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Leiberman: Obama Regime Refuses To Say ‘Violent Islamic Extremists’


But the Obama regime is very eager to accuse White Conservatives and the Tea Party with being ‘violent extremists’ and ‘terrorists’.

They even issue reports and Assessments to drive home their contention that Conservative Americans are violent extremists .  But using “Islam” and “Extremist” together is verbotten in the Obama White House.

The narrative is that violent extremists do not exist due to Islam, but that ‘violent domestic extremists’ in the USA come from ideologies that are not Islamic,but Conservative or ‘right wing’ and that the government must empower local law enforcement to counter them.

Even Joe Lieberman has noted Obama’s refusal to even say the words “Islamic Extremism”.

Gross ignorance, or deliberate?

My bet is on the latter.

Manchurian Candidate anyone?

Or should we just call Obama the Indonesian Candidate?


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