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Obama’s Army/Union Thugs Launch Terror Attack

Union Longshoremen storm the Port of Longview and riot, damaging property, overturning grain cars, cutting brake lines and holding six security guards hostage.

On the heels of all the declarations of Tea Party Terrorists and Union Boss James Hoffa inciting “Obama’s Army” to “Take out the sonofabitches” – it seems one of the brigades of Obama’s Army has decided to take a page from the riots in Egypt and London, or follow Hoffa’s command – and go violent.

The Longshoremen in Seattle decided to strike – which in Union language means bring bats and crowbars and beat in skulls and otherwise perform mayhem to force capitulation to their demands.  In the wee hours this morning, a gang of hundreds of these union members stormed the port, and went beserk – even taking six security guards ‘hostage’.

The ‘reasons’ for the strike you can read in the links to the wire services at AP, what I want to note is the following:

Hundreds of Longshore workers stormed the Port of Longview, overpowered security guards, damaged rail cars and dumped grain at the center of a labor dispute that also stopped work at four other ports on Thursday, officials said.

Six guards were detained for a couple of hours after at least 500 Longshoremen broke down gates about 4:30 a.m. and smashed windows in the guard shack, said Longview Police Chief Jim Duscha. He called the detained guards “hostages.”

No one was hurt, and nobody has been arrested.

No one was arrested.  It’s AMAZING what kid gloves law enforcement uses when it comes to Democrats involved in mob actions, or Unions involved in terrorism.

Yes.  I said terrorism.

I want you to think how it would be reported if the Tea Party or non union Conservative Americans decided to ‘strike’ and stop government tyranny and do what these thugs did – using violent intimidation, damaging property and holding persons hostage to make their demands known.  Imagine it.

Last I checked, hostage taking was a felony.  Under the Patriot Act  the activities the Union thugs engaged in are classified as domestic terrorism. “Using violence and intimidation to coerce a civilian population”.  Yet somehow – no charges are filed if union thugs engage in terrorism.  Imagine if the Tea Party destroyed property and held some elected officials in their office by similar mob actions?

Napalitano and DHS would be on every network calling it domestic terrorism.  Every SWAT team in the country would be suited up to ‘take back our streets from Tea Party Terrorists’.  Congress would hold hearings to pass new laws criminalizing the Tea Party.  Eric Holder would have Federal terrorism charges applied to those arrested.  Obama would empower DHS to ‘shut down’ any Tea Party rallies should what these Union thugs just did be perpetrated by anyone deemed to be a Conservative.

You cannot block the entrance to an abortion clinic to prevent the killing of a baby without being arrested, but if you are a Union thug, and you overturn cars, beat in skulls with fists and bats, threaten individuals with violence, dump out boxcars full of grain and hold security guards hostage – no charges will be filed.  By local police (who are Union members themselves) or by Department of Justice lawyers for the regime.

On the other hand, Conservatives are told told they are terrorists and charged with racism when they assemble on the steps of the Capitol to protest the illegal passing of ObamaCare. Recall how the Teachers Union thugs were treated when they took over and occupied the Wisconsin State Capitol.   They were not called terrorists, not called intimidators – they were heralded by the media and the regime as ‘heroes against Walker’.

Conservatives attending Town Hall meetings are declared Nazis and ‘ugly mobs’ that made lawmakers say that they felt intimidated.

But if Marxists, and their allies in the Unions, welfare cretins incited by political Race pimps go on actual rampages of violence – then there are no charges brought against them.

I’m certain Eric Holder at the DOJ is too busy trying to absolve himself from incriminating evidence tying him to the illegal ATF Gunrunning scandal to Mexican drug cartels so Obama can eliminate the Second Amendment to be bothered with enforcing the law against those in Obama’s Army of Union Thugs, aka; the New Brownshirts.

Looks to me that the Unions decided to take the incitement from Hoffa and Trumpka to declare war and “take these sonofabitches out”.

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