Orchestral Orgasm Exalts Obama, Praise of Dear Leader Graces Yet Another School

Obamaganda: Another School Sings Praises to Dear Leader

-By Warner Todd Huston

It’s a veritable cornucopia of Obamagandistic musical agitprop. You’ll recall the militaristic, fascist-styled Obama youth corps from 2008 where a line of inner city youth stamped out their obeisance militia-like to The One like good little automatons? Perhaps the slickly produced exploitation of sweet faced children from Hollywood that same year will ring a bell? Or maybe your favorite is this misuse of class time in Georgia? Or per chance you’ll recall “Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm“? These are excellent examples of the Obama version of Leni Riefenstahl’s art.

But those? Well, those are all low class affairs done without an entire orchestra to back them up.

Now we have the brilliance of School children in Illinois, Comrade Obama’s home turf, to add to the din of young musicians enslaved to efforts to exalt Dear Leader. And this tops them all in production values — or at least in scope — for the Midwest Young Artists organization, a group dedicated to “inspiration through music,” has taken upon itself to give the Obammessiah the full orchestral treatment along with a choir and a spoken word segment to round out the production. Uncle Joe couldn’t have created a better display of fealty to Dear Leader. Kim Jong Il is likely red with envy.

Like a good little soldier for the cause Gary Fry, the Choral Program Director and Voices Rising Director for MYA, sat himself down to try his hand at composing a Wagnerian masterpiece, one of which any dictator would be proud. And boy does he deliver. (The original source may be found at theWMYA.fm page) After he was done with his Wagnerian moment, Mr. Fry had his piece performed on February 21, 2010 at Pick-Staiger Auditorium in Evanston, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago. And he enlisted the service of an entire auditorium of Chicago area school children for his paean to Dear Leader.

Now if you can excuse the miscues of these young artists, after all they are only in middle school, if you can set aside your need for technical perfection from the performers for just a minute, if you can look past the occasionally off-key squawk of a horn here, or a missed cue there, you really should watch this thing. Watch this video and listen to the grand scope of what Gary “Nietzsche cum Wagner” Fry was aiming for and it is sure to send a thrill down your leg and satisfy your need to stand up and salute your glorious leader in the White House. Long live Obama, long live Obama…

Perhaps you are as disgusted by this as I am? These orgiastic examples of propaganda for Obama are sickening we all know. In fact, not only are they sickening, entirely un-American, and even dangerous, they are hypocritical. After all, the same drooling, Obamagobsmacked pseudo intellectuals that created these bits of PR puffery would have been apoplectic if so many schools would have sang songs extolling the virtues of George W. Bush… or any other Republican for that matter. Call it a brainwashing tool, call it agitprop, indoctrination, or what ever you like. But at least when we’ve had celebrations of president in schools in the past the president in question at least had the decency to have already left office or even died — or at the very least was in attendance at the performance to politely applaud the little kiddie’s efforts.

These various efforts at Obamaganda were un-burdened by any rationale but to inculcate praises for dear leader in the young, impressionable minds of our school children.

Yep, it’s pretty disgusting, alright.

Well, it’s nice we can sing praises to something in our schools now, I suppose. After all, the ACLU and the Democrats have summarily eliminated anything that might be reasonably construed as a reference to Christianity. So, Dear Leader has replaced all that “God” stuff with himself in our schools. All praise Obama. He’s The One. May he reign as our ruler forever. So says, Gary “Nietzsche cum Wagner” Fry, so say we all.



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2 responses to “Orchestral Orgasm Exalts Obama, Praise of Dear Leader Graces Yet Another School

  1. If you were a less ignorant, you would care to educate yourself on the issues you write about. Midwest Young Artists is not a run-of-the-mill school or even a school at all, which means that the students were not “enslaved”. Being part of MYA is a choice– any participation or concert attendance is 100% VOLUNTARY. This extracurricular program (which consists of the brightest and most talented young musicians in the Chicago-land area) includes a variety of ensembles that are professional quality, including the one mentioned above. It is a home to hundreds of people, both children and adults, and it provides youth with a nurturing, ACCEPTING environment. Unlike this website, members of MYA acknowledge and appreciate all viewpoints regardless of personal opinion. We welcome diversity and multifarious beliefs with open arms. If Gary Fry (whose published works far outnumber and outweigh yours) decided to write about George W. or, god forbid, Sarah Palin, his decision would not be derided.

    In the end, this song is about hope– without the quotes from Obama, there is no specific reference to him. I do not understand how people can be so opposed to the beautiful concept of hope, and it seems those of you who are belittling its meaning are the ones who need it most of all. I HOPE you’re bothered by the fact that I have hope… although it dwindles whenever I read such close-minded, rude dribble.

  2. Brian

    So-called “informed” people have always been responsible for the blight(s) on our world. You can spot the so-called’s by their self righteous glibness and condescension.
    Need I remind you that the holocaust was not the result of a group of lawless peasants but rather was engineered in the hallways and classrooms of the most prestigious universities in the world. (see Stanford / David Starr Jordan / 1906) In Germany the practictioners sipped cognac and sat enthralled to the music of Wagner.
    Atrocities and injustice committed by individuals in the name Jesus Christ are irrational and in opposition to what Jesus taught. On the other hand Obama has promised to restore to science it’s power.
    Evolution and self-god intellectuals giddy with this power are only too happy to give nature a hand. And why not ? who is to judge ? nature, red in tooth & claw ?
    I have recently read Bonhoeffer’s “Letters and Papers from Prison” It would behoove everyone that has learned disdain for academics to google “Bonhoeffer on Folly”

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