Obama Supporters’ New Civility: Kill TEA Party Republicans and Conservative Americans

All over the internet, from Google to Twitter to online video games – the meme is becoming the same: kill Republicans and Americans who disagree with the Marxist agenda.

It’s incredible isn’t it?  A mere 8 months after the tragic shooting by crazed lunatic Jared Laughner of several persons in Tucson Arizona, including Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Obama gave a speech demanding ‘civility’ in our political discourse immediately after his supporters tried pinning the murder on radio Conservatives, Veterans or Tea Party supporters.  Of course like all Obama’s pledges, that one was also a bogus lie of convenience for political sake.  Obama and his people had no intention of dialing back the demonizations and subtle calls for violence against their political opponents.

So, this past Labor Day, when Union thug bosses who support the Marxist-In-Chief called for war on the Tea Party and Conservative Americans, Obama state’s his pride in James Hoffa, and his spokesimbecile has ‘no comment’ when asked if Obama condemns the remarks of his Teamster supporter mafioso.

This is the new tone in America today from the Left and Obama’s Brownshirt supporters: ‘Got to war on Conservative Americans’; ‘wipe out them sonofabitches’; ‘kill Tea Party members’.

And it’s not at political rallies alone we get to read and hear the insane cries for bloodshed.  The internet social sites are filled with overt calls for the deaths of Republicans and other folks who support an originalist view of our Constituion and government and want some fiscal sanity to return to those placed in positions of administrating civic responsibility to  the people.

Here’s just a sampling from Twitter – about what folks are ‘tweeting’ about everyone from the Tea Party in general, to specific candidates like Rick Perry or Sarah Palin:

H/T Twittercivility at Youtube

But that’s not all – the Left has even decided it would be ‘good fun’ to depict Conservative Tea Party members as ‘zombies’ and let the user kill them in very horrific and gory fashions.

TEA PARTY ZOMBIES MUST DIE! features zombies such as “Pissed off old white guy”, “Pissed off stupid white trash birther”, “Expresses racist views on the internet modern klan”, “We tricked the God people into believing in tax cuts for the rich executive”, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Brit Hume, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glen Back and the Koch brothers.  The user gets to start with a crow bar to ‘kill’ the above mentioned folks, and graduate to knives, guns and other killing weapons.

H/T Gateway Pundit for the images.

As I have been warning – the narrative being struck is that Conservatives are terrorists, racists, and evil – and on top of calls from Union Mob Bosses to go to war on them, the faithful Marxist followers of this regime are now openly calling in both serious and in non-direct fashion to ‘kill them’.


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17 responses to “Obama Supporters’ New Civility: Kill TEA Party Republicans and Conservative Americans

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  2. Things are spiraling out of control without any real leadership in teh Hite House! 🙂 Happy to find you!

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  5. steadysteve

    They want it ,they’ll get it.

  6. herbork

    What, again? Remember how the Left churned out pop songs, a movie (pseudo-documentary), nasty blurts from celebrities, even whole novels dedicated to the assassination of President Bush?
    All these jerks are jabbering with fear. 2012 is going to be political torture porn. The smartest people in the room are starting to notice the exit door is locked.

  7. Anonymous

    I can fearlessly and confidently say that obama (no, I will not capitalize his horrid name) is evil. He is a deceiver. (hint hint) He can rot in hell

  8. Anonymous

    The tide is finally turning against you tyrants, and you just can’t stand it, can you? Death to the exploiters!

  9. invar

    Bring it. We’re waiting until we see the white’s of your eyes, and then, you and your demonic ilk are gonna wish you never made that last mistake.

    You have no clue whatsoever what is coming when that moment comes.

    And you will rue it.

  10. Anonymous

    All republicans are lairs, just like you are. You come up with the most incredible lies and expect people to believe them.

    If the Lord loves the truth, please, just lie doen and die.

  11. invar

    THANK YOU for being dumb enough and stupid enough to prove the entire point of this entry; that YOU PEOPLE want us TEA Party Americans to die or be killed.

    As usual, you leftist morons provide nothing of substance to counter the FACTS that were posted here. You did not disprove the links I provided, the screen captures of the leftist web sites and video games that depict the killing of Republicans and Tea Party Conservatives. So what LIES exactly are listed in this entry?

    NONE. You have provided no evidence to prove what I asserted here is false.

    But more importantly, your own words that you want us to ‘die’ is just more evidence that this entry regarding you stooges for Obama and the Left want us all dead.

    The only question is if you people hate us Americans enough to attempt to kill us yourselves if given the opportunity, or if you will want the government to kill us all for you.

    My guess is that you are a gutless, spineless coward with no honor, and you and your ilk will want the government to do it for you.

    But as history shows, once you empower such genocide and tyranny – it always ends up turning on those who encouraged it.

    But in any case, we are waiting for you stooges of Communism to make that last mistake.

  12. Anonymous

    Its the governments job to provide for those who can’t provide for themselves. You republicans sit there and protect the uber-rich, and try and restrict healthcare for women. Republicans are evil and deserve to die.

  13. invar

    Look imbecile, it’s not the government’s job to do charity. There is NOWHERE in our founding documents that grant authority to the government to provide such charity. Charity was the province of individuals and private cultural institutions like the church. Giving government the authority to do charity is the fastest and most insidious form of imposing tyranny on a free people.

    But that is what you Socialist scum are all about, and how you go about achieving your whacked-out utopian nightmares.

    Socialists like yourself are the real evil in this country. The fact you wish your political opponents dead is just the continuation of evidence that leftists like you are in reality – wannabe genocidal maniacs, that will empower the government to not only give freebies, but to use them to exterminate those you do not like.

    Well, unlike other historical societies where the people were unarmed or disarmed, you people are going to rue the day you ever actually thought to kill those you hate politically.

    We’re waiting for you scum to make your last mistake.

  14. Tim

    This video game seems bad ass. “Charity was the province of individuals and private cultural institutions like the church.” That’s true, and why republicans should stick with the constitution instead of trying to change it to fit their religious beliefs. When you install religion for government, the state becomes the charitable church.

  15. invar

    Thank you for illustrating your abject ignorance of our founding history and heritage and the role religion was intended to play in keeping both the Constitution and Liberty intact.

    The fact the church no longer has the role it once had in influencing the culture and the country is WHY the government is become god and why liberty is being subjugated to tyranny.

  16. ihateteabaggers

    you are f*cking retarded. Don’t procreate you racist, homophobic, xenophobic piece of sh*t.

    By the way Invar…yeah. I DO want you and your ilk to eat a f*ing bullet.

  17. invar

    We’re just waiting for your ilk to make that last mistake.

    Go ahead.

    Make our day. We’re locked, loaded and just waiting for you people to cross that final line.

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