Speculation: Seal Team 6 Members Murdered To Cover Up Staged Bin Laden Killing

I don’t give into conspiracy theories very often, as I tend to be an Occam’s Razor analyst: the simplest explanation is most likely the truth.

However, if something stinks – if history and character and patterns lend to a plausibility then, I’m willing to investigate the evidence and make a conclusion about a matter that wanders into ‘conspiracy’.

I never believed for a moment that Obama killed Bin Laden.  I believe Bin Laden was most likely killed at Tora Bora or died from renal failure before 2005.

I believe the Bin Laden “raid” was a set up, and staged for political consumption at home.  I was outraged Vice President Biden identified the Seal Team involved in the raid – something that never normally happens with OPSEC deep cover teams, putting not only the members of the SEAL team at risk, but also their families back home.  Something did not smell right about how the Obama regime and the media were so eager to publicize this elite deep cover team.

Marxists like Josef Stalin were known to perpetrate political hoaxes, and then execute everyone who knew the truth or was involved in the hoax.

The same may be true in this instance, and Americans are beginning to speak out about what they think was a hoax, and now the intentional murder of those Obama sent on the raid to ‘kill’ Bin Laden.

Ann Barnhardt wrote a cogent thought analysis that postulates not only was the Bin Laden raid a staged hoax, but that the helicopter shot down in Afghanistan over the weekend with most of Seal Team 6 on board, was an execution perpetrated by the Obama regime to cover up the truth.

She notes a frightening aspect that raises the plausibility factor for me:

A Chinook helo is shot down in Tangi, Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Within hours, before family notifications could possibly have been completed, global press accounts positively confirm that 22 of the 30 Americans killed were not just SEALS, but members of SEAL Team 6. Again, DEVGRU operations have been, up until now, highly classified. Today, the Obama regime made a point of immediately revealing the unit identities of the SPECOPS forces among the dead.

In the past, DEVGRU men and other SPECOPS men have been killed in action, but their missions were so secret and so crucial to OPSEC that their deaths were covered-up by the government and attributed to such things as “training accidents” and the like – and I have no problem with that. These men understand going in to intense units such as DEVGRU that OPSEC is paramount, that they will never be publicly acknowledged for their heroism, and that if they are killed or captured in action, the government will lie about that in order to protect OPSEC and to prevent the enemy from gaining a propaganda and morale coup. Compare that reality with what happened today. The Obama regime distributed this information, and the Obama regime’s lapdog press instantly splashed headlines declaring this as the Taliban’s “REVENGE” for the “death of Bin Laden.” As I write this now, the Drudge Report headline in bright red reads, “REVENGE: SEALS WHO GOT OSAMA KILLED IN AFGHANISTAN.”

I’ll say what everyone else is thinking but is too scared to say. The Obama regime is almost certainly directly complicit in these deaths. 

Her essay is in it’s entirety on Texas Fred’s Blog.

My colleague John Galt Fla also covered this story in more detail:



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43 responses to “Speculation: Seal Team 6 Members Murdered To Cover Up Staged Bin Laden Killing

  1. Thank you for covering this, I too believe there is a lot more at work than meets the eye…

  2. Yep, something about this stinks!

  3. FWIW, I’ve never heard of 22 ST members on one chopper without having proper air support for an active firefight area to be dropped into. Call me crazy but there is something that pisses me off about this….

  4. invar

    Yes John, it’s called “dead men tell no tales”.

    That’s what this smells like.

  5. Anonymous

    i won’t shed a tear

  6. American Who's Feed-up

    Isn’t it funny how no one really even remembers bin laden supposedly getting killed, with all the other crap obamas manufactured afterwards. COME ON AMERICA LETS REBEL AND TAKE BAcK OUR COUNTRY!!!!

  7. Thank you for this open and honest discussion. I feel like this whole series of events is almost like another 9-11, so close to the ten year anniversary, where they blatantly flaunt this fakery of Osama’s execution, the “crash” or “shoot down” of the Seal Team 6 who “killed Osama,” and NOW they went and “killed” the Taliban individuals responsible for “shooting down the Seal Team 6”. It’s such an obvious charade, and I pray to God that those 38 people are actually dead and not locked up somewhere Manchurian Candidate style. All of this, so obvious to the naked eye of the average American, and NOONE says ANYTHING. It’s creepy, spooky, and time to bring back the love, the joy, the creativity, the freedom, true freedom, and the bravery that is inside of each of us. All we have to do is stop paying taxes, all together, stop voting, every one of us, stop driving for one day, every single American, stop shopping and start trading locally, even for ONE DAY, their whole system would fall to it’s knees. This parasitic system in power world wide at present MUST rely on brainwashing and owning us with money, because we would never willfully choose death, hate, secrecy, and destruction. Human beings are joyous, loving and free by nature, and it’s time we get back to being Human.

  8. Anonymous

    I think the person that wrote this aticle also wrote the one that said
    that we din’t land on the moon,


  9. invar

    I think your reply reminds me of the drones that insist that those who call Obama a Marxist are Ku Klux Klan members or that anyone questioning Obama are ‘racists’.

    That won’t fly here.

    There are enough logic holes in the supposed “Osama killing” to drive a truck through – and the ‘convenience factor’ of the Taliban shooting down the exact copter carrying the team responsible for “Bin Laden’s death” and now the supposed killing of the Taliban team that shot down the copter is just too trite to ignore the ‘convenience’ factor.

    It stinks. The whole thing. And it is good for us to speculate and note the questionable elements when we have a regime in power and a media that is known for perpetrating outright staged bullsheist.

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  11. Michael

    It was weird to see first that the seals would go and help the rangers. They would not send one team to help another, they would send more troops to help them. Also they would not use that type of helicopter. I am so angry that our country would treat such an elite dedicated group like the seals so bad. Just to call yourself a seal is an houner in itself and to do this to them is not right. The stupid thing about this “war” is that if we just sent in all the seal teams it would be over in two hours… long live the SEALS!

  12. invar

    Good thoughts Michael. The marines do not send SEAL Teams or SPECOPS teams to rescue Army Units. The Army has it’s own rescue teams and/or Delta Forces to handle rescuing ground pounders stuck behind enemy lines.

    Something totally stinks about every aspect of this situation, not to mention the hasty burial at sea – WITHOUT any forensic DNA evidence taken to ensure they got the right guy. The convenience factor lends itself to open conspiratorial speculation that Seal Team Six was exterminated to prevent the truth from ever coming to light about what really went down on the supposed “Bin Laden” killing.

  13. Anonymous

    Who’s next?

  14. molvi_whisky@yahoo.com

    SIMPLE QUESTION : If Osama was hit at Abbotabad, and Obama saw it in real time, then why are the neo cons who run the U.S. so shy about showing us the clip, his body and the DNA report; the Muslim cleric who performed the last rites, etc… Above all, why risk another air voyage, this time again through Pakistan all the way to the Indian Ocean for the sake of dumping his corpse.

  15. Anonymous

    Obama, and most of his admin, are affirmative action babies, and now we see what happens…..Obama for sure gave up those seals!!!!! He and Eric Holder should be arrested and JAILED for the rest of their lying, stinking lives…..I hope Obama voters are happy now…..Now maybe you can see the truth, and know that Obama is nothing but a radical and is here to ruin America….he hates America….we don’t even know where he comes from….the MSM should also be held accountable….they got him elected!!!!! GOOD vs. EVIL….GOOD will always win, may take some time, but this anti-American Muslim, we will be held accountable….

  16. Fog of War

    It’s moronic “journalists” like this that make the internet unreliable. Learn your facts before you make up such bullsh**….oh, wait, you can’t because there are no facts about SEAL Team 6. Identifying the team puts no one in danger; as there are no official records of the men who make up the team. Fall for the idiotic bullsh** conspiracies all you want; this one is no different than every other conspiracy. I know men in the Special Operations; you know nothing of how they work.

  17. invar

    I guess I can ascertain that it’s ignorant armchair generals that denounce facts for whatever fiction this regime spews. I think your mind is it’s own ‘fog of war’ that obscures your ability to objectively discern a reality.

    It was not that the Team itself was named, but that INDIVIDUALS ON THE TEAM were named.

    If you had bothered to check some facts that lent itself to the ‘speculation’ given above – you would know that the IDIOT we have for Vice President of the United States, named BY NAME – the COMMANDER OF THE UNIT that led the team that ‘killed Bin Laden’ at a public dinner at the Ritz Carlton to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Atlantic Council on Wednesday May, 4th. Here’s what the Bozo said IN PUBLIC:

    “Let me briefly acknowledge tonight’s distinguished honorees. _______ James _________ is a , is the real deal. He can tell you more about and understands the incredible, the phenomenal, the just most unbelievable capacity of his Navy SEALs and what they did last Sunday.”

    So if journOlists can hunt down to find this man’s family to ask questions like how they feel about their ‘dad/husband/son’ for ‘killing Bin Laden’ – what makes you think Jihadists would not have the same capability??

  18. digilante

    Fog of War…..you are wrong. I know 3 that are no longer with us.

  19. Quahog King

    If the so-called ‘facts’ associated with 911 were presented to us in the context of a Perry Mason mini-series, and Perry was put in the position of defending Bin Laden, I betcha most people would be prepared to exonerate the tall Saudi, not because he’s so likeable and appealing, but rather, because so very many suspicious goings on point away from him. The modern inability of citizens to suspect funny business in regard to the assassination that produced no photographic evidence, and this, of the head perp of the crime of the century. The head-scratching nonsense goes on and on, yet, still, so many choose to embrace the official fairy story.

  20. Teena

    This is the first time that I’ve read any of this. I appreciate you covering it. I hate the Obama administration, and where they are taking our country. Our country is almost unrecognizable right now. It sickens me to think that our leaders could have intentionally killed any of our brave Navy SEALs, Soldiers, etc. But it would NOT surprise me at all. I believe Obama is a Muslim, who lied about being a Christian. If Obama and his cronies did kill our brave SEALS, then that is the biggest act of treason that I can imagine. They deserve a tribunal and then to be publicly executed. I am speaking from the perspective of a proud Army wife and Bible believing Christian. May God Bless Our Country, Our Troops, and May He make us the Great Country we once were.

  21. Teena

    BTW I forgot to mention, my husband just got back from spending a year in Afghanistan. And he has done 3 different deployments for a year each to Iraq. These men and women put their lives on the line for almost no money. I think too many people forget about their sacrifices. And that they are the reason that we have the freedoms that I so love and cherish. HOOAH!!! or OOH-RAH!!! (depending on your branch of service)

  22. Anonymous

    Thank you for sticking your foot up FOG OF WAR’S ass.

  23. Anonymous

    By saying this you are a disgrace to our country. Our government isn’t evil, eventhough the presidents stupid

  24. Ed Cassidy

    Anonymous you are the disgrace to our country for your ignorance and Sheeple remarks go back to the couch watch some more Travon Martin trial and you will be glad to know Casy Anthoney is back in the news to keep people like you occupied from the real issues that you and those like you should be paying attention

  25. Anonymous

    Well said Ed Cassidy. This whole thing is bottom line bullsh**. Who does this to anyone, let alone our own people who are putting a lot on the line. it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears for those men to earn the honor of being called a Navy SEAL only to be mistreated and have their lives stolen for a political scandal. Not only are our people of America being mistreated but our soldiers too?! We the people shouldn’t take this like the majority of us do. This is not what a government should be like. For the people, by the people! Don’t tread on us!

  26. Concerned Grandma

    If you think for one moment this couldn’t happen watch the movie The Agenda. We are in a fight for the salvation of America. The socialists are winning because we are so blind sided by the media. Wake up America. God is in charge and we need to be on our knees praying for forgiveness and return to Him to save us.

  27. I knew it! Obumer is EVIL to the core!! so is Hitlary and Holder!

  28. Anonymous

    Ever think that maybe they are just saying the members of ST6 are dead to help protect the families from retribution and retaliation? Its pretty easy to relocate people nowadays with new identities.

  29. invar

    Uh… NO. Not when the VICE PRESIDENT OUTED THEM BY NAME AND UNIT at a stump speech to praise Obama’s ‘heroic decision’.

    The contempt these people have for our military and the lengths they will go to fulfill their agenda – would astound you. In fact, the nexus of those who put Obama into power have planned to exterminate 25 million of us according to a former FBI insider. A chopper shot down with the very guys inside who supposedly killed Bin Laden is no coincidence.

    It’s called leaving no loose ends.

  30. If you’re going to write an “expose” type article that is to be taken seriously, you shouldn’t use a proven fake photo of what is supposed to be Seal Team 6. It makes your case look a bit weak.

  31. invar

    It’s called ‘editorial license’ to convey the idea of the story. Plus, the photo in the blog is labeled “US Navy Seal”, not specifically Seal Team 6.

    How about the substance of the speculation rather than attempting to dis the story based on a banner pic?

  32. June

    “FAUX” Sheeple News Report:>~~ BIN LADEN ALREADY DEAD
    Im still waiting for an explaination of why our loved one remains were used to fill potholes of the NYC streets people drive on everyday. And I wonder how that investigation is going via: The PENTAGON of how on earth could our troops remians end up being thrown into a Virgina landfill right out side the AF base. They “we’re Looking into it”. Months later…still no explanation. Per govt connection, our troops are shot up with a “protect your self against muslim virus’s, vaccine” which is really not a vaccine. Its don’t wake up KOOLAIDE. & not the first time the govt tested on our military either, and its surpassed expectations!. People are waking up. Hense the reason Panetta had our troops disarm before he came to speak to them, and leave their weapons outside. First time EVER in history to ask our own military to disarm, and no one even questions it. Wakey wakey people. This government does NOT work for “we the people” and will continue their evil killing of innocent people and satanic rituals until you do!! SHEEPLE ARE FREEKING PATHETIC! OUR GOVT ARE THE TERRORISTS! & Fighting for our freedom is a lie, to carry out more genocide.People are in for a BIG surprise real soon.
    ~~~> Published December 26, 2001

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,41576,00.html#ixzz258CJPQTm

  33. Anonymous

    Total BS this article.

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  35. Wannabe

    The men shot down were not the same squadron that got Osama. Also in the wars it is extremely common for other teams and branches of service to help eachother out. JSOC is “Joint” Special Operations Command so yes different teams work together. Our task force in 2003, 2004, and 2007 was Marines but we were frequently extracted by the Army and during one specific operation our QRF force was Army 10th Mountain. Now to the killing of Osama, it does make me wonder, I just dont get how there is no official picture of the body or even the sea burial, it was after all conducted on a Navy ship with thousands of sailors on board so I find it hard to believe no one snapped a picture! Also your Seal Team 6 photo is way bogus, not even wearing the same Load Bearing Vests, wrong helmets, and wrong weapons.

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  38. The government and Obama have created a flying unicorn; shhh, don’t tell nobody..

  39. Scott Sutton

    Is this some kind of humor site, like the Onion? It’s pretty funny, but strangely pathetic at the same time because I think people actually take it seriously.

  40. jacqueline skur

    You are perceptive. Unlike these others. I kept reading in hopes of an insight such as yours. And to the others: to belittle is to be little. You’re demeaning the subject, our country and yourselves. Stop. If you can’t say something nice …

  41. I am not a person with any background in such things, but having spent a lot of time reading about the political situation in the world and especially the behaviors of the shadow people in government, it seems that deaths, “suicides” murders and unexplained disappearances are increasing in number. And I, too thought immediately that the Seal Team was set-up because they obviously did not kill Osama bin Laden. The Whilte House joke – tv coverage of a group of Obamaites viewing the taking down of OBL with Hilary watching, hand covering mouth in an anxiety ridden moment Come on! How phony can the WH be? Why didn’t the screen showing the group watching the experience turn ever so slightly to show what everyone at the WH was watching? There was nothing close to what was reported going on. No wonder Obama said the American people are stupid. No kidding – that was such an insulting coverage it is surprising people were not up in arms about it. A raid perhaps – but OBL was dead long before that happened – and oddly enough, my first thought was, a bump in the election numbers will save Obama from failing. At that time, his numbers were so low, there was not a chance he could win ( in my opinion). He needed an extraordinary bump to put him in the winner’s circle. If not, his numbers would have fallen too low to recover.
    But why did the American people cheer? Something is wrong in this country with the way people react.
    The country should extend at least to the families of the Navy Seal Team 6 and the others a warm appreciation for what their families have sacrificed. Every person who died in that set-up should be awarded a medal of honor. The leaders who sent the Chinook into that death trap need to be charged. No matter how high it goes, there can never be an excuse to force a military person into a certain death situation for political reasons.
    This is why our country is no longer the greatest land – it began faltering when LBJ killed JFK and got worse when Bush Sr with deceitful CIA background infiltrated the entire government. When the Franklin cover-up and national pedophile ring that was connected to the White House and Congress became news, we knew our country was headed for disaster. No one stopped it. Everyone looked the other way. read about Johnny Gosch.
    Now look what we have- our finest, the finest in the world, set-up for political reasons then killed and then cremated FGS and worse having a Iman say such words of disgrace over the finest men in the world. Whoever is responsible for that needs to be sent to prison. If we prosecute the whistleblowers, Snowden and Manning, heros themselves, then by God the men responsible for the death and funeral of all the men on the Chinook that day should be charged , prosecuted and if guilty, imprisoned for life.

  42. Anonymous

    I am training to be a seal and after my 5 years I want to go into devgru, thank god it will be after obama is out of office. I think this is some what true, we did kill binladin because my navy brothers said they pumped a couple mags into the bastard after the op was complete. Though, the fact that Obama gave out the devgru force is what led to this event. He let them out and the only way to reverse that was to kill all of the guys there and say that team six was no longer in service. Obama is a murderer and he will rot in hell.

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