Marxist Says Class Warfare Does Not Exist Because Nobody Gets Rich On Their Own


Economic Policy Advisor Provides Proof That Socialist Dogma Rules The Minds of Obama’s Administration

Nothing you own, especially the wealth in your bank account, belongs to you.

According to Obama’s former economic policy advisor Elizabeth Warren, Class Warfare does not exist because all your wealth and property was obtained because of everyone else – so everyone else deserves a share of your wealth and property, and it is YOUR responsibility to “pay it forward” to those who may not have had any direct involvement in what you have and own.

I’m going to tear her tripe down line by line, because while it may sound good to those who are ignorant of how America is supposed to work, this is pure Maoist groupthink:


Okay – it’s my turn to cut this broad’s assertions down to size:

“I hear all this, you know, ‘Well, this is class warfare, this is whatever. No. There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own — nobody.

In the mind of a Marxist like Warren here, what you own and have belongs to the State – because they assert it is the State, the Collective, that enables you to have anything.  Therefore you OWE the State whatever the State deems you must surrender.  Be it your wealth, your property, your children, your life.  From Each according to their ability – TO each according to his need as determined by the State.

“You built a factory out there? Good for you. But I want to be clear. You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for.

Listen lady – how many government permits, fees and government studies did he have to pay for to get “permission” to even build his factory in the first place?  How much government regulation make up his operating costs before there is one cent of profit?  As to moving goods on the roads – I’m sure the factory owner paid, like the rest of us – the taxes collected to pay for those roads.  Does he not get to share in the benefits of that ‘investment’ (as Marxists call taxes) like the rest of us?  In fact lady, I bet the factory owner PAYS MORE in taxes for the roads than the rest of us pay for.  What kind of extra fees and taxes does his truck fleet have to pay that us regular SUV drivers do not?  Like all Marxists, you create the lie in people’s minds that the rich ‘business owners’ make their money off the backs of the proletariat while paying nothing.  That IS Class Warfare lady.

You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate.

You mean the Teachers Unions?  Your Communist Comrades?  Again – I’m sure the business owner pays the property taxes that fund the schools – MORESO than your average apartment dweller Democrat supporter does.  And what about the college educated?  Did the State educate them also or did they pay for their own tuition?  Again – you are trying to create the lie that the proletariat paid for the education of these workers and the business owner is just reaping benefits off Joe and Jane Sixpack’s backs.

You were safe in your factory because of police-forces and fire-forces that the rest of us paid for.

Property Taxes again lady.  The factory owner pays more than most of us combined for the police and fire protection they benefit from.  Most home owners in municipalities with a large industrial base have a smaller property tax bill that pays for police and fire, because the businesses pay the larger share.

You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory

No.  The factory owner has to worry about marauding government bureaucrats that will tax him out of business or  IRS thugs that will come and seize everything at his factory upon an audit.  He also has to worry about appeasing the race and poverty pimps so he isn’t sued into bankruptcy, and pay off the Union Mob bosses who can and will shut his factory down – via violence if necessary, and/or run it out of business to mandate the owner pay for benefits that price the factory’s product out of range of the free market.  That is to say nothing of ‘flash mobs’ that are being stoked by Marxist politicians like yourself to believe that they have the right to raid and steal from any business if they feel like it.

— and hire someone to protect against this — because of the work the rest of us did.

The “work” the rest of us did?  Listen toots, I didn’t do a damn thing to enable a business owner to hire security or pay more in taxes for the local police department.  But because your religion is of the “Collective” like the Borg from Star Trek – you assert no one has a right to anything they have, were it not for the “work” of everyone else.  Therefore – in Marxist Groupthink – they are owed a share that the state determines needs to be redistributed.

“Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific, or a great idea. God bless — keep a big hunk of it.

Or not – if the factory is not Union and does not contribute to Obama and the Democrats – then they do not get to keep any of it.  The government will raid it, and run it out of business like all good Fascists do.  Just ask Gibson Guitar about how big a hunk they are allowed to keep for themselves.

But part of the underlying social contract is, you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.”

I do not find any “underlying” Marxist contract or structure in the Constitution of the United States or the Declaration of Independence.  Just because you Marxists assert legal sounding terms such as ‘social contract’ and social justice’ means diddly squat, because you are perpetrating a fraud, a scam, and ultimately Class Warfare for political takeover of private property – which is treason in my estimation.

Morons like this Warren broad are epidemic in the Obama regime which seeks to empower the state over all wealth and property in the United States.  And they will assert your property and wealth does not belong to you alone – but to the Collective that allows you to have what you have.

And – when it is decided, the Collective will empower the state to take what you have for the good of the collective.

After all, what you now own is not yours in the first place – but theirs. Their benevolence has allowed you to benefit from everyone else’s work and they can demand your “Shared sacrifice” anytime they deem it necessary.



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7 responses to “Marxist Says Class Warfare Does Not Exist Because Nobody Gets Rich On Their Own

  1. Airdale

    Dealing with Elizabeth Warren.

    To me she sounds like a college freshman who having taken one semester of classes goes home and tells his parents “You people know nothing”..and feeling that he has to total answer to every question in the universe. He later, if he studies hard will learn just how little ‘he’ knows.

    However its seems to me that Warren never went beyond the ‘Mr. Knowitall’ stage.

    If she is a politician or wishes to become one she should understand very clearly that SHE produces ZERO profit or income. What she receives is what has been taken from those who DO make profits.Be it by a job or starting a business.

    Government creates no wealth. THey steal,not to put too fine a point on it, those who do produce wealth via taxes,fees,regulations,etc.

    So she is wrong. She absolutely will,if elected, only gain income from others endeavors. Also by regulating they can reduce the people’s profits by taxation or other schemes.

    When I retired from the workplace I had no pension for several years and no Social Security. With my OWN finances and borrowing I brought my farm. I had to pay ‘capital gains’ tax also on the sale of my residence. The second farm I owned brought back in the 70s I paid the owner who didn’t even hold a title.

    By the literal sweat of my brow I had to dismiss the farmers (operators we call them) who were putting in the row crops for the former owner. They were completely destroying the fields by poor farming practices. For the few years I allowed them to continue until I retired I received almost nothing. Half of $1.10 for corn,less for wheat and so on. They were stealing me blind.

    I then had to purchase my farming equipment. Two tractors,disks,haybine,rake,square baler and round baler. Then with my own money had to buy seed stock to sow the fields down for hay. I was farming and my crops was hay. I also custom cut,raked and baled others fields all over the county. I made enough for food on the table.

    Did the government or any others provide for me and my family? No.Nada. Zilch. Only if I worked very hard and many long hours did I recveive any income for MY WORK.

    Yes there was a USDA and a Soil Conservation Service. I received NOTHING from them. They are now the FSA and no longer appear to perform conservation. Everyone is ‘sod busting’ and cutting down every tree and fence row they can. The FSA pays them ‘cost share
    ‘ to do this. This to me is no longer farming. Its ‘industrial agribusiness’ for they are NOT SUSTINABLE…yet todays farmers are mostly going it alone. They are the ones driving the equipment in the fields and bringing in the crops.

    I wonder if Warren has every truly walked on a real farm.Or watched as her crops and livelhood burned up with drought or blew down from wind or the weeds that now have grown immune to the vast amount of Herbicides, Insecticides and Pesticides that are now part of ‘farming'(bigag).

    I once owned a Computer Consulting business. It was just me doing the work. No one else. The third party firm that interceded between me and the customer/firm took half my pay and did almost nothing in return. I was the mainframe programmer and I was on my own. No help from anyone else. The third party only cut me a check. That was their part.

    So if Warren thinks she is election material she dearly needs to go back for some followup class work and forget the philosophical BS she is spouting. It just does not work they way she is parroting it to the crowd she is sternly trying to lecture that I see on that YouTube video.

    But taken to the ninth degree she is right that without a customer many would not make a profit. EXCEPT those who live sustainably just exactly I and my brother did on my grandfathers subsistance farm of 100 acres back in the late 30’s and 40s up to 1950. We drove mules,drew water from a cistern and traded/bartered for a bit of flour,salt and sugar.That was all. No one gave us a dime. We did the work or starved.

    Yet it was a good life and a healthy life. I take no medications and have never been hospitalized. Today I live almost the same lifestlyle. As sustainable as I can make it. Cook and heat on a old fashioned wood stove. If the electric goes off tomorrow I can keep on without a hitch. In fact in the ice storm here a few years back I was 6 weeks without power.

    All this nonsense she is spouting shows how little she knows expect for a collegiate life where others pay via taxes to support the universities and pay HER. Sure she couldn’t get by otherwise. And now she wishes to become a politician and live off our tax dollars! Other people’s work and endeavors pay her way. Where do her and those like her come from?? They must not get out often. She needs to visit the REAL world and get out of lala land.

    So here is the question. We came from a farming lifestlye way back. In my state when my ancestor arrived there were no cities and no factories. Back east yes but not here. He had no money,no land and no family. He started by working on others farms until he could
    pull hisself up by his bootstraps.

    Back when this was all a frontier who was helping who? So if this was our heritage in this country why is Warren spouting this spiel? Its not the way it was back then and the way it is now is mostly controlled by government policy and laws. It all just did magiacally
    appear on the raw land. Neighbors would barter and trade off work. If you were lazy then or stole then you were an outcast and no one would deal with you. Your reputation was of supreme importance.

    Word got out and went around. As we drove to the small town 8 miles away to trade ,when I lived with my mothers uncle, with a wagon and team of mules we would stop and trade gossip along the way. My aunt would make butter to trade at the store in town. That was barter back then. You kept an account and no interest was charged and when your tobacco crop came in you paid you bill off. Your crop failed and you just tightened your belt and prayed for better next season.

    But these were proud people,my kinfolks. We asked for no handouts and none were given. You didn’t pay your bill off when you had the means you suddenly got no more on credit. Life was simple then,hard but simple and I have a feeling Lizzy Warren might have grown up
    a slacker. A ner do well. And here she is telling us how it all is.

    Well I certainly do NOT need any of what she is selling. And she IS NOT helping me do anything. If elected SHE will be living off others and that much she has right!!!!


  2. Airedale

    I see my copy and paste from my text file did not format very well.
    Over on TTOL one had 15 minutes to type a comment and then was logged off.
    That is why I type my text into a file and then paste it.

    Sorry for the sloppiness of that comment.

  3. invar

    Fixed the formatting for you.

    You said a few things I want to reply to.

    If she is a politician or wishes to become one she should understand very clearly that SHE produces ZERO profit or income

    In the minds of these Socialists and Marxists in power in our government – you need to understand that they believe all your wealth and money comes from them. They believe it is they who ALLOW you to have what wealth and property you own, and you would have no property or money if government was not there to redistribute it.

    So if Warren thinks she is election material she dearly needs to go back for some followup class work and forget the philosophical BS she is spouting.

    Warren already IS a bureaucrat politician. She was a CABINET-LEVEL policy advisor to Obama. She was the one in charge of the TARP bailout funds – which given her spew on the video ought to tell you everything you need to know about what they did with all those billions upon billions: they redistributed them to their sycophantic supporters – and you and I are stuck with that tax bill.

    It just does not work they way she is parroting it to the crowd she is sternly trying to lecture that I see on that YouTube video.

    Well, this is what Marxists like her do. They lecture us about how rotten and selfish we are to have any property not controlled by them.

  4. Airedale

    “Warren is already a politician………”

    I had seen one previous video presentation on the net and had a vague inking of her background. But I also thought she was somewhat into economics as well , since that was the topic of her presentation. What it boiled down to was why did the USA change economical so fast and her pitch was that it was due to women entering the job market …somewhere in the sixties.

    A point I do agree with and in my past at work some of the women who worked in my dept,I was team-leader, hinted that I was of trending toward male chauvinism.when all I demanded was workable code.
    My rebuttal ,as a joke,was to put a feather duster on their desks. Didn’t go down to well. Mhhh.

    I am of the ‘old school’ and perhaps that is why they chided me so much.

    In my defense I can point to have been married only once and to the same woman for about 50 years.

    BTW I like the way the owner has set this blog up. Very user friendly and easy to navigate. I am looking forward to the next topic. Perhaps one on the ongoing republican debates.

    I still have not had time to read all the previous topic as yet and intend to do so shortly.

    Airedale-hope this formats better..since I am typing it ‘inplace’.

  5. Airedale

    I made a typo or two in the above post. Since one is best creating the text in line,so to speak, is it possible to be able to EDIT it once you post it?

    I should have perused it before hitting the POST icon.
    I promise to do better in the future as I become more used to the site. I am still stuck in Forumland it seems.


  6. invar

    Well Airedale, this is a blog and not a forum, so replies are limited to being seen on the essay you reply on instead of a thread. And typing it in place does work better as pasting formats from other applications tends to cause havoc.

    It would be good to review your replies before hitting ‘submit’ as I believe only blog authors and contributors have ability to edit the replies.

  7. Airedale

    Agree on my going off topic. I tend to create in a former Forum oriented manner since I usually was not too involved in blog,even though I once ran/owned one. Promise to do better.

    On topic. has a interesting post on Warren and her salary.
    And they note she was previously a Harvard Law prof.

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