Obama’s Feds Propose New Rules Regulating and Licensing Farmers

Like a chess game, I see pieces being placed in strategic manner for a near-future totalitarian check-mate, while most Americans have absolutely no clue whatsover that the machinations of our complete subjugation and/or deprivation has been set up in full.

Coupled with the Food Safety Act NerObama signed into law this past January that regulates all food from seed to plate – this new proposal then puts under Federal control – all transportation of food and foodstuffs.  So every aspect of food and food production, harvesting and transportation will be regulated by Obama.

I would advise you to read up on the Holdomor and the holocaust Stalin perpetrated on the Ukraine in the 1920’s.  It is historical fact that oppressive regimes always use food as a weapon to starve it’s people into submission or extermination.

This looks to me to be yet one more cog in the wheel of the grindstone intended for us by this maniacal regime.

Tyranny is always imposed under the guise of public safety and security.

Proposed road rules for farmers anger some


Tractors lumbering down country roads are as common as deer in rural Montana, but the federal government wants to place new driving regulations on farmers and ranchers.

…Regulators are suggesting that all wheat shipments be considered interstate, even when farmers making short hauls to local grain elevators aren’t crossing state lines. The change would make commercial driver’s licenses — and all the log books and medical requirements that go with them — a necessity for farmers. Some might not qualify.

The licenses would also be required of farmers driving farm equipment down public roads. Farmers hauling grain for a neighbor or landlord would be considered commercial drivers hauling for someone else.

…FMCSA argues that because grain will ultimately be shipped out of state, it should be regulated as an interstate product at every transportation step. Treated as a product destined to cross state lines, grain becomes federally regulated under the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution.


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