is on? And why should you care about the depths to which our current administration will sink as well as the consequences of the ineptitude in some cases, evil in others, of the prior administration? That is simple enough to answer. The mainstream media by and large has surrendered all sense of objectivity and aligned itself with elements which would have been laughed off the stage, egged, or beaten in the early 1900’s through 1930’s. The media thinks that Eugene Debs was a hero and that John Reed from the movie Reds is their ultimate goal in life or nirvana for a journalist seeking to bath in the glory of  self-aggrandizement.  To celebrate the Euro-Socialist model as well as that of their Marxist patriots from history means that the media must attack, at every level,  from kindergarten through grade twelve plus college the ideals and history of our Republic. To achieve the goals set out by the devious radicals within the early Socialist movement and Progressive platforms this is the time that they know they must strike while the nation is still suffering the hangover of the greatest economic party which has lasted almost continuously since the recovery of the early 1980’s.

This means that comic books apparently will engage in the rhetoric and attack mentality to destroy the idea that protest, opposition to, and engaging a government which appeals to and desires to liquidate the United States Constitution as the law of the land, is now their duty to the state and not the people. To destroy the very instrument which gives them their empowered free speech rights so they can be bureaucratic organs for some horn rimmed loser with a career job and personalized rubber stamp drawing double what his twin does in the private sector because they know what is best for our society and not those old men who founded this nation. The idea is simple and was engaged in by the United States via the comic book industry and the Axis powers during World War II to communicate the evil of the opposition to the children and teens so they would grow into the role defined for them by the statists. God help us but this Issue number 602 tells me that the propaganda organs are alive and well and we, the people, have not learned one thing in the last twenty years about what occurred behind the wall in East Germany or in gulags of the Soviet Union.

So how does his apology, the panels above and the story in total tie this together? Guilt by association. The simplest concept in the world, used since Woodrow Wilson dictated the publication of every newspaper and magazine in 1918 using his goon squads from the Creel Commission via the American Protective League to enforce and silence those who opposed him. Fast forward to the modern era and with the majority of the media swooning and doing the bidding of this administration, one must ask how much longer until Obama’s APL is in action? Add in the stories about the “revised history” being taught to our children and the vilification of gun owners or non-leftist historical individuals and you begin to understand as I do the dangerous waters we now tread in.

I have thought long and hard on the descent our nation has experienced over the last decade. We the people are willing, almost begging, to surrender our rights for economic security. We the people are willing to look the other way with regards to the absolute corruption at every level in every branch of government. We the people are trying, yet fighting a losing battle, to make the two political parties in power and the media understand that the final line has been crossed and we wish for peaceful change and a return to constitutional governance once again. Alas, I fear that the Marxist elite will now  make their final power play, and that last line in the  sand that has now been  blown away like that of a shattered hourglass in the desert.


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Obama’s “Job’s Bill” and “Econ Summit” – Nothing More Than Another Government Stimulus Plan

Obama’s new 80 billion dollar job’s bill is not about creating jobs, it’s a ploy for more Socialist Engineering, government graft and  “Social Justice” for Blacks.


If all the talk about Obama’s concern about the economy and his initiative to get a new “jobs bill’ passed seems like deja-vu to you, you aren’t imagining it.  Obama’s new $80 billion Job’s Bill is really just another giant government stimulus bill.

And we remember how well the last one ‘stimulated’ the economy, don’t we?

It’s a clever ploy, as it always is with these Marxists – but we’re wise to their ways now.  Obama and his Politburo cronies know they would be laughed and shouted out of  Washington for merely using the word “stimulus”.  So instead – to kill two birds with a single initiative – Obama and his architects have decided not to use the term ‘stimulus’ and instead refer to the exact same taxpayer robbery we got with the original stimulus of last year – and call this one a Job’s Bill.

Even the State Run AP today ran a story denouncing this “job’s bill”.  I know, sound’s incredible that AP would even dare write something negative about Obama.  But before Obama has the AP remove the story and link – here’s an excerpt:

PROMISES, PROMISES: Jobs Bill Won’t Add Many Jobs

PROMISES, PROMISES: Bipartisan tax credit for hiring unemployed workers won’t add many jobs

It sounds great: A big jobs bill that would hand President Barack Obama a badly needed victory and please Republicans with tax cuts at the same time. But there’s a problem: It won’t actually create many jobs.

Even the Obama administration acknowledges the legislation’s centerpiece — a tax cut for businesses that hire unemployed workers — would work only on the margins.

…The tax credit is part of a bill that offers few other new programs to create jobs. Instead, it would extend existing help, such as unemployment payments for those whose benefits have run out, and a subsidy for health insurance premiums under COBRA, the federal program that allows workers to keep their company’s health insurance plan after they leave their jobs.

So, what we have here is MORE SPENDING, 80 B-B-Billion (I know BILLION is passe these days since TRILLION is more chic) – what’s another 80 billion dollars on top of tens of trillions?

Essentially this new “job’s Bill” is a repeat of last year’s Stimulus that will not create anything except to EXPAND government yet more, and create more bureaucracies and entitlement programs while teaching Americans that it can get more money for being unemployed and doing nothing.  Think expansion of the welfare state to now include the unemployed.

National Review notes the fact that this is not as much a “Job’s Bill” as it is another stimulus:

The Stimulus, A Familiar Fallback

The word “stimulus” has disappeared from the Democrats’ vocabulary, perhaps because a large majority of Americans correctly believe most of the money in the first stimulus bill was wasted. They’re calling the new package a “jobs bill,” as if renaming the same policies will yield different results….Obama hopes the public will not notice that his new “jobs bill” is composed of the same policies that were in the old “stimulus package.”

But it gets better, because today in conjunction with pushing his Job’s Bill – Obama held an “Urban Economy Summit” with distinguished “Community Activists” like Al Sharpton, NAACP President Benjamin Jealous, and National Urban League President Marc Morial –  you know, stellar examples and giants of American business leadership and free market industrialism.

Economy tops agenda as Obama meets with African-American leaders

Washington (CNN) — The thorny intersection of race and the economy topped the political agenda Wednesday as President Obama huddled with key African-American leaders at the White House.

 …The group urged Obama to spend money initially reserved for bank bailouts on areas suffering from chronically high unemployment, according to sources familiar with the attendees’ plans.

…”We do not seek any special kind of edict or special kind of thing from the president because he’s African-American”, [Sharpton] said African-Americans do “expect to be included in the process” as Congress debates a new jobs bill and are seeking “substantive change” and not mere “feel-good moments.”

Which leads me to connect-the-dots as it were as to what this new “Stimulus Jobs Bill” is really all about.

It’s about Marxist Activism, ‘social justice’ for inner city welfare blacks and Obama’s most ardent supporters.  Please remember that Obama has said that he would “Spread the wealth around”  returning the nation’s wealth to it’s “rightful owners”.  What better way to achieve that than to put on the magic hat and gloves, declare a job’s bill that bilks taxpayers ANOTHER 80 billion dollars – and then via his “urban summit” – promise to funnel it to fine folks like Al Sharpton, the NAACP and inner city black orgs like ACORN and their offshoots of community activists (read Brownshirts) for their support of the measure?

Now before you start tossing willy-nilly the “R” word, consider the fact that much of what Obama and the people who advise him have said during his campaign and weeks leading up to his crowning, is being implemented by stealth and clever deceit.  I contend that this 80 billion dollar “Stimulus Jobs Bill” is designed to go to Obama’s supporters; the inner city welfare blacks and their Poverty Pimps in the aforementioned alphabet groups and their Reverend.

How can I make such a “racist” claim?

Well, recall what Obama’s Economic Advisor and former Clinton Staffer Robert B. Reich said just last year:

“It seems to me that infrastructure spending is a very important and good way of stimulating the economy. The challenge will be to do it quickly, to find projects that can be done that will have a high social return, that also can be done with the greatest speed possible.  …. I am concerned, as I’m sure many of you are, that these jobs not simply go to high skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers,”

Here, see and watch him say this yourself:

His comments sparked a short-lived firestorm that was quickly swept aside by the mainstream media.  But at the time, Reich wrote on his blog in defense of his statements that essentially says “White’s need not apply” – “I’d suggest that all contracts entered into with stimulus funds require contractors to provide at least 20 percent of jobs to the long-term unemployed and to people with incomes at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.”

This “Jobs Bill” is nothing of the kind.  It’s another Redistributionist Stimulus bill and suspicions are that Obama is making promises to the Black Poverty Pimps to garner support for it.

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Obama Decides To Break The Law and Use TARP For Whatever He Desires

Dear Leader has decided that he will use the TARP funds for whatever he wants to use them for, even if it is against the law:

Orszag Admits Obama Admin Intends to Break Law

During questioning last week on Capital Hill, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Peter Orszag admitted the Obama administration intends to break the law and use TARP funds for whatever they desire. 

Passed by Congress in 2008 using scare tactics, the $700 billion TARP bailout specifically designated that all monies recouped must be used to pay down the national debt. But President Obama has included the expenditure of TARP funds in his 2011 budget despite its illegality.

It appears the $787 Billion Stimulus package wasn’t a large enough slushfund for the Democrats. They’ve found a golden TARP piggy bank to siphon off monies to purchase votes for the upcoming election.

The law is not just for the little people, Mr. President.


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The Secular Wolves Close In

Christian Americans must commit to taking an active stand against the galloping secularism of our time

The Secularist Wolves and Religious Freedom

By Peter Marshall

The secularists who constantly attack our religious rights in today’s America remind me of wolves endlessly circling the campfire, just beyond the ring of light, eyes gleaming in the darkness. Periodically, a beleaguered Christian snatches up a First Amendment firebrand and lunges at the wolves with it through a court action that forces them to retreat momentarily. But, the wolves keep returning, each time slinking a little bit closer to the Christians.
I’m writing today about the steady erosion of our religious liberties, particularly in regard to the continual chipping away of the First Amendment right to resist being forced to act against one’s religious convictions in public life.
* A Montana judge rules that healthcare providers are required to arrange for euthanasia when a patient requests it.
* A California court penalizes doctors for referring a patient to another clinic because they did not want to perform in-vitro fertilization for an unmarried couple.
* The Equal Employment Commission rules against a Catholic North Carolina college for refusing to provide its employees with health insurance that covers contraception, which is against Catholic doctrine.
* Catholic Charities in Boston is forced to shut down its adoption services because the Massachusetts court decrees that it will have to place babies with homosexual couples, in contradiction of Catholic doctrine.
* The Ninth Circuit court seeks to compel a park on CaliforniaState land to remove a long-standing memorial cross, rather than trade the land with the cross into private hands.
* A New Hampshire divorce court orders a Christian mother to stop homeschooling because her daughter “appeared to reflect her mother’s rigidity on questions of faith” — (which translated merely means, I suspect, that she is a committed Christian like her mother).
* Virginia mother Lisa Miller has defied a Vermont court order of January 1 to deliver her beautiful seven-year-old biological daughter Isabella to her former lesbian partner, Janet Jenkins. Lisa became a Christian, got out of lesbianism, and does not want to expose Isabella to Janet Jenkins and her lifestyle. Lisa has taken her daughter and disappeared, forced into hiding to protect her child from the monstrosities of modern secular sexuality.
Even in the face of these developments there is no reason for panic. None of these incidents by itself spells a crisis in the practice of American Christianity. None of them in itself presages the end of the freedom of religion in our country. Even all added up together they do not indicate that Christians are being thrown to the wolves by the courts — at least not yet. But the courts are allowing the secularist wolves to creep ever closer. And, to continue employing the allegory, the courts are shrinking the size of the First Amendment fires that our Founding Fathers bravely lit against the world’s darkness. Every judicial ruling against someone attempting to stand on his or her First Amendment religious freedom rights sets a precedent for the denial of those rights in the next court case.
What are Christians to do?
The choice of many, if not most of us, seems to be accommodation and appeasement. Or, what I call the Rodney King plea: “Can’t we all just get along?” The underlying motive here is invariably one of currying favor — trying to gain acceptance from the secular world around us. One of the most egregious examples of this comes from storied Notre DameUniversity’s President, Father John Jenkins. Last year, he invited President Obama, a notoriously pro-abortion politician, to deliver the commencement address at Notre Dame’s graduation. Here, at one of the great bastions of the American Catholic Church was an open, deliberate, highly visible rejection of the Catholic (and of course Christian) teaching that abortion is sinful and wrong. For a supposedly Christian university to so publicly honor a man who, throughout his public career has bent over backwards to support the slaughter of unborn babies, is to dishonor the Christian faith. Jenkins tried the nakedly political ploy of supposedly balancing the scales by inviting Harvard Law Professor Mary Ann Glendon to receive the prestigious Laetare Medal at the same time. To her everlasting credit, Ms. Glendon, a conscientious Catholic, refused the honor. In an open letter to Father Jenkins she explained that in honoring Obama the university was acting in express defiance of the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ request of 2004 that Catholic institutions “should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles” and that such persons “should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”
Appeasement never works. Whether it’s Father Jenkins trying to be Catholic and at the same time currying favor with the secular academic world, or Neville Chamberlain throwing Czechoslovakia to Hitler at Munich in 1938 in an attempt to make him stop bullying Europe, you cannot make a bully change his behavior by trying to curry favor with him. We conservative Christians can never succeed in holding on to our shrinking religious rights by “making nice” with the militant secularists. That will not work.
Another option open to us is to simply withdraw from the culture and adopt a ghetto mentality that concentrates on huddling in our local churches while decrying the sad state of things in society. This is what one columnist termed “the Amish option.” This, of course, is exactly what the militant secularists want us to do. “You Christians can believe anything you please, as long as you keep it to yourselves.” To a great extent, this is the posture adopted by British Christians, and to a slightly lesser degree, by Canadian ones as well. But, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not, by definition, able to be kept to oneself. “Go into all the world and proclaim,” our Lord said. Christianity demands involvement with our neighbors. Further, since Satan hates all things Christian, and seeks to destroy Christians altogether instead of being satisfied to make them merely less influential, he will not allow an increasingly secular society to leave Christians alone to mind their own business. The Neronian persecution of the Early Church teaches us that the great Enemy of our souls will cause his secular minions to actively pursue and hunt down the people of God.
And, speaking of minding your own business, it is becoming much more difficult for Christians to do that. To be an evangelical Christian and also a pharmacist is becoming a contradiction in terms. Refusing to sell a prescription for the “morning after” abortifaciant can cost a pharmacist his job these days, if the customer sues. In Canada, preaching against homosexuality can cause a pastor to be convicted of hate-crimes speech. And if Canada is there already, can America be far behind? We may well see the day in the not too distant future when clergy that refuse to perform same-sex marraiges will be stripped of their right to perform marriages recognized by the state. The wolves are not inclined to leave us alone.
Withdrawal is really not a viable option.
Two religious freedoms are at stake here: the freedom of conscience for the individual, and the freedom of religion for churches. The loss of either is severely damaging for America; the loss of both is devastating. As the secularists seek to strip the public square of all religious influence, they seek to shame Christians’ beliefs, silence public Christian speech, abolish Christian teaching from education, and prohibit Christian argument against any sinful and immoral elements of modern life.
But, if religious speech and Christian involvement in society is gradually eliminated, if Christians are intimidated by suppression or refused participation in society because of their Christian faith, then society will be the loser. Consider the sad outcome of the State of Massachusetts’ insistence that  Catholic Charities of Boston must place babies with homosexual couples. That Catholic organization could not abide by the court’s ruling without violating the Church’s (and Holy Scripture’s) stance on homosexuality. So, it closed its adoption agency, depriving the people of Massachusetts of one of the best social service organizations in the state. A sad thing indeed.
Note that as a society becomes increasingly secular, than the compassion and caring will disappear, because Christians are far more motivated to help the poor, hurting, and needy than secularists are. But, of course, the secularists will never admit that. They can’t afford to believe that they fall short of Christians in charity and at the same time maintain their smug superiority, which may be the only thing preventing them from becoming Christian.
The Church of Jesus Christ cannot shrink from the duty to which its Lord has called it: to stand up to the wolves and proclaim that Jesus Christ is the only cure for all of society’s ills; that every human being is made in the image of God and valued by Him, and therefore is worthy of our protection and care; and that the eternal truths proclaimed by Holy Scripture from ancient days are still the truths which give purpose and meaning to life today.
In a democratic, open, and free society, all religious believers must be free to live publicly according to their consciences. Correspondingly, all churches must be free to publicly proclaim the Gospel of Christ, administer programs of charity, denounce sinful aspects of society, and defend the dignity and life of those unable to defend themselves.
To this end, we Christian Americans must commit to taking an active stand against the galloping secularism of our time. Pastors and churches must throw off their reluctance to speak out against the evils of our time because of their fear of losing their 501 C-3 status, or incurring the disapproval of the local newspaper, or their denomination, or their friends, or the deacons, or whomever.
Against the encroaching wolves, we must be willing to fight for genuine religious freedom for all Christian believers (and others, too): the freedom to earn a living as Christians, the freedom to educate our children as Christians, the freedom as Christians to minister to the poor and needy, the freedom to participate as Christians in the debate of public policy, and most important of all, the freedom to proclaim the Gospel that Jesus Christ is the Resurrection and the Life into every corner of an American culture that is more and more captive to a spirit of death.
Stand. And proclaim the truth of Christ, my friends.
Thrust the burning light of Christ’s truth at the wolves.
“The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
It never will. 

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America’s Acceptance of It’s Own Decline and Demise

I know a man who served as a pastor in Rhodesia back in the late 1970’s-early 80’s who gave a startling seminar I attended in 2002. He gave a presentation that began with a slideshow of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953 that showcased a massive coronation parade – all the nations of it’s empire were presented in a majestic show of both grandeur and power. It was clear to see by how many peoples and nations represented the British Empire how it was said that the sun never set on it.

In a little over seven years from the coronation – Britain was HALF of what it was at the Queen’s coronation and had clearly fallen into decline. It’s world reserve currency was replaced by the Dollar and Britain took a back seat to world politics.

But it was an easy decline for the British people, because America picked up the slack and there was no harm put upon Britain herself. She was suddenly free to pursue the social experiments that consigned her to permanent satellite status and irrelevance.

This pastor explained how her colonies suffered a very different fate – and told of the horrors of Rhodesia’s upheaval, revolution, misery and genocide to the point of where it is today as Zimbabwe.

Then this pastor gave a warning, about how rapid America’s decline into ruin could occur. Even more rapidly than Britain’s collapse if our own people, like the British, accepted the shrinking of our super power status. The difference being, we will not have another Anglo/Western power to cushion our collapse and settle us down into Socialism easy.

We will have a violent replacement of our position by something entirely hostile to our very existence.

Amazingly – I read this piece by Mark Steyn today – and while it is lengthy, he makes the same case – with similar examples, and does a great job of highlighting the danger of being seduced into accepting our decline. 


In a more dangerous world, American decline will be steeper, faster and more devastating than Britain’s – and something far closer to Rome’s.

Serious consideration should be given to where we find ourselves and what our near-future may end up becoming.

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