As Conservatives Are Called “Terrorists” – Obama Outlines New Program To “Fight Violent Extremism”

White House & DHS National Strategy To Counter Domestic Extremists


I have been convinced that the United States of America is in the midst of a Marxist coup that thusfar could be called a velvet revolution – meaning no overt bloodshed.

That will change.

The truth of all Marxist/Fascist/Socialist revolutions in history – is that there is an absolute requirement for violence and bloodshed in order to achieve total rule.   The Marxist/Fascist will always demonize their opposition, and then classify them as THE danger to the state.  They will manufacture lies and even orchestrate events to pin the political opposition as being direct threats to the citizenry, thus enabling the State to exterminate their targets by the approval of the people they have conditioned to consider the Ruling Class’ enemies as their own.

With history as a guide – and taking the recent statements of the Ruling Class in both the White House, the Congress and the leaders in the Democrat Party with the approval of the GOP Leadership – I believe we are witnessing the stage being set for the criminalization and elimination by force, of Conservative Americans who ally themselves with the TEA Party.

Obama began to prep the government itself for whom he will declare to be enemies of the state, in the April 2009 DHS Terror Assessment. That assessment, right after Obama took office – classified Conservatives, veterans and other anti-tax, pro-Christian, anti-abortion groups as potential mass terrorists.  In that assessment, not one mention of Islamic terrorism – all classifications were of domestic Americans who would be allied with a conservative viewpoint.

Then you had the Tucsan AZ shooting, where Democrat Gabrielle Giffords was shot by nutcase Jared Loughner.  Within minutes, the media blamed “Right wing extremists” for the act – including Sarah Palin and Talk radio and Conservative Blogs for inspiring it.  We had Obama himself demanding ‘civility’.  Even when it became known that Loughner was no Conservative or ‘Right Winger’ – the media continued in it’s narrative and silenced itself on reporting Loughner’s true nature and possible reasons for the mass shooting.

Fast forward to this past week.

Leaders in the government, including the Vice President of the United States, have blatantly referred to Conservatives in the TEA Party as “terrorists”.  That classification and declaration is not a mistake, not a slip of the tongue, but a deliberate and calculated escalation of the narrative that Obama’s regime has sought to sow in the minds of Americans since Obama took office.  The declaration that TEA Party Conservatives are terrorists by the highest leaders in government, and in the media whom declare Conservatives and TEA Party members as a “Clear and Present Danger to the United States of America and they must be stopped before it is too late” – should scream a warning in your mind that this regime intends to act against Conservatives in the historical brutal manner that all Marxist regimes have dealt with their political opposition.

If history is a guide – then time is very short before pogroms, oppression, overt tyranny and bloodshed are waged upon the targets this regime has painted as ‘terrorists’, “Clear and Present Danger” and ‘potential terrorists’ since 2009.

Indeed we learn this very evening on the heels of the debt ceiling surrender by the GOP, that has revealed in perfect clarity the contempt the Ruling Class has for Conservatives, that the Obama regime plans to unveil a new “Plan” to “Fight violent extremism”and nowhere in the plan is Muslim extremism mentioned.  The strategy says “violent extremists are targeting their children, families and neighbors,” and that ‘extremism cannot be rooted in a single ideology”.

What they mean is that they will not look at or consider Muslim extremism.  That is why it is not mentioned.

We already have the Obama regime’s declaration of what ideology they consider to be ‘extremist’:

This week, our ‘supposed’ Congressional representatives and the White House itself, has called this same group assessed in the 2009 report – as “terrorists”.

Explains why Obama’s new plan says that “the threat is often rooted in an ideology protected by the Constitution”.

The plan seeks to impart federal outreach programs to empower local communities to ‘counter’ “extremists”.

I will assume, given the statements this past week by the government’s highest leaders, that they are referencing TEA Party Conservatives as the “violent extremists” this new plan is subtly referring to.

The AP Reports:

New White House plan to fight violent extremism


…according to a new national strategy the Obama administration took more than a year to produce. The strategy pointedly does not focus on threats from Muslim extremism.

…”Any solution that myopically focuses on a single, current form of violent extremism, while blind to other threats, will fail to secure our country and communities,” the document said.

The strategy does not include specifics for achieving these goals.

In the midst of wide open Southern borders and Federal prohibition against deporting illegal Mexicans, the notion to empower ‘local efforts’ to counter what they vaguely describe as ‘violent extremists’ – is either laughable, or sinister.

I go with the latter assessment.

There are buzzwords in this ‘strategy’ that scream aloud a warning.  “Enhancing Social Cohesion…” is a sugar-coated Marxist term for forcing obedience to the State.

“…working with… nongovernmental and community organizations” – is a reference to empowering Unions and Community Organizers like ACORN and the SEIU with Gestapo-like power.  Anyone recall Obama’s pledge to create his ‘Civilian Security Force’??  Well – here’s the ‘strategy’ to implement it.

“…”and a wide spectrum of private American citizens.” – Citizen Snitch Programs anyone??  Communist and Marxist Regimes ALWAYS have programs that involve ‘private citizens’ to spy on their neighbors for the state.  Think NVKD.  Think Gestapo.  That’s where this goes.

The blueprint that this regime is implementing – is becoming sharper in focus and it ought to scare the crap out of you.

Just consider all the recent ‘civility’ by the Ruling Class towards Conservative Tea Party Americans.  We’re “terrorists” according to them.  We are “extremists” and now they have a “strategy” they will implement upon us should violence occur.   Add to that, the curious need for SWAT teams at the Dept. of Education – the ATF and Justice Department’s Operation Gunrunner & Fast and Furious to try and pin drug cartel violence on American guns thus creating a call to confiscate and ban the right of the people to defend themselves.

Does anyone see the same picture developing that I do?

History has already provided the image:


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One response to “As Conservatives Are Called “Terrorists” – Obama Outlines New Program To “Fight Violent Extremism”

  1. Adobe Walls

    For the last century the left has been slowly and surely expanding the size and intrusiveness of government. While the pace of this process slows and accelerates as control of the White House and Congress passes back and forth between political parties it never stops. This is the failure of the supposed conservative party; it never repeals any of the socialist policies or entities created by the left. On occasion genuine conservatives gain temporary stewardship of the country and achieve some small progress reducing the size of our government but the decreases are small and only temporary. As soon the left regains ascendancy the inexorable growth of the state and diminishment of our personal independence and liberty begins anew.

    We have now entered a new and more dangerous phase of this process. The capture of the old Democratic Party by the radical Social Democrats is now complete. Their goal is not merely to create a European style Social Democracy here in America. The Social Democrats intend to create the socialist utopia that the European socialists have always aspired to but never achieved for various reasons. One of these reasons has always been the existence of an attractive viable alternative to socialism. That would be our Republic and our free market economy. Some say we are at a fork in the road or perhaps a crossroads. I submit that we are at THE fork in the road and time is short. If we do not expel these Progressivists from our body politic and keep them out forever it may be too late. If freedom and democracy fails here it will ultimately fail everywhere.

    When, how and where does Liberty meet its end? I don’t know when Liberty’s demise will be complete but I am sure that the process has indeed begun. When enough of the people have traded their personal independence for dependence on Government entitlements. When enough industries and businesses are either directly controlled by government or indirectly through mandates and regulation that the regime in power can determine what the consumers of goods and services are entitled to receive. When governments determine how much profit is socially acceptable as dictated by “Social Justice” and determines what part of the fruits of our labor we deserve to keep and how much is owed to the “Aggrieved Interest Classes”. When the government determines what portion of what ”haves” have is owed to the “have-nots” by virtue of their suffering under the oppressive heel of free market capitalism’s tyranny. What but oppression could explain why some are better off than others? When government declares it’s right, indeed it’s duty to redistribute the wealth in the name of “fairness” and social justice it is at that point that rights and liberties of the individual will be sacrificed for the good of the “Collective”, for there will be those selfish individuals who refuse to embrace the needs of the many. There will be some who cling to the archaic notion that we are endowed by our Creator not only with unalienable rights but with free will and ambition to spur us to excel in our attempts to improve our material and spiritual condition. As the Social Democrat’s redistributive programs fail, as they must due to rising costs and falling revenues as more and more people are supported by fewer and fewer productive citizens the state must become more intrusive in the economic, and increasingly the social life of all citizens. The freedoms we take for granted will be deemed by the state to be socially divisive luxuries that have outlived their usefulness and are best discarded in the interest of societal cohesion. At some point we will be told by the state to shut up or else. When only some few brave souls refuse to be silent, then Liberty meets it’s end, hands bound… blindfolded in front of Adobe Walls.

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