Media & Obama Template: TEA Party Conservatives Will “Become A Violent Movement”

I don’t care what anyone says.  The demonization war on Conservatives and the TEA Party as ‘terrorists’ is an orchestration from the highest levels of the Obama regime.  It’s too convenient that the media and the sycophants for Obama and his Marxist movement are all screaming the same exact thing: that Conservatives in the TEA Party and TEA Party Congressmen are “Terrorists”, “Extremists”, “Delusional” and “Will become violent”.  Heck, even Chrissy “Thrill-up-my-leg” Matthews suggested yesterday that TEA Party Conservatives are “”southern” “secessionists” who want to “kill” Obama. After a pause he quickly amended, “politically.”

These charges are not by accident.  They are not ‘slip-ups’ or accidental or somehow an expression of frustration.  These calls are deliberate and calculated.  This is now become the template set down that the media propagandists for this regime will not deviate from, even if the Democrat politicians dial down their recent demonizations.  I think the Marxists are moving rapidly into their next phase of this coup.  And as I have said – all Marxist revolutions require bloodshed in order to impose the rule of the iron fist.  What Obama and the Marxists are doing – is setting the impression in the minds of many Americans, that Conservatives and TEA Party members are a danger to society.

History teaches that anytime the Ruling Class of a society begins to classify their targets in such manner – that pogroms are not far behind.

Newsbusters and CNS News report on the outrageous efforts of Socialist Soapbox MSNBC to carry the template Obama’s regime has laid down to castigate the TEA Party and it’s supporters as imminent threats to national security.

MSNBC trotted out psychologist Stanton Peele who then preceded to analyze the “mind of the TEA Party” and declared TEA Party conservatives to be  unruly children throwing a tantrum, who are pursuing goals that never existed and are not achievable.  Stanton said Conservatives are like “addicts”, “delusional” and “psychotic” and whom he says, “will become violent”.

Do we really think it a coincidence that the Democratic leadership, including the Vice President have referred to TEA Party Conservatives as “Terrorists”?  I don’t.  They have essentially called them enemies of the state, while the media has been running full tilt in categorizing Conservative Americans as a ‘clear and present danger’.  The timing is suspicious that the Obama regime yesterday – initiated a new federal “Strategy” to counter “Domestic Terrorists” without one mention in the ‘strategy’ of Islam or Jihad terrorists?  Nothing from Rep. Peter King’s (R – N.Y.) Islamic Radicalization hearings appears in this new Obama ‘Strategy’ outside of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s demand that they hold hearings on “Right Wing extremists” instead of Muslims.

Obama’s new strategy calls on federal agencies to mobilize police, schools and community groups to ” identify domestic radicalism and extremism that could lead to violence”. Anyone wonder why it was that MSNBC trots out a psychologist to declare that the TEA Party will become violent??  Anyone wonder why Chris Matthews accused the TEA Party of wanting to “Kill Obama”????  Anyone really wonder why Sheila Jackson Lee demands hearings on “violent Right Wing extremists’??   The new Obama Strategy says  “government efforts to identify violent extremists BEFORE THEY ACT are underway”.

Before they act???

Well, since the Ruling class in our government and media have  ‘identified’ the ‘violent extremists’ as being TEA Party Conservatives, is there any question of whom this government intends to crack down on???

Let’s call this “precrime” zeitgeist by the Marxists for what it is: prepping the battlefield in the minds of Americans to accept the wholesale criminalization and eventual round-up and elimination of Obama’s political opposition.  The narrative is, If you are not an Obama supporter, you are a terrorist.

Welcome to Soviet Amerika.  It’s not a joke.  It’s not an exaggeration.  This is real.  What the Ruling Class thinks of Conservative Americans is now manifest and evident.  What they are charging us being, is terrorists and they are in the process of trying to validate that charge at every opportunity.

This is how millions of people ended up in mass graves by similar ideologies that mirror the President’s.  And for the same cited reasons.

Hitler and his National Socialists had an insane hatred of Jews.

Stalin and his Soviet Marxists had an insane hatred of the Kulaks.

Obama and his Democrat Marxists have an insane hatred of TEA Party Conservative Americans.

The only question is – will the fate of Conservatives be the same as it was for the Jews in Germany and the Kulaks in the Ukraine?


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5 responses to “Media & Obama Template: TEA Party Conservatives Will “Become A Violent Movement”

  1. brocktownsend

    Well said and posted.

  2. “The narrative is, If you are not an Obama supporter, you are a terrorist.”
    This is indeed the bottom line of the story .Reposted your story on my humble blog.

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  4. invar

    Thanks MFS

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