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Big Brutha IS Watching

Obama Site Asks Americans To Report Any URL’s, Blogs, Articles, or Forum Posts, That Are Negative Towards Dear Leader.

The Gestapo.  The Stasi.  The NKVD.

Obama has new orders for his “Army”.  He wants Americans to “report” any sites and URLS that have any negative thoughts towards Obama that can be deemed ‘attacks’ on his policies and statements. These reports are filed directly to the White House via a new Obama 2012 web site where the agent, acting on behalf of the interests of The Regime can report to the Gestap…errr…Stasi….err the Ministers of Truth – yeah that’s it – so they can “correct” the ‘smears’, ‘lies’ and ‘distortions’.

Attack Watch and Attack Wire are two new weapons offerings for the Marxists to use in their continued ‘revolution’.  Presented in glorious red, black and white in a neo-throwback to 1930’s Fascist and Soviet era propaganda, the new site reflects the totalitarian look and feel from which such snitch programs were born.

Given the recent ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign that depicts White ‘Tea Party-type’ persons engaged in planting bombs, this is just another escalation of the meme that is trying to get Americans to turn on Obama’s political opponents.  Intimidation is certainly part of the Chicago Thug Way.  I imagine sometime real soon, Guido and some Chicago Union thugs are going to show up and kindly ask for retractions of our political opinions and speech that is not flattering to their chosen messiah.  This is how tyranny works folks.

I say they can pound sand.

They tried doing a similar Snitch Program like this once before in 2009, that directed reports of lies/smears about ObamaCare to flag@whitehouse.gov  – and it was determined that such a program was  illegal if it collects data on those whom disagree with the President.

And now – a fitting commercial for Obama’s neo-stasi Jobs program that will employ millions of Americans: Attack Watch

UPDATE: Washington Post’s original  blog story – has had a title change so they can continue to attempt and cover up Obama’s petulance with this Snitch Program.

Elizabeth Flock originally titled her entry with the truth:

Attack Watch, new Obama campaign site to ‘fight smears,’ becomes laughing stock of the Internet –

But late this PM – was ordered to change it to:

Attack Watch, new Obama campaign site to ‘fight smears,’ becomes laughing stock of Conservatives

As if attempting to limit the ridicule of this Nazi-era Stalinist and Soviet snitch program can make it look as if Obama only suffers ridicule from America’s domestic terrorists: the Conservatives.

After all, it only goes to figure that Americans who go all out for a dumb flag – would also be the ones to ridicule a site intended to stop the dissing of our first monarch.

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