Ditch The Plan! You Ruling Class Lying Sacks!

I absolutely have to turn your attentions to as succinct and to-the-point blog essay by Truman North over at Ace of Spades, of this Debt Ceiling charade being played and the lies the Ruling Class Elites, including Boehner are trying to play us all for saps.

As I’m analyzing this insane argumentative game the Ruling Class is playing – they are posturing this whole deal to either grant NerObama Dictatorial power, or make it look like the GOP fought for the best deal it could and we get Obama’s plan via Harry Reid that will be entitled the “Boehner Plan”.   The first option of granting a dictatorship comes from  McConnell’s original plan to grant Obama a blank check to raise the debt ceiling himself, this has been followed by recent catcalls from Obama’s stooges calling for him to invoke the 14th Amendment and raise the debt ceiling on his own authority anyway.  The second analysis is simply the shell game the Ruling Class likes to play while they lie their arses off to us while showcasing great theater.

The TEA Party members of the Freshmen class need to dig in and hold the line.  Ditch any plan unless it CUTS more than 10 TRILLION in spending.  Truman North explains why – pay attention:

Boehner’s a Liar. Ditch the Plan.

The current Boehner  (2.0) deal is less than meaningless. It’s an insult to you. Boehner is grabbing your daughter, spitting in her mouth, and then burning your house down. All the while talking about how he’s all about doing the right thing.

Let me reiterate, as I have been for the last day or so on each of these threads:

The CBO does some stupid things. Like assuming an approximate 7% increase in federal spending year over year as normal, even without any new programs or departments. Like making 10-year budgets, when only one year really matters, because it’s impossible for one Congress to bind another.

Let me give you some small idea of how screwed up Washington math is, and how much it favors those who are in power over those of us who foot the bill with our blood and treasure:

If we JUST CAPPED SPENDING– spent the same amount next FY as we did this FY,

the CBO would score that as a $9.5 trillion dollar cut.

So before anyone can claim we’re “cutting” anything, the number they are talking about has to exceed $9.5 trillion.

The Boehner plan, with all its actuarial tomfoolery, claims to cut something in the neighborhood of $850 billion.

And only $20 billion of that is this year.

So John Boehner is saying to you that spending $20 billion less thanObama’s opening offer is worth giving him a blank check for a trillion and more.

As long as we’re going to go on playing for the “long game” it’s meaningless to even try to put together a plan. Just let the Democrats do what they want to, since the difference between what they’re going to do and Republicans’ counteroffer is less than a rounding error.

My point is, either we fight for this, or we die like dogs. What the House is doing is not fighting.

The elite Washington Republican insiders have a very tough tightrope to walk: They have to make you believe that they’re fighting for your interests, while making damn sure that they’re not fighting for your interests. Because your interests are directly opposed to their interests.Money is power. The power to tax is the power to rule. Not represent, butrule.

And now we’re seeing just how representative our government is. The conservative movement achieved a nationwide landslide for the GOP. And what did we get for it? $352M in allocated spending de-allocated during the asinine CR (and don’t get me started on those filthy bipartisan statist backslappers passing a continuing resolution rather than stating their priorities in a budget document), and $20 billion unspent in exchange for an extra trillion borrowed. Unless, you know, Harry Reid says we get less and we like it.

Pretty awesome work for eight months in office, TEA movement Representatives! You just saved us… about 54 hours of government borrowing. Not spending, just the borrowing we do in 54 hours.

How much time and money did you spend getting these schmucks elected? Hours? Thousands? However much it was, that’s time and money you could have spent with your family that you will never get back. And our kids and grandkids are not only still slaves, but the Congress is forging new links on their chains as we speak.

Mr. Speaker, the only rational position for a reasonable man acting prudently to take is to honor those who made his rule possible and not raise the debt ceiling. It is politically rational because the House hasalready given the Senate and the President a choice: Do it like Americans want you to do it, or leave the debt limit where it is. Not only is it politically rational, it is the only choice that obeys the laws of economics: There. Is. No. More. Money. Somebody already spent it.

Drop the act, Boehner. Send the House home.

UPDATE: Boehner now reworks his plan into 3.0 with demand for Balanced Budget Amendment into legislation.  Harry Reid says this bill “worse” than Cut, Cap, Balance – and says this new House bill is D.O.A.

Meanwhile, Harry Reid is crafting his own plan – (which is unConstitutional as all revenue bills must originate in the House), by probably gutting Boehner’s bill and rewriting the entire thing bill to match what NerObama wants: credit limit debt ceiling raise through the elections.


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  1. Wow. I know I’m about four months late in finding you, but thanks for throwing me a link here.

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