Shafted Again; McConnell Secretly Working To Give Obama Power to Raise Debt Ceiling

Erick Erickson at is reporting tonight that despite the assurances of pundits and even talk show hosts that Kentucky Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s hair-brained idea to cede Constitutional authority for the debt ceiling by granting Obama power to raise the debt ceiling as he sees fit, was a non-starter – it is IN FACT being worked on behind the scenes as McConnell is working with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to shore up support to grant NerObama more dictatorial power.

It Is As I Feared

I learn from multiple Hill sources and now media reports that after McConnell sent out notice that he was signing on to Cut, Cap, and Balance, he began making door to door visits throughout the Senate lining up support for the Pontius Pilate Pass the Buck Act of 2011 — his plan to allow Barack Obama to raise the debt limit by $2 trillion.

What’s more, McConnell has enlisted the help of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to line up Democrat votes for the plan. Meanwhile, Speaker Boehner is saying the McConnell plan is a viable option.

Given crybaby House Speaker John Boehner’s tacit approval of such a deal, it looks like the Ruling Class Elitists in D.C. have once again suckered Conservatives who are paying attention into yet another pit of disappointment.

I’m reminded of  the scripture in Daniel 7:25 describing The Beast being able to wear down the saints.  I certainly think NerObama has been doing just that – and for those in the Ruling Class with no spine, no regard for the Constitution and only about their own political futures and favor with the press – they are nothing but traitors or cheese-eating surrender monkeys.



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