Watergate Squared to the Tenth Power

Potential Treason and Murder is followed by a Cover-up that looks to go all the way to the top.


The Gunwalker Scandal with Operation Fast & Furious have a far more insidious and sinister motive behind it than a stupid break in for campaign dirt.  Not only was this whole operation of running guns via all the Alphabets of the Federal Government to Mexican drug cartels, an attempt by the Obama regime to blame the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment as the culprit for violence in Mexico and our borders – but it was funded and paid for by Obama’s Stimulus program  – meaning we taxpayers funded this crime, and Obama signed that into law so it could be used to abolish our right to keep and bear arms.

But wait there’s more.  The hoped-for intent was that both the Mexican government and the Alphabets in the Fed would reveal that gun shows and gun sales in the U.S. were putting guns in the hands of drug cartels that then were being used to kill U.S. law enforcement officers.  Obama prepped this narrative of blaming America for the gun and drug violence in Mexico way back in April of 2009, a few short months after taking office.  Obama wanted to create a demand for renewed gun bans on all semi-automatic weapons in the hands of Americans, and push for a treaty to be ratified in the Senate to track and curtail arms in the U.S.  It was after this that Porkulus money was apportioned to the alphabets to conduct gunwalking operations to get guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.  The promise of increased annual funding and power over average Americans was a drug they could not pass up.

Not until those same weapons handed to the Mexican cartels were used to murder border patrol officer Brian Terry, did the moral weight of what was being done cause some whistleblowers in the ATF to go to public and ask Congress for help.

But as Senator Chuck Grassley is discovering – he is being stonewalled and stymied by Eric Holder at Obama’s IN-Justice Department at every step and turn.

Like the idiots they are, the GOP made a fatal blunder in thinking they could negotiate in good faith with Marxists hell-bent on turning the country upside down.  Like morons with no clue of the nature of a wolf, they thought if they spoon fed the beast – the beast would cooperate in the name of justice.  Eric Holder’s Justice Department that is.  See, Grassley and his clueless cadre of Republicans on the Judiciary Committee actually believed that if they confirmed James Cole as Deputy Atty General, Eric Holder promised to stop the stonewall and provide the information they requested.  Idiots, played for fools as they are finding out:

But Holder’s Department of Justice has stonewalled since Cole was approved in June, the senior senator from Iowa said.

“We’re getting inadequate answers,” he said. “The inadequacy of the answers is a violation of the agreement that we have with the attorney general that we will get all of our questions and sub-questions answered fully, based upon the deal that we made that I would let the nomination for the deputy attorney general move through the Senate.

“Until they did that, I wasn’t going to let it move and that leveraged them to make this agreement with us and they aren’t even following their own agreement with us.”

This is what happens when you negotiate in good faith with a wolf.  It deceives you, then eats you.

Grassley better recognize this fact quick: the Obama regime WILL NOT provide anything that will be used against it.  They will stonewall, obfuscate, destroy and delete anything that points to Obama and Holder being involved in this insidious plot.  Minions will be forced to fall on their swords before any attempt at justice reaches the arms of those two.  Bank on that.

You will need to follow the existing evidence Senator, even in terms of circumstance and timeline.

Obama began this odyssey  when he blamed America for all the gun violence in Mexico back before he was even sworn in, and publicly when he met with Mexican Presidente Calderone in 2009:

The “90% of US guns were used in Mexican crimes” was a proven bogus number Obama pulled out of thin air, one that this Operation Gunwalker sought to pad in favor of Obama’s insistence for the apparent purpose of shoving gun control measures down the throats of the American people.   Obama and his regime probably figured that by showcasing cartel murders from U.S. guns used in Mexico and against border patrol agents, the American public would go along with new restrictions on firearms ownership inside the USA.  They of course never being told that all those guns were sold by the ATF to drug cartels for the purpose of changing the political climate towards guns in this country.

Then, Obama and the Democrats actually earmarked money and use of  taxpayer stimulus funds to purchase guns specifically for Gunwalker for the purpose of putting them into the hands of the cartels:

 ‘For an additional amount for ‘State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance’, $40,000,000, for competitive grants to provide assistance and equipment to local law enforcement along the Southern border and in High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas to combat criminal narcotics activity stemming from the Southern border, of which $10,000,000 shall be transferred to ‘Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Salaries and Expenses’ for the ATF Project Gunrunner.’

Then Obama signed that into law – and the funds were used as appropriated – and guns flowed like water into the hands of the drug cartels in Mexico – all-the-while the ATF, FBI and other alphabets were ordered to let them go and pretend not to notice.

The motive, the conspiracy and the massive cover-up now ongoing, overshadows by exponential degrees, a little break-in that brought down the Richard Nixon Presidency.

Can we dare hope that a scandal even more insidious and treasonous would have similar consequences?




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3 responses to “Watergate Squared to the Tenth Power

  1. Gunwalker is a symptom of the true problem.
    Ruling class elites who are utterly obnoxious.
    An elite power structure where all who serve at the behest and will under these omnipotent tyrants are regarded as detestable ignorant savages.
    No question we are in for a fight. obama and all his ilk will never give up their power, make that their tyranny, unless it is pried from their cold dead fingers, As they are doing to us and our Liberty.
    Gunwalker is proof positive these traitors intentions are to rule with absolute power.
    We are never going to make it to 2012, they are going to make sure redress via the ballot box will not happen. They may be tyrants, but they are not stupid.
    Neither am I.
    You see, I’m not a tyrant and murderer.
    I am a sovereign citizen of the United States of America, who honors and respects the rule of law. Part of that rule of law gives me the unalienable Liberty to redress the tyranny enveloping my country. In doing so I have three options. I can quiver in the corner like a helpless sheep, become a useful dupe, or stand up for my Liberty. In standing up for MY Liberty, there is the option of taking arms against the tyrants and crooks in power.
    It is the option I take serious as a heart attack. You see, I’m not going to let another American fight and die for this Liberty, I am going to fight and die for mine if that is what it takes.
    And neither an illegal alien usurper in the white house, or his like minded treasonous ilk will ever change this truth.
    So obama, have a simple message for you: Up all your obnoxious arses.
    Gonna be a fight pal.
    I am in for it, as we all are, every damn one of us one way or another, you have seen to that.
    I say: Lets Win!

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