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Obama’s “Job’s Bill” and “Econ Summit” – Nothing More Than Another Government Stimulus Plan

Obama’s new 80 billion dollar job’s bill is not about creating jobs, it’s a ploy for more Socialist Engineering, government graft and  “Social Justice” for Blacks.


If all the talk about Obama’s concern about the economy and his initiative to get a new “jobs bill’ passed seems like deja-vu to you, you aren’t imagining it.  Obama’s new $80 billion Job’s Bill is really just another giant government stimulus bill.

And we remember how well the last one ‘stimulated’ the economy, don’t we?

It’s a clever ploy, as it always is with these Marxists – but we’re wise to their ways now.  Obama and his Politburo cronies know they would be laughed and shouted out of  Washington for merely using the word “stimulus”.  So instead – to kill two birds with a single initiative – Obama and his architects have decided not to use the term ‘stimulus’ and instead refer to the exact same taxpayer robbery we got with the original stimulus of last year – and call this one a Job’s Bill.

Even the State Run AP today ran a story denouncing this “job’s bill”.  I know, sound’s incredible that AP would even dare write something negative about Obama.  But before Obama has the AP remove the story and link – here’s an excerpt:

PROMISES, PROMISES: Jobs Bill Won’t Add Many Jobs

PROMISES, PROMISES: Bipartisan tax credit for hiring unemployed workers won’t add many jobs

It sounds great: A big jobs bill that would hand President Barack Obama a badly needed victory and please Republicans with tax cuts at the same time. But there’s a problem: It won’t actually create many jobs.

Even the Obama administration acknowledges the legislation’s centerpiece — a tax cut for businesses that hire unemployed workers — would work only on the margins.

…The tax credit is part of a bill that offers few other new programs to create jobs. Instead, it would extend existing help, such as unemployment payments for those whose benefits have run out, and a subsidy for health insurance premiums under COBRA, the federal program that allows workers to keep their company’s health insurance plan after they leave their jobs.

So, what we have here is MORE SPENDING, 80 B-B-Billion (I know BILLION is passe these days since TRILLION is more chic) – what’s another 80 billion dollars on top of tens of trillions?

Essentially this new “job’s Bill” is a repeat of last year’s Stimulus that will not create anything except to EXPAND government yet more, and create more bureaucracies and entitlement programs while teaching Americans that it can get more money for being unemployed and doing nothing.  Think expansion of the welfare state to now include the unemployed.

National Review notes the fact that this is not as much a “Job’s Bill” as it is another stimulus:

The Stimulus, A Familiar Fallback

The word “stimulus” has disappeared from the Democrats’ vocabulary, perhaps because a large majority of Americans correctly believe most of the money in the first stimulus bill was wasted. They’re calling the new package a “jobs bill,” as if renaming the same policies will yield different results….Obama hopes the public will not notice that his new “jobs bill” is composed of the same policies that were in the old “stimulus package.”

But it gets better, because today in conjunction with pushing his Job’s Bill – Obama held an “Urban Economy Summit” with distinguished “Community Activists” like Al Sharpton, NAACP President Benjamin Jealous, and National Urban League President Marc Morial –  you know, stellar examples and giants of American business leadership and free market industrialism.

Economy tops agenda as Obama meets with African-American leaders

Washington (CNN) — The thorny intersection of race and the economy topped the political agenda Wednesday as President Obama huddled with key African-American leaders at the White House.

 …The group urged Obama to spend money initially reserved for bank bailouts on areas suffering from chronically high unemployment, according to sources familiar with the attendees’ plans.

…”We do not seek any special kind of edict or special kind of thing from the president because he’s African-American”, [Sharpton] said African-Americans do “expect to be included in the process” as Congress debates a new jobs bill and are seeking “substantive change” and not mere “feel-good moments.”

Which leads me to connect-the-dots as it were as to what this new “Stimulus Jobs Bill” is really all about.

It’s about Marxist Activism, ‘social justice’ for inner city welfare blacks and Obama’s most ardent supporters.  Please remember that Obama has said that he would “Spread the wealth around”  returning the nation’s wealth to it’s “rightful owners”.  What better way to achieve that than to put on the magic hat and gloves, declare a job’s bill that bilks taxpayers ANOTHER 80 billion dollars – and then via his “urban summit” – promise to funnel it to fine folks like Al Sharpton, the NAACP and inner city black orgs like ACORN and their offshoots of community activists (read Brownshirts) for their support of the measure?

Now before you start tossing willy-nilly the “R” word, consider the fact that much of what Obama and the people who advise him have said during his campaign and weeks leading up to his crowning, is being implemented by stealth and clever deceit.  I contend that this 80 billion dollar “Stimulus Jobs Bill” is designed to go to Obama’s supporters; the inner city welfare blacks and their Poverty Pimps in the aforementioned alphabet groups and their Reverend.

How can I make such a “racist” claim?

Well, recall what Obama’s Economic Advisor and former Clinton Staffer Robert B. Reich said just last year:

“It seems to me that infrastructure spending is a very important and good way of stimulating the economy. The challenge will be to do it quickly, to find projects that can be done that will have a high social return, that also can be done with the greatest speed possible.  …. I am concerned, as I’m sure many of you are, that these jobs not simply go to high skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers,”

Here, see and watch him say this yourself:

His comments sparked a short-lived firestorm that was quickly swept aside by the mainstream media.  But at the time, Reich wrote on his blog in defense of his statements that essentially says “White’s need not apply” – “I’d suggest that all contracts entered into with stimulus funds require contractors to provide at least 20 percent of jobs to the long-term unemployed and to people with incomes at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.”

This “Jobs Bill” is nothing of the kind.  It’s another Redistributionist Stimulus bill and suspicions are that Obama is making promises to the Black Poverty Pimps to garner support for it.

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