Lying Sacks of Crap: Democrats & Obama on Debt Ceiling

For all the political posturing and assistance this regime and the Marxists in Congress (Reid, Pelosi, Durban et. al) receive from the mainstream State-run media about the “negotiations” with the GOP over raising the debt ceiling (yet again) – Andrew Styles from the NRO interviewing Jon Kyle (R) AZ – about what is really going on with these negotiations, discovers that the Democrats, Marxists and Socialists of the Democrat party – have no intention of negotiating in good faith.

It’s all crap.  It’s all bogus.

Obama and the Democrats are engaging in economic terrorism – and they are happy to kill all us hostages in the process of permanently empowering themselves.

And the GOP are IMBECILES to negotiate with such terrorists.

The Marxists at the behest of NerObama want tax increases, and MASSIVE spending increases, INCLUDING extending UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS FOR ANOTHER 99 WEEKS!!

100 BILLION in new spending that Obama and the Democrats are demanding.

Jon Kyle reveals the following from Style’s interview on NRO:

Democrats Still Want to Spend More 

In discussions this week, Kyl says, Democrats proposed extending unemployment insurance for another 99 weeks at a cost of $43 billion. In addition, they requested another $10 billion to spend on research projects overseen by the National Institutes of Health. Democrats have not, Kyl says, offered to offset the new spending with additional cuts.

These measures come on top of the increased spending Democrats proposed in negotiations led by Vice President Joe Biden, which included a $33 billion increase in Pell Grant funding and $27 billion — a number Kyl says was never explained and is much higher than Republican estimations — for the so-called “doc fix” to restore Medicare payments to physicians.

To make it more despotic, the Democrats say that the GOP can “Buy back” the waste, fraud and abuse cuts originally on the table that Obama has since rescinded.

Kyl says that even the modest savings introduced in the Biden talks, primarily of the “waste, fraud, and abuse” variety — all of it outlined by President Obama in his budget “framework” speech — have since been taken off the table. Republicans can “buy them back,” Kyl explains, if they agree to match them dollar-for-dollar with tax increases.

So NerObama and his regime and sycophantic Marxist supporters are either decided to speed up America’s economic collapse by pushing into overdrive their Cloward-Piven strategy of collapsing the debt on the already stagnant economy, or they are playing a game of political chicken with all of our lives and economic livlihoods in order to score political points by blaming the GOP for what they have done themselves.

And McConnell and the beltway political class think they can negotiate and offer their own plans to grant Obama dictatorial powers to lift the debt ceiling as he sees fit?

That’s called surrender, not political strategy as Krauthammer would have us all believe and it’s a hallmark of the French, not Americans.

We’re dealing with Marxists engaged in economic terrorism.  Too bad the GOP is stuck on stupid and erroneously thinks this is just more ‘politics as usual’.  All they are doing is negotiating with terrorists.


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One response to “Lying Sacks of Crap: Democrats & Obama on Debt Ceiling

  1. Anonymous

    Creating anarchy is a classic Marxist tactic paving the way to power. It should be obvious to all but the most obtuse that the Democratic Party is controlled by Marxists allied with Communists. We are engaged in an economic war and they are within reach of destroying our system.

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