Egypt’s Forgotten Arab Spring

A great insight and rebuttal by John to all the imbecillic cheerleaders who insisted that the ‘uprising’ in Egypt was all about overthrowing a U.S.-backed tyrant and establishing ‘freedom’.  The truth was and is – the “Arab Spring” has NOTHNG to do with freedom or liberty – and everything with establishing Jihadist Islam and Al Qaeda as the legit governments that will lead to a global Islamic Caliphate.  Obama’s political ties to the Muslim Brotherhood would normally raise eyebrows to anyone with an ounce of discernment.  But discernment and common sense has gone out the window for emotional pap that can be played to the lowest common denominator.

Egypt’s Forgotten Arab Spring

By John Galt
July 12, 2011

Ah the joys of the “Arab Spring” a mythical creation of the Western mainstream media….

The romantic notions of corrupted journalists was shattered with Lara Logan’s horrifying account of the reality on the ground during a 60 Minutes interview:

Needless to say with the assaults on Fox News reporter Greg Palkot and his cameraman Olaf Wiig and the interview from 60 Minutes above, the Western media has not been in any hurry to validate nor verify the claims of a successful Arab rebellion against a repressive regime in Egypt. In very few media sources outside of Glenn Beck’s empire and these pages, the  American media has been remiss, be it deliberate or due to political reasons, in covering the consequences of the protests and riots our President and the faux chicken hawks claimed strong support for.

Fast forward to July of 2011, the middle of the ongoing Islamist Summer.

American foreign policy makers are silent. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is out making absurd statements on how “diplomacy is the key to U.S. job creation” and other unrelated nonsensical statements which highlight the ignorance be it for devious evil purposes or just of the insane amateurish Marxist realm of our State Department. The protests and outrages have simply accelerated in recent months as the alleged media of our nation turns a blind eye to the atrocities committed by the regime and the “protesters” as time marches on towards the elections later this year.

As the United States bumbles around in the region from one crisis to another, enemies of our nation like China are solidifying future deals with actual revolutionaries in the region without alienating the military officers or core of religious hierarchy who will outlast the protests, pictures, and democratic elections allegedly about to occur.  Since the coverage in late January through February of this year surpassed the absurd as some reporters attempted to make themselves the story, individuals mentioned above not included, the crimes committed by the Islamic radicals and their supporters proceeded week after week, ignored and denied by the Obama administration and Europes Chamberlain like flock of pacifists.

Burn a Coptic Christian church to the ground? Who cares.

Burn a Coptic Christian alive, rape their wives, and kill their children? Put it on page A-21 under the furniture store’s Super Duper sale ad.

Create a pro-Iranian militant cell or support terrorists? Why cover it at all if it doesn’t impact the advertising revenue of the newspaper in question.

The worst part of the emerging crisis in Egypt beyond the lack of coverage in the States appears to be the willful desire to paint a happy face on the “revolution” using the domestic media in Egypt by creating propaganda filled talk shows to allow the citizens to vent while failing to condone and control the religious violence against Christians and other minorities, sometimes encouraged by Mullahs and other leaders seeking to impose the world’s largest Sharia law based Arab system of government.

The somewhat safe presumption that the Muslim Brotherhood’s shadow influence on the political system has been expanded as the military junta running the nation has continuously mis-allocated valuable resources and allowed Western financiers undo influence over a corrupted economic system they can not even begin to comprehend in five months, much less five years. The shortages of food, diesel fuel, electricity, and other necessities are rampant. Abuses by the military police are highlighted by the detention and trial of over 10,000 citizens from the protests by the interim government. Unfortunately for the reincarnation of James Earl Carter running our nation now, this scene is all to familiar to those outside of the glow of his eminence and arrogance.

In the 1970′s when the State Department and its amateur clowns decided to put the military and CIA in their place, a little known religious figure to the West was allowed an encouraged by the Carter administration to return to Tehran. The consequences of that bungled decision are now “history” as one might say. Today there is no central, magnetizing figure which unites the population nor raises a clamor for supplanting the military and the former regime of Mubarak. Hence the Muslim Brotherhood under its various chameleon like organizations and religious figures are using the Koran to unify the people against those who wish to maintain closer ties to the West and the traditional Egyptian governance as trained and instituted under British colonial rule.

The forgotten Arab Spring will not remain so much longer. Per Reuters, the fifth day of protests have resulted in more and more people returning to the starting place for the Egyptian protest movement. American’s will regret their short memory as the changes about to occur in the region during the Islamist Summer will shut our nation out of the war for natural resources far beyond oil and push the financially stressed European Union closer to alliances with the Russian Federation and Communist China. The restrictions on the flow of commerce, oil, and military alliances will pale by comparison to the confrontations against our ally Israel being concocted by the forces of evil and Marxist alliances in the East. Once Israel has been neutered, America’s hegemony can be conquered and marginalized without a single shot as the terrorists will have free reign upon our society and those who do not enlist in the new order currently being created.

Unfortunately too many Americans and Europeans are blinded by this new order thinking it is centered in Geneva, London, New York City, or Washington. The reality is that the Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere is alive and well, with the nations of the East aligning the stars and shifting the axis of our world to the financial and military powers of Asia. Sadly, I fear America will not awaken to this fact much like they ignored the creation in Moscow of 1918, after millions have perished and our nation is thrust into crisis after crisis until our spirit is purchased or broken along with our freedoms as Marxism is always victorious over the weak and ignorant.

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