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DHS Depicts White Conservative-Looking Americans As Bomb-Planting Terrorists



The Narrative continues – now with commercials that depict White Americans planning the next 9-11-styled attack.

If you have been reading this blog of late, we have been cataloguing the deliberate efforts of the Ruling Class, the Obama regime and Democrats in high office with calling the TEA Party and Conservatives with being “terrorists”.  While Obama denied that his Administration and the Vice President had called them Terrorists, the truth of what they want the American people to think comes out in a Hollywood-esque produced propaganda hit-piece.  You guessed it – a 30 second commercial airing all over the television and cable DEPICTS white, conservative-looking people with attempting to plant explosives at public transportation stations:

The “See something, Say something” campaign is a throwback to a Gestapo-era pogram of encouraging German citizens of snitching on their neighbors.  The same frightening conditions existed in the Soviet empire.

Meanwhile, our Southern borders are wide open, the TSA continues to strip search grandma and white Americans at airports, the media refuses to even identify terror attacks as being perpetrated by Islamic radicals – but the government at the lead and behest of Obama – have not only called Americans terrorists, now they are presenting film to set in the minds of as many easily beguiled people as possible, that Islamists are not the threat – but TEA party Conservative Americans are.

This is a set up folks.  That’s all this ‘tool’ of the Marxists contributes to.

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