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Christian Socialists Meet With NerObama To Protect Welfare State

In the midst of the battle over the debt ceiling and spending, the Socialists masquerading as Christians (ie: the Christian Left/Christian Marxists) have met with His Heinous two days before His Imperial Majesty ordered House Speaker Boehner and Senate minority Leader Mitch McConnell to report to his office this past Saturday to capitulate to his demands. Like the Catholic puppets who seig heiled Hitler – these Leftists are using Christianity as a clever disguise to beguile their hapless followers into following tyrants and the contender for anti-Christ.

The discussion?  The Christian Socialists made a manifesto demand that any Nanny-state welfare programs that they benefit from or are involved in, be walled-off and exempt from any budget cuts or reductions in spending.  Calling select government welfare programs as a Circle of Protection‘, a non-biblical Socialist screed that demands ‘Social Justice’ by use of government to continue funding the Welfare State and social programs that have bankrupted much of the country.

According to these Socialists dressed up as pastors, Christ would have us use the government to do their own charity work by using the IRS as a charity collector.

Perhaps his Heinous will begin referring to taxes as ‘charity’ and ‘alms’ instead of ‘investments’ and ‘revenue enhancements’?  At least we will know where he gets his new adjectives from.


Faith Leaders Meet with Obama to Protect Welfare State


After his visit to the White House, Jim Wallis told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough that he was pleased to hear President Obama use the phrase “the least of these.” “When [the President] said ‘the least of these,’ we all knew that he knew Matthew 25, where Jesus said, ‘as you have done to the least of these, you have done to me.’ So it’s nice when the President knows the text.” It’s problematic, though, to suggest that government officials should jump directly from a line in the Bible to specific policy decisions. It’s also problematic to confuse the audience of Jesus’ message in Matthew 25 with the modern nation-state. The fact that Jesus calls his followers to care for the poor is not a mandate for the government to expand the welfare state.

Finally, as critics have rightly noted, some religious leaders speak as if only government entitlements and transfer payments count as legitimate expressions of Christian charity. These leaders therefore ignore the tendency for government welfare programs to foster among those in need unhealthy dependence on the dole. They also ignore the way in which these programs often crowd out civil society efforts to fight poverty, leaving the poor with less personal and comprehensive care.






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