Conditioning The People To See The Tea Party Movement As Terrorists

Before you read John’s excellent essay this morning – recall that the Obama Administration met with the art community so they could promote Obama’s agenda.  

One has to wonder if this is the fruit of that meeting.


by John Galt

When I was a child, some forty plus years ago, I used to buy comic books for their entertainment value. Sergeant Rock, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, Superman, etc. were there to stimulate my mind and activate my imagination. I remember walking, calm down current day parents when you read this, almost three miles to the Elmore’s in my town a five and dime which had all of my favorite candy and comics and where after earning an allowance for working around the house I would walk there to buy my favorite issue or latest Wacky Pack release, always hoping to get the newest stickers, of course. Ah the joys of childhood.

Until this week. I heard Glenn Beck the other day, late in his show, discussing the latest edition of Captain America, number “602″ and the content within it. The focus was on a panel displayed below:

(Marvel Comics/

I have circled the offending portion in red but this is purely out of context of the entire article and theme, to which I shall address it in total a few paragraphs from now.  The content Mr. Beck discussed was disturbing and the portion above triggered the following response today from Marvel:

Where Mr. Houston is correct is in our accidently identifying in one of the held up signs, the group as being a part of the Tea Party instead of a generic protest group. That’s something that we need to apologize for and own up to, because it’s just one of those stupid mistakes that happened through a series of stupid incidents.

-Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics from the February 11, 2010 Washington Times Story

The claim that this was a mistake and filler from the publish does not wash when you read the theme of the entire comic book in context. In fact I had to read it three times to make sure I wasn’t in Cuba or East Germany reading the tripe that I read. The author, one Mr. Brubaker, apparently felt that by tapping into the average American’s discontent he could enhance a villain which again typifies the leftist “Militia Stereotype” tripe that I hear on a regular basis which is tagged on anyone or any group which opposes either political party for their unconstitutional behavior.  My discontent started when I paid $4.99 for this crap instead of the thirty cents that I was used to as a kid but that’s a story for one of my inflation rants. Having read through the entire story, let’s look at the other panels which I call objectionable and tie all of this together:

(Marvel Comics/

As you can see we have the politically correct heroes observing a protest rally against oppressive government taxes and anti-Constitutional behavior. Gee, gosh, they must be evil then, right? They might even own “gasp” guns!!!!!!  Reflect on this and the comic book as a whole if you have read it as I have. Think hard on this. Did you ever or have you ever in the last ten years seen or read a comic with Anarchists, Communists or Pro-Illegal Alien protesters and rioters depicted in a negative light via the story as a whole? The answer to that would be “no” and you’ll never find such an issue.

Those panels were from the proceeding page, but let’s look at one more where I’ve circled the discussion and for a damned good reason:

(Marvel Comics/

The theme of the story is a group of well armed American citizens raising some sort of army that killed some local deputies in Idaho when their hideout or lab was raided. The signs were not fill ins as these signs were present at some Tea Party and 9-12 rallies except for the moronic one in the panel above which appears to say “NO GOVT IN MY MEDICARE” which is enlightening since Medicare is a government agency. Ah well, it’s hard to find good writers and people who understand that the artwork from the 1930’s to 1980’s in comic books was indeed appreciated because the stories were not left to the devices of people with major agendas against pro-Constitution Americans.

Why do I call bull crap on the apology above? Why do I have more serious concerns than ever about the path this nation is on? And why should you care about the depths to which our current administration will sink as well as the consequences of the ineptitude in some cases, evil in others, of the prior administration? That is simple enough to answer. The mainstream media by and large has surrendered all sense of objectivity and aligned itself with elements which would have been laughed off the stage, egged, or beaten in the early 1900’s through 1930’s. The media thinks that Eugene Debs was a hero and that John Reed from the movie Reds is their ultimate goal in life or nirvana for a journalist seeking to bath in the glory of  self-aggrandizement.  To celebrate the Euro-Socialist model as well as that of their Marxist patriots from history means that the media must attack, at every level,  from kindergarten through grade twelve plus college the ideals and history of our Republic. To achieve the goals set out by the devious radicals within the early Socialist movement and Progressive platforms this is the time that they know they must strike while the nation is still suffering the hangover of the greatest economic party which has lasted almost continuously since the recovery of the early 1980’s.

This means that comic books apparently will engage in the rhetoric and attack mentality to destroy the idea that protest, opposition to, and engaging a government which appeals to and desires to liquidate the United States Constitution as the law of the land, is now their duty to the state and not the people. To destroy the very instrument which gives them their empowered free speech rights so they can be bureaucratic organs for some horn rimmed loser with a career job and personalized rubber stamp drawing double what his twin does in the private sector because they know what is best for our society and not those old men who founded this nation. The idea is simple and was engaged in by the United States via the comic book industry and the Axis powers during World War II to communicate the evil of the opposition to the children and teens so they would grow into the role defined for them by the statists. God help us but this Issue number 602 tells me that the propaganda organs are alive and well and we, the people, have not learned one thing in the last twenty years about what occurred behind the wall in East Germany or in gulags of the Soviet Union.

So how does his apology, the panels above and the story in total tie this together? Guilt by association. The simplest concept in the world, used since Woodrow Wilson dictated the publication of every newspaper and magazine in 1918 using his goon squads from the Creel Commission via the American Protective League to enforce and silence those who opposed him. Fast forward to the modern era and with the majority of the media swooning and doing the bidding of this administration, one must ask how much longer until Obama’s APL is in action? Add in the stories about the “revised history” being taught to our children and the vilification of gun owners or non-leftist historical individuals and you begin to understand as I do the dangerous waters we now tread in.

I have thought long and hard on the descent our nation has experienced over the last decade. We the people are willing, almost begging, to surrender our rights for economic security. We the people are willing to look the other way with regards to the absolute corruption at every level in every branch of government. We the people are trying, yet fighting a losing battle, to make the two political parties in power and the media understand that the final line has been crossed and we wish for peaceful change and a return to constitutional governance once again. Alas, I fear that the Marxist elite will now  make their final power play, and that last line in the  sand that has now been  blown away like that of a shattered hourglass in the desert.



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2 responses to “Conditioning The People To See The Tea Party Movement As Terrorists

  1. Amen! Great read. I am so sick and tired of all the games and indoctrination from the far left. I honesty do not understand the Lefts logic on anything….

  2. roadmaster

    This is rather surprising to me, being a big fan of Marvel in my youth, 50 years ago. Marvel was always a flag waving, patriotic platform with all of their heroes engaged in defending “truth, justice and the American way.”

    Not so much nowadays, I see. Their current writers and illustrators are no doubt inculcated with the socialist clap trap shoveled out by the ton in gubmint schools.

    I knew we were in serious trouble a year ago when the otherwise bright grandson of some good friends informed a bunch of us old poops that “Socialism is a good system – it just hasn’t had the right people to run it.”

    Several of us burst out laughing and I asked him how he could explain the utter and complete failure of socialism, everywhere, every time it’s been tried?

    He had no answer, and somehow I doubt he went back to class and challenged his teacher.

    If people are not aware that this liberal poison is fed non-stop to their children, whether it be Comedy Central, the idiotic music video channels, or so-called public education, they’s better start paying attention.

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