Occupy Wall Street – Lighting The Fuse To Begin A Bloodbath

Marxists promise an “American Fall”, goading useful idiots into what may become the violent end-game of their revolution.


This blog has been warning since 2008, that the regime being put into power at the White House was going to wage a Marxist revolution.  Since Obama took office, the patterns and efforts of this regime were an amalgamation of the programs and efforts by last century’s most notorious madmen and despots with a twist; instead of capitalizing on woe and misery to pit one group against another in order to achieve power – this time, they would create the misery first by collapsing our system, while stoking hatred for their political adversaries to foment the REAL CHANGE they seek to impose.

The contempt the Ruling Class have for Conservative America is no shock.  What is surprising, is how quickly the demonization and castigation of the political enemies of this regime, has led to overt calls for violence and bloodshed by the useful idiots who support this regime, and by those with the shared targets of contempt, whether it be those with wealth, banks, corporations, Jews or Republicans.  In response, there are increasing calls for violence from the Libertarian/anarchist movement, and the boiling rage of Conservative TEA Party Americans who are being pushed into a corner by both the Left, and by misguided supporters of Ron Paul, has turned America into a powder keg.

And too many Americans are eager for that keg to blow.

This author has warned against violence, and how any ignition of it is going to be used against what is left of a representative Republic and the Conservative Christian Right in this country.  The Arizona shootings by lunatic Jared Laughner more than illustrates how desperately the regime and it’s sycophants wanted to pin violence on the Conservatives in America.  They have to.  You have to criminalize the targeted groups in the minds of the populace before you can empower government to act against them.  That is what all the propaganda of calling TEA Party supporters ‘terrorists’ was intended for.  I have contended that if the Marxist/Left cannot frame Conservatives with violence, they will either goad violence or start violence themselves.

And that is what this “Day of Rage – Occupy Wall Street” movement is all about; lighting the fuse to a bloodbath.

You see, there is no cohesive or single-issue driving the Day of Rage movement.  It’s a cornucopia of fringe lunatics armed with Communist agitprop and pet issues overwhelmingly against Capitalism and wealth.  Some of them want Obama to become dictatorial, some of them want to abolish the Federal Reserve, and some of them want to hate the Jews and Bankers, like this Jeremiah Wright Jr. wannabe:

There’s even more anti-semitic garbage from these twits to view if you have the stomach for it.

While Marxists pine for their glorious ‘people’s revolution’ against Capitalism, Jews and wealth in America, Conservative/Libertarians romance the ideals of the War of Independence for their cause against what they see as a totalitarian federal government.  But neither of them realize or want to see the truth of what will come:  A Bloodbath Revolution that is going to make the French, blush in horror once it gets going.  Blaming the rich, blaming bankers, blaming ‘neocons’, blaming whites, blaming Jews, blaming opponents of Obama are all ingredients being stirred up to boil.

When it boils over, it’s not going to be an easy demarcation of North versus South – it’s going to be a bloody mess and everything from skin color, to sex is going to bust the divisions of a civil society wide open, right where you stand.  Neighbor versus neighbor, and in some cases, kids versus their own parents.  The heat is being turned up for that boil over to happen, and when it does – the calls for killing will only escalate. In fact, they have already begun.

Idiot Roseanne Barr capitalized on the zeitgeist of  the last week by stating on Russia Today that we should: “Behead the rich”.  Robspierre would be so proud.  What is frightening is how eager average Americans who would otherwise consider themselves patriots, jump on the jealous rage bandwagon to denounce corporations, banks, businesses and personal wealth and property of others.

Human nature in itself loathes people that have more than oneself.  It’s called jealousy, or in the biblical sense,; coveting.  Biblical and Christian morality at one time put that trait in restraint – Jesus spoke against such jealousy in His parable in Matthew 20.  But today – “Social Justice” engineers would have called for the head of Christ for being “selfish” and “unfair”, and history is replete with examples of bloodshed begun under such auspices.

The fact is, Marxists NEED bloodshed in order to establish the iron fist, and they do so by creating violence so the people will beg for the government to ‘stop it’, so life can ‘go back to normal’.  History of course shows us that life NEVER goes back to what it was before such regimes achieve total power, and it’s the ignorance of the people and their easily manipulated hatred of those that have, that give such tyranny an eventual boot on their necks.

As blogger MarkAmerica so excellently notes in his expose of this movement:

This is their goal. They wish to push the American people to make that appeal to government. If violence begins in earnest, the calls for the federal government to step in will escalate. This is the excuse for which Obama now waits.

He makes many excellent points, and you should read his entire essay to get the full picture and warning that both of us are exclaiming.

The Radical Left Moves Against America

…What they’re attempting now is to complete the revolution, and with each passing day, the situation grows more dangerous.

And of course the danger is by design.  Van Jones, self-admitted Marxist and one-time Green Jobs Czar of Obama, promised an escalation and copy of the violence seen in the Middle East this Spring.  A desire to ‘topple’ the current system in America, noting the enemy to be marked and confronted.

As MarkAmerica notes:

…When the real violence begins, those who led them will slip out of the way, and avoid culpability and consequence leaving their dirty work to the mindless mob that believes in the tyranny of the mob.  This has been the great object of everything Barack Obama has undertaken as President, and his economic policy is designed to create this environment. In order to become the greater tyrant he intends to become, he is waiting for a signal, and it’s already starting: “Make it stop.”

Van Jones is not the only Communist force behind the current protest movement.  There are legions of Leftists involved in this, and this movement is not a spontaneous and grassroots protest as they would have you believe – but a stoked and planned recreation of similar Days of Rage that Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn organized in the 1960’s.  What should alarm the reader is the fact that what they are doing now, is right in our face.

There is a REASON Van Jones says that these new Days of Rage/Occupy Wall Street will be like the Arab Spring that toppled regimes in the Middle East.  That is because the violent overthrow of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya’s autocratic dictatorships WAS ORCHESTRATED by Weather Underground Terrorist William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn.  Both of them attempting to do the same thing here in the USA. That is why Van Jones says these ‘Days of Rage’ will be an “American Fall”, just like the “Arab Spring”.

But understand this – it’s the wealthy/property-owning Conservative Christians in America that this movement will target for overthrow/beheading and whatever other forms of death their sycophantic mobs like Roseanne Barr will demand.  And as Jihadists and the Muslim Brotherhood replaced secular dictatorships in the Arab world, one does not have to wonder what the Marxists will replace our Republic with when the people scream for Obama to stop the violence.

In fact, we already have a preview of what this mob of Marxists will demand.

• Rebooting the system and rewriting the Constitution: push for a new, “progressive” U.S. Constitution.

• Imposing a “Robin Hood tax” on all financial transactions worldwide: with the goal of taking from the “rich” to give to the “poor.”

Who’s really behind Wall Street protests?

Radicals foment agitation in New York, while hinting at American ‘Arab Spring.

The mob being stoked to protest are simply the fuse the Marxist Left has lit to ignite a wave of violence and bloodshed against perceived ‘wrongs’ in the American system.  Violence achieves many things for a Marxist.  Violence provides a major excuse to suspend elections next year. Given the fact Obama looks to lose in a landslide, taking most of the Democrats with him, suspending them might be his only prayer to stay in power.   Suspending elections in 2012 has already been suggested for the sake of the economy.  Think how much easier it will be for the Marxists to do so in an atmosphere of violence.

Violence can disrupt everything from traffic to the food on the shelves at your store.  If the Unions can be beguiled into joining this miasma of Marxism – pain can be imposed on all Americans across the nation, and it is at that point that those being blamed for the violence (recall the 2009 DHS terror assessment) will soon find the entire apparatus of government being empowered by a frightened, weary and exhausted people to surrender what they have left.

The purpose being to get the whole people to beg for Obama to end the violence and return things to ‘normal’.

And you can bet he will oblige.

Then, game over.  Now we know what it was like to be in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia during the rise of of their despotic leaders and regimes.  The mob demands it, and the people go along with it for the promises made by those who fashion themselves into gods.


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24 responses to “Occupy Wall Street – Lighting The Fuse To Begin A Bloodbath

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  2. Anonymous


    this has been done over and over and over again.

    what is the advice always given to people if they become lost?

    stop and look at the area around you and what is happening and get a lay of the land.

  3. Michael Downing

    Much of what you present is indeed true but things have not been normal for a long, long time. The Republic has been under fire from its very inception. At the close of the Constitutional convention when asked what form of government we would have Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” The game is not over and indeed has not even entered the final quarter. The end game will be decided by which III% wins. It has been said that the American revolution was won by 3% of the population who took up arms against tyranny. Today the odds may be all too much equal. The Marxists/Socialist Progressives may well have their own 3% who can fuel the assistance the indolent, the innocent young liberally minded and the entitlement addicted. On the other side will be the 3% who truly believe in Liberty and the Republic and those individuals will have a clear advantage.

    The Marxist/Socialist Progressive is all too eager to have others die for their cause while the true Patriot will without second thought give his life for the cause of Liberty or for his Brother or Sister in arms. If it comes to a final confrontation I agree it could well be one that this country has never seen before. Not since Lincoln’s move against Liberty have we seen such assaults against the original Constitution. I pray there is a peaceful path to resolve this pending confrontation but if not I know which III% i will serve. God Bless…

  4. invar

    I consider myself a III Percenter, but in actuality – the numbers of Colonists engaged against the crown was closer to one third, when one considers the aid and support the Continentals received from residents who did not take up arms, but offered supplies and supplication to the cause – the numbers actively involved in the struggle for Independence was much larger than just 3%. Those who served with arms perhaps were near 3% of the total population of the colonies.

    But taking your historical allegory applied to our current situation – while it is true that the Left will shove others to die for their cause, I’m not so sure we should rest in confidence that we have a clear advantage.

    We’ve never known privation, hunger and want on these shores as a whole people. We are spoiled to the point we have fist fights at Walmart the day after Thanksgiving to get stuff cheap. What will happen when an entitlement generation suddenly finds itself without what it thinks it is owed? Who are they going to listen to and direct their anger? The one who panders to their selfish entitlement mindset of their right to the property and wealth of others, or those preaching the gospel of liberty as intended?

    Make no mistake – the Marxists know what they are doing, and they are led by their father, the Adversary – who HATES without measure this place of safety the Lord provided His people and church. And they will set upon it and anyone who defends it as the Pharisees rent Stephen with their teeth.

    Desperate people will surrender and do anything for a promise of bread. Just ask Josef Stalin and the survivors of the Holdomor about that.

  5. Michael Downing

    I understand that 1/3 of the population supported and/or aided the 3 % that originally took arms against tyranny. I also understand that most have not known the true meaning of hunger and want but I was shown the meaning in training. I am a committed prepper but no where near as hardcore as many i know. I did not mean to indicate that we had a clear advantage beyond the fact that we should admit that Evil walks among us as it always has. In the end the one advantage we have is that as long as we serve Truth then the end game has already been foretold… I can take solace in that….

  6. invar

    We’re both on the same page. I just want to be sure that the stats we cite are accurate, because the enemies among us have a penchant for discrediting our positions and movement as less than honest.

  7. Michael Downing

    Understood and I appreciate the exchange….

  8. Anyone who has read Hegel can see what they are doing. They are going to create chaos to solidify the further destruction of civil rights.

  9. invar

    Hegel, Marx, Cloward, Piven, Ayers – it all works for the same goal and those now in power and stoking this mayhem against “the wealthy” are playing for total keeps – and like the Germans from 70 years ago – Americans have absolutely no clue what they have empowered to the highest offices of power in this land.

    But they are going to find out – in the most ugly way ever known to a civilized nation. Something our Founders warned us would be our comeuppance if we ever betrayed the trust they left in our charge.

  10. Michael Downing

    I still believe that trust and this nation or what will be left of it can be restored but the price will be high, very high indeed…

  11. Anonymous

    it seems the situation is morphing. it doesn’t look like the same thing it began as. but then again, i think many knew what it was from the start and how it was going to go all along

  12. invar

    History has shown us that without fail, stoked mobs like this lead to the ruin of civil society.

    Despotism always follows.

    And sadly, the useful idiots for the Marxists are enabling their own destruction, same as the Coptics that stood with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to riot and overthrow the Mubarak regime. Now the the MB controls Egypt – Sharia Law is being imposed and the Coptics are on the schedule for conversion to Islam or extermination. As history teaches, they will go from bad to worse, to extermination by those they unwittingly empowered to take over their country.

    Learn that lesson, it’s about to happen here, but on a much larger scale.

  13. I hadn’t seen the youtube video you cited above until today, but wasn’t surprised. I do see the invisible hand of transnationalism behind the current #ows protests:


    Welcome to those “interesting times”.

  14. Michael Downing

    The Chinese proverb “May you live in interesting times” was a curse and not a blessing or so it is said. Step up the your preparations, make sure your tribe is secure and expand your networks while there is time.Dark days may be ahead but there is still time to prepare. It is too late once the rain has begun to fall because at that time the door to the Ark closes…

  15. Brother INVAR,
    Thank you for this post. If you look at my (hidden) email address, I think you’ll know who I am. I have been reading you every time you post since our last brief exchange. I crave your insights and your clarity, and miss it terribly at your old stomping grounds.

    As far as the post goes, I agree with everything you’ve said, but wonder if you think there’s any opportunity for education of the useful idiots out there on the streets? As you might recall, I went to D.C. on the weekend they passed ObamaCare last year, and you advised that maybe it wasn’t a good idea because La Raza planned a counter-demonstration at the last minute. They were indeed there, but all but ignored, and no trouble happened at all that I’m aware of. I talked with a handful of them and found bits and pieces of common ground. I also found that the ones I talked with had no grasp of why they were mobilized to show up there, but they signed up for a phone tree or email list and answered what seemed like an urgent call to show up, so there they were. They were hardly “soldiers” for “The Race.”

    I see a large number of the participants of this agitation the same way. They’re being led, used….well, duh….you already called them useful idiots. I have seen glimmers of rationality from a few. Take for instance the young man in the following video. I understand he’s a Paul supporter, and he does make one short statement to that effect, but otherwise, I find the bulk of his soap-box speech to be very closely aligned to conservative ideals, even if missing the element of Christian conservative that I know is most important to you. Anyway, take a listen, and also scrutinize his audience. Can this kid and others like him who are participating there be allies of ours? Is his audience showing any overt aversion to his messages? Is there any undertone of threats of violence in his words?

    As always, interested in your input. Also as always, good to “talk” with you again. Take Care & May God Bless Us All,


  16. Anonymous

    Great minds think alike. The Greybear and I were discussing this very topic this evening. You will always be in our hearts.

    Lilly Bear

  17. invar

    Hey Tom, good to hear from you.

    It’s much more to my liking to wage battles and fight on my own terms than being limited on what I can say and do because it’s someone else’s living room, while their welcome guest list has radically changed the atmosphere from camaraderie to outright hostility towards core principles we all at one time shared.

    I agree with everything you’ve said, but wonder if you think there’s any opportunity for education of the useful idiots out there on the streets?

    There is always hope. I pray hard for hope and not this night I see rushing at us at frightening speed. But I think that window is fast closing. There are many avenues out there for educating the ignorant, from talk radio to the internet. Truth is not hidden. I read there was a free Constitution class being offered for free online. But generations of our youth, over the last 40 years who have been programmed to accept an entitlement mindset, and being directed to hate the bulwarks of our society should scare every liberty-loving American to death. Misery is easily exploited. Misery and an entitlement mindset exploited by and for those in power is deadly to a society.

    I do not underestimate the power of those who have instigated, fund, incite and direct these mobs – because they serve a purpose as I detailed in my essay. History teaches us that mobs like these almost always end up being the opening salvo towards the complete institution of oppressive tyranny, because the people will cry for it if they think it will return their needs.

    Stalin had his useful idiots. Hitler had his. Mussolini, Pol Pot and Mao made plenty of use of the kinds of ignorant emoting mobs we have seen in the last few weeks to achieve. Dynamite has been set on the foundations of our civil society, and the fuse is being lit by these mobs.

    Unfortunately – as God warns us in Hosea 4:6 – God’s people are destroyed for lack of wisdom. As they reject God, they also reject knowledge that can keep them prosperous and in liberty. I hate to say it, because it grieves the soul, but this culture is a testament to the fact this people reject God. As such – wisdom will be rejected for foolishness, and God will give us over to strong delusion and a reprobate mind.

    If we have any chance at a lasting hope to retain our liberty, it’s going to have to be II Chronicles 7:14, but most churches are not willing to stand up and risk doing so.

    Can this kid and others like him who are participating there be allies of ours? I’d wish so. But of late, I hear the scripture that says God has no part with darkness. Righteousness does not compromise with evil. I think we are at a time that pleading our case with reason, history and fact is past. Just look what the ruling class, the media and agenda pushers do to those that do not agree with them.

    The time for talking is over, because those that actively support this ‘revolution’ are not listening, and have no desire to listen to us. They see us as an enemy to be criminalized and annihilated. We’re to blame for all the woe in the world as they see it. For too long, we deceived ourselves into thinking they were just misguided youths who would come to their senses.

    I see no value in letting a little leavening in, because it eventually leavens the entire lump as my former stomping grounds testify and illustrate: those with agendas contrary to core principles will overrun and take over their targets to impose new principles, if not rejected and combated.

    I still think individuals can be reached. But as a mob, a group – no – the mob is being driven by a powerful anti-God, anti-Liberty spirit that has blood lust and vengeance in the name of ‘social justice’ written on it. Hating wealth and those who prospered, will soon drag in the poverty and race-pimps, the homosexual militants and every doctrinal church of the Left into open warfare upon those they have been taught and told to hate. While they cry for the heads of Wall Street execs today, they will soon call for the heads of anyone they choose to target, tomorrow.

    I think the French Revolution is going to be miniscule in comparison to what is going to happen here if portents continue.

  18. NevermindBoutThat

    Hi Invar, Thank you for this post. I was recently asked to provide leadership at the state level for a national organization that wants to begin a counter demonstration to “redirect” some of the Occupy Wallstreet towards demonstrating against the FED. I am not comfortable about the wisdom of my group’s decision. I am afraid that putting an opposing group in the streets is just the thing the directors of the Occupy Wall Street crowd is hoping for: An excuse for violence leading to chaos.

    Thank you for your diligence and eloquence in laying out your argument.

  19. invar

    You are welcome. I hate the idea of totally surrendering the streets to the miasma of Communistic agitprop that these demonstrations are being used for. At the same time, having a counter protest to the larger mob is a huge risk when the underlying intent of these “occupy” protests is to create a flashpoint and start a conflagration. A mob stoked as these mobs are, is deaf. They will only hear and say what they have allied themselves with, and those pulling the strings here, are Marxists.

    One of the things the Left has done well over the years, is infiltrate by stealth among the ranks of Conservative Christians to divide us from within. I say we take a page of that strategy, and instead of becoming a big target for mob rage by counter -protesting – infiltrate the mob itself, and divide them one on one with the truth.

    We may not be able to stop the whole mob – but God may use you to deliver some from lending support to the very thing that will be used to destroy what is left of our liberty.

  20. one key element Im gathering from what you said is that the people will demand obama restore order and he will by taking more power,

    what if you underestimate the people and they instead hold him responsible and dont beleive he will stop it becuase they are aware he ochestrated it?

    will he be able to take power if he is being asked to step down in order for calm to be restored?

    wouldn t that delegitimize him if he tried to “take more power”

  21. invar

    Interesting notion. However, history teaches that it repeats itself, and judging from the signs and video from this mob being stoked by the orchestrators, I do not see those people holding Obama responsible for instigating it.

    Because the mob shares his views.

    If this was about an uprising against corruption and tyranny – why is this bunch protesting Wall Street and not 1600 Pennsylvania Ave or the Capitol?

    If and when these Days of Rage protests go violent, and the Unions join in solidarity – the shelves at stores will go bare and the disruptions will have the nation screaming for someone to do something.

    THAT is what Obama is waiting for.

    And then you are going to see why he stoked this mob to action.

  22. Sasha

    Have gun. And ammo.

  23. Anonymous

    Great write-up invar, so true. Miss you on the furums, but I understand.

    God Bless, slane

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