The Miracle Gro Taliban Tea Party Terrorist

The Miracle Gro Taliban Tea Party Terrorist 

by John Galt

May 4, 2010

Mayor BLOOMBERG: “Home-grown, maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something. It could be anything.”

-From Mayor Bloomberg interview with Katy Couric on CBS News, Monday 5/3/10 courtesy of

Apparently the wishes on one Mr. Mayor Bloomberg, a supporter of socialist Fascism in his own right, had his delusional fantasy shot to hell when the terrorist was arrested on board the plane while it was taxiing down the tarmac at JFK early this morning. Much to the dismay of the Mayor, it was not a fertilizer bomb making delusional redneck from Boondocks, West Virginia, but instead a naturalized American citizen with delusions of being with the 73 virgins who look like Rosie O’Donnell and smell like the Hudson River. This clown is exactly what America needs:

A wake up call.

I’m not talking about the suspect, Shahad Faisal, of whom if they could they would declare his intent was to create a Miracle Gro bomb in the name of the Taliban Tea Party to retaliate against Viacom for their anti-Christian television programming on MTV and its other networks. Much to the disappointment of the Mayor and the PCP (Politically Correct Police):

“I get frustrated…There was part of me that was hoping this was not going to be anybody with ties to any kind of Islamic country.” – MSNBC’S Contessa Brewer

… who have set up a regime in Washington, D.C., this gentleman is a representative of the “religion of peace” and indicative of the attitude of radicalized Muslims around the world, who number in the tens of millions.

The reality of this current mood of the Left and the radicals in charge is much worse and I’m willing to wager 25 cents (it’s all I have left) with anyone on the following:

That there are more American intelligence agents or moles, plus FBI infiltrators and informers, plus other law enforcement agents acting against or working undercover in the 9-12 movement, the Tea Parties, Christian churches, patriot groups and/or message boards, and Constitutional militias than they have inserted in Russia, Communist China, Venezuela, Iran, Al Queda, Hezbollah, the Taliban, radicalized Saudi Mosques in the U.S., ELF, Black Panthers, or Revolutionary Communist Party U.S.A. COMBINED.

That very fact should give every red blooded American a pause for one moment. This is not a right-left discussion, liberal-conservative debate, or even a conflict between Demopublicans and Republicrats. This is about a debate for which Americans are just now starting to discover and wake up to and are sadly, ill prepared to deal with. This is a debate about groups who wish to destroy the functional aspects of our society and encourage just enough anarchy to enable an extremist agenda to be inserted via extra-Constitutional means. This is not to be ignored and must be taken seriously. Yet few will wake up in time to stop what is already in motion. The people who love debate, freedom and our history are now the villains and alleged terrorists; while those who believe in Marxism and act against freedom are now the heroes. I’ve seen this movie before and it ended in tears for the world.

And just what is the wake up call I referred to earlier in the article? Perhaps a look at this picture should be a brief reminder as to why the wolves who claim to protect your freedoms might be something else entirely:

No naturalized Pakistani-American Taliban Al Queda members were injured in the creation of this editorial.


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4 responses to “The Miracle Gro Taliban Tea Party Terrorist

  1. The libs sooooooo wanted the Times Square Bomber to be a right wing Tea Party goer.
    The Obama administration didn’t just PLAY DOWN the fact that Shahzad had boarded the plane, they blatantly LIED about it – Eric Holder, in his statement to the Nation, said that Shahzad was apprehended as he was TRYING TO BOARD the plane – LIES flow easily and often from the Obama administration and are never challenged by the corrupt and fawning Media
    The US Government did nothing to stop this guy before he set off his bomb. When the bomb fizzled, concerned citizens noticed and call local law enforcement and the fire department. After that is when the Obama crew became aware of the incident. Since law enforcement had a vehicle, all in one piece, it was easy for them to back track and locate the idiot.

    Least we forget; no one in Obuma’s homeland security farce actually stopped Fartisal Shahzad’s bomb. Bottom line is obvious, if he had a good bomb it would have leveled the block.. Napolitano/Obuma also gets “F” on plane security; how the heck did Fartisal get on that plane with his name on the no fly list ? Interesting none of these articles ever says that he was mooselum like Obuma
    Aside from all the other obvious LIES and INCOMPETENCE of the Obama Administration and the CORRUPT , FAWNING and BABBLING Media, there was striking BABBLING going on by Government Officials about the methods and procedures used to track SHAHZAD

  2. Phillies76

    You are a racist moron, quit watching that bum Glen Beck and Faux News and get with it….. Retard!!!

  3. @Phillies76
    Wow, your superior intellect and command of the language makes your masterful argument…


    Takes one to know one. Idiot.

  4. Brian

    It is fascinating to observe what liberals call debate.
    From the “bamster” all the way down to the incoherent mutterings of toaster802, the pattern is the same.
    (we used to call the condition of indulging in too much Cannabis being “burned-out” not “toasted”)
    Intelligent refutation of ideas entails reading, listening & comprehending what an opponent is saying and then stating what you see as error and supporting with facts why your opponent is wrong.

    Our community organizer in chief, like his lackeys in the media, graded-on-the-curve academics, drug-addled bloggers, and gold-bricking union buds know only how to throw bricks through the proverbial plate glass window. They all presume to see clearly what is wrong with everything! (mainly they are bums and you are not) “What are YOU going to do to put the fix in for me! I am too stupid, lazy and incompetent”.

    Actually a majority of libs. are like the deluded druggie or alcoholic, they turn their dysfunction around on the normal people in their life. They hate those who work hard and have dignity, because they have earned none for themselves.

    The minority of libs. are nefarious, manipulative and power hungry. Everyone knows the term “poverty-pimp”(s). They foster and gin up emotion in mobs to secure their personal power. It is easy to “feel” like a giant among the loser pissants ( in europe they were called peasants). The very thought of consigning EVERYONE but themselves to loser status feeds their own ego. HOPE & CHANGE, very seductive.

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