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Persecution: Feds Ban Use of “God” at Veterans Cemetary

In the ongoing and continuing war on God and Jesus Christ in this country, there is news this weekend that the Feds have banned volunteers at the Houston National Cemetery from saying “God Bless You” at funerals and were ordered to remove the words ‘God Bless” from condolence cards.  This federal government’s policy is that any “religious” (meaning Christian or biblical – let’s get this right) texts or words must be submitted FOR APPROVAL in advance to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Obviously the First Amendment means nothing anymore to this government, and like the Soviet Union, all speech and religious references must first be approved by a bureaucrat, or such speech and religious exercise is forbidden.

Our Founders went to war and drew blood for far less than this.

Houston VA accused of censoring religious speech



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The Audacity of Dopes: Dems Push Gun Control to Hide ‘Gunwalker’ Scandal

The Audacity of Dopes: Dems Push Gun Control to Hide ‘Gunwalker’ Scandal


They think we’re stupid.  They think the American people are not paying attention and will be easily fooled by the latest Marxist attempts to hide what they were actually doing.

Project Gunwalker and Operation Fast and Furious were programs that whistleblowers at the ATF revealed were done to get gun bans in the US.  The ATF, FBI, DHS and the Obama regime implemented an operation to funnel and supply American guns that were obtained in ATF raids in the US, including 50 caliber heavy weapons – and get them into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.  The regime and the Alphabets said it was to track the use of weapons in the ongoing drug and cartel bloodbath in Mexico so the mule routes of guns from the U.S. could be ‘stopped’.

That’s a lie easily proven.

On April 16, 2009, Obama gave a press conference IN MEXICO wherein he made the ridiculous statement that

“This war is being waged with guns purchased not here but in the United States . . . more than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States, many from gun shops that lay in our shared border, so we have responsibilities as well.”  – Barrack Hussein Obama

That was intended to prep the public for an upcoming ban on guns in the U.S. that Obama planned to implement via Democrat Legislation and/or by Executive Order deeming it a national security issue.   Obama and attorney General Eric Holder would make the claims that U.S. guns were being used in the drug war in Mexico, and that they were now being used on American law enforcement and therefore, such a ban on firearms in the U.S. was warranted.

In the Fall of 2009, the Obama Regime implemented Operation Fast and Furious, in which the ATF sold thousands of advanced weapons  to Mexican drug cartels in order to track them once they were used in crimes.  This policy perfectly dovetailed with Obama’s gun control arguments.  First of all, by selling guns to the cartels that the ATF could definitely trace back to the US (because they were bought from the ATF), the percentage of guns used in Mexican crimes traceable to American guns would increase.  ATF supervisors rejoiced at their success when they found that these guns were being used for violence in Mexico.

More insidiously – I contend that the Obama regime was hopeful such weapons would eventually be used on American law enforcement and American citizens as violence spread from the border into the U.S.  U.S. Border agent Brian Terry was one such victim of this program.  Such a use of weapons on Americans were calculated to change entrenched public opinion against any gun bans in this country, and the collateral damage from the use of the ATF’s provisioned weapons on Americans calculated to be an acceptable loss to further Obama’s demand to ban guns from the hands of American citizens.

So there’s the background – and the mainstream state-run propaganda Media worked hard to cover up and ignore this story.  But eventually – the alternative media and talk radio gave this treason the light of truth – and the story gained traction.  So now that this is become a full blown scandal in the minds of the American people, the sycophantic Socialist Democrats in Congress have decided to PUSH Obama’s long-promised gun control plan in a vain effort to obfuscate the treason this regime and the alphabet agencies involved in this scandal have done.

Pajama’s Media notes this insidious attempt:

Obfuscation: Dems Push Gun Control To Hide ‘Gunwalker’ Scandal

A handful of Democratic lawmakers in Congress and a fish cop held a press conference Friday to announce a new gun control proposal, the “Stop Gun Trafficking and Strengthen Law Enforcement Act.” The proposed law has no chance of passing, and seems orchestrated as a Democratic response meant to draw attention away from the still-developing “Gunwalker” scandal

…The exact same agencies that would be charged with enforcing the proposal are currently under investigation — and may eventually face felony charges — because they broke existing laws and participated in widespread gun trafficking. To borrow from a reader, the federal government is using federal agencies to break federal laws so that same federal government can impose more federal laws on the people that did not break the law.

It is Orwellian in its absurdity, and yet entirely real.

The audacity that Obama intends to push for a ban and restriction on guns in the U.S. and especially the border states, showcases that not only was all of this planned and calculated – but that the boy-king is not deterred by being caught in implementing treason, but will CONTINUE to go full-bore with imposing the very bans he intended back on April 16, 2009 when he told Mexicans in their own country that “more than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States, many from gun shops that lay in our shared border, so we have responsibilities as well.”  NOTE what restrictions the Democrat and Obama “Stop Gun Trafficking” plan make plain – and you will begin to note that this Gunwalker scandal is not some “mistake’, “misstep”, “accident” or “failed policy”.  This scandal was intentional for the purposes of infringing upon and trampling the Second Amendment Constitutional Rights of American citizens – and any deaths caused by the funneling of American guns by the ATF UPON Americans was a hoped-for event to give momentum for Obama’s planned ban on guns.

One has to wonder, based on the actions of this regime-attempted coup against Republican Democracy if getting gun bans was the only intent of this treason?  Given the policy of this regime to mandate open borders to our South; lawsuits against Arizona’s immigration laws that the people overwhelmingly voted for; the abandoned border fence – could tens of thousands of weapons that the Obama regime put into the hands of Mexicans be calculated to eventually be used against Americans in a violent invasion?  Thousands of weapons are now in the hands of those Obama and his regime could stoke into action against American citizens if needed.  Los Zetas, Reconquinista, La Raza anyone???

Such thoughts at one time were the province of Hollywood.

Now, Obama has made them a potential reality.

MORE on the Gunwalker Scandal: More DOJ Malpractice

The weapons used to kill the two U.S. law enforcement agents and down the Mexican helicopter were all provided to Mexican criminals as part of a baffling and ill-considered scheme initiated by the ATF and Justice Department….And the operation appears to have come right from the top.

…the ATF and Justice Department had been unresponsive to seven letters and a subpoena from the House oversight committee.

…It also appears that numerous other law enforcement agencies—including the FBI, DEA, ICE, U.S. Marshals, and Homeland Security—were involved in Fast and Furious to varying degrees. Again, the coordination of that many law enforcement agencies clearly points to involvement at high levels of the [Obama Regime].

…Despite the growing scandal, the White House is moving full steam ahead with planned gun regulations. On July 11, an ATF-Justice Department order went into effect requiring gun dealers in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas to report the purchase of two or more semi-automatic rifles…

More at link.

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