High Food Prices? You ‘Aint Seen Nothing Yet!

Growing fuel instead of food is stupid – unless starving the people into government submission is a goal.


I normally don’t blog on economics, leaving that expertise to my friend John Galt FL over at Shenendoah, who has plenty to say about our collapsing economy.

However, if you’ve gone grocery shopping recently, the shock of your bill might leave you in need of medical attention as food prices are skyrocketing.  The high cost of food has it’s roots in political mandate and bureaucracy and I want to address that in light of a potential famine our own government will be responsible for.

The price of vegetables is near ridiculous.  The price of corn and cereals made from corn is absolutely absurd.  Peanuts and peanut butter prices are insane.  Massive crop failures from an overwet and stormy Spring were outdone by a record-breaking massive drought in Texas and Oklahoma.  But crop failures from bad weather are not the sole cause of food hyperinflation.

Government is.

You heard me right. The Federal government of the United States is engaged in crop policy that will be remembered as either short-sighted idiocy, or horrifying insidiousness.  I’m going with the latter.  Our own Federal behemoth of a government, is responsible for the skyrocketing balloon of food prices, either by sheer stupidity or by design.

How can I say that?

Simple, this government is mandating nearly half of our corn crop must be used to produce Ethanol to meet federal government fuel standards.  No thinking person assumes growing fuel in a depression is a wise decision unless the consequences of doing so are a desired effect.

We’re growing fuel instead of food by government mandate and incentive.  As a result of the exploding corn prices, livestock producers and dairy farmers are going out of business and those that remain, are saying that already-inflated prices must rise another 20% just for farmers just to break even.

Since it’s now policy for government to swing in to ‘bail out’ whomever is screaming about hurting – is it too much of a stretch to say that a giant public outcry over food prices would open the door for the Obama regime to collectivize farms?  I mean, Stalin did that in the Ukraine in the 1920’s to supposedly ease the burden of food prices in the Soviet Union.  He ended up starving over 20 million people to death.

The Obama/Democrat playbook is no secret: create as much misery and pain so as the people cry out for something to be done – and then the government takes over the target of blame.

Even the NY Post is reporting on the pain at the food store.

Getting slammed at the supermarket


…Corn is nearly twice as expensive now as it was last summer — even though US farmers planted the second-largest crop since World War II.

Why? Well, 40 percent of the crop goes to produce 12.6 billion gallons of ethanol to meet the government’s renewable fuel standards. In other words, much crop land is being used to produce ethanol, not to produce food.

Isn’t that special?  Our own government is engineering a famine in our own land.  Stupidity, or something else?

Historically – tyrannical regimes use food as a weapon to starve their people into submission.  From a political point-of-view, the Democrat/Socialist model in America is to increase the dependents on government welfare in order to grow the power of the State.

More people on welfare and dependency, means more votes for Obama and the Marxists.  Human nature and scripture tell us that a man will sell his own birthright for a bowl of soup when he is hungry.  A fact of life not lost on those working to fundamentally transform the nation.  In fact, they are counting on it when their push comes to shove.

Between now and that point however, we get to be put on a forced fast, because as our dollar shrinks in value and prices skyrocket – the price of everything will climb into the stratosphere.

Something this blog has noted has been a goal of the current regime sitting on the throne of power.


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One response to “High Food Prices? You ‘Aint Seen Nothing Yet!

  1. Airedale

    Agree that prices are becoming unreasonable.The farmers here are quite happy with the commodities market.

    As for me though I don’t buy much at the grocery store since I decided 4 years ago to try to become as sustainable as possible. Its easy for me since my wife is not here to do the shopping. She used to ‘impulse shop’ for everything including food.

    I buy my bacon and ham from a farmer. Ditto the milk and eggs. I bake my own bread and have 2 bushels of wheat stored away to use on my homestead grinder. I can as much of my garden produce as possible. Eat fruit from my trees or my kinfolks, who tend to let the apples and peaches go to waste.

    I try to imitate how I grew up on the farm and find that its not only healthy but costs very very little plus I get all the exercise I need.I will heat and cook totally with wood this winter as I did the last two.

    IMO before long all who wish to survive the coming collapse will either die in place or learn to do without trips to the store. Granted I use electricity but I have PC and other means at my disposal.

    Also I note that the food is not as wholesome and nutritious as it used to be.

    Airedale-glad to not be tied to shopping for my sustenance and not totally there as yet but getting closer each day.Today I started harvesting my sweet potatoes,, and a very big crop that also store and keep extremely well.My turnips are also producing very well.

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