Despotic Tyranny Makes It’s Next Move

Bill Authorizing Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens without charge or trial passes Senate.

If safeguarding our liberties could be viewed as a game on a chess board, we have just been checkmated by the power in D.C.

And few to none are even aware of what just happened or can care less what ramifications this will lead to.

The radical and Marxist Left in league with the Ruling Class of oligarchs in our country – using the springboard of “national security” are handing eager tyrants the very irons and shackles that they can use on any Americans this regime deems an ‘enemy’.  Congress is about to grant Obama the power to use the military in order to detain any individuals, including American citizens, without trial or due process, indefinitely.

Senator Rand Paul (R – KY) discusses the insidiousness of this measure that passed:

The bill, the National Defense Authorization Act, S. 1867 was drafted in secret by Senators Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) and approved in a closed-door committee meeting without any public oversight or comment.  Senator Mark Udall’s amendment to strip the language of indefinite detention as applied to American citizens was defeated.  They of course did this ‘secret’ behind-closed-door drafting of legislation before.  Recall ObamaCare and how that was written and passed in the dead of night and in secret.  So desperate are the Ruling Class Tyrants, that they were willing to ‘deem’ such ‘secret’ laws they write behind closed doors as passed without the ability for the congress to read these bills, or without even a vote if they so choose.

This regime, from the Dictator-in-Chief to the Politburo Congress, now marches as it sees fit, even provided cover and license by a Federal Judge who earlier in the month ruled that “Congress be free to forge national solutions to national problems, no matter how local — or seemingly passive” which essentially says Congress has the freedom to do whatever it wants, for the good of the people as they see fit, whether the people want it or not.

Add another Ruling Class jerk like Colin Powell, lamenting that Congress needs to be able to work ‘quietly’ – without the American people looking over their shoulders – and you can easily see that all moves being made against liberty are leading us to that final checkmate.

All of this illustrates that indeed, we now live in a post-Constitutional America where the push is into a European-styled Soviet Socialism is reaching the end game.  And like Chess – as one who studies strategy and patterns, the Ruling Class have positioned all their pieces for the final strike.  They control our food, from seed to plate.  Our water.  Ability to hunt or fish. With this Defense Authorization with the language intact – they now have the power to detain you indefinitely, without trial or recourse.  Just as the Soviet’s did with their dissidents.

Welcome to the post constitutional nation that now deserves to be called “Amerika”.


Senate Bill to OK Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens Without Charge, Trial 


Senators Demand the Military Lock Up American Citizens in a “Battlefield” They Define as Being Right Outside Your Window



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4 responses to “Despotic Tyranny Makes It’s Next Move

  1. What is their motivation, do we know? I mean other than the deterioration of our Liberty?

  2. invar


    That’s easy – POWER.

    Power over the people for any reason without any recourse of the people.

    It’s what despotic tyrannical regimes always demand; power to make people disappear in the name of ‘security’. All the Ruling Class has done, is change the targets from ‘foreign Jihadists’ to “anyone” – regardless of Constitutional protections for citizens.

    Everything is now at the Ruling Class’ disposal to dictate; who can own and run a business; who eats and who does not; Who gets water and who does not; Who gets to get handouts and who gets their property confiscated and redistributed; who gets healthcare and who gets to die; who is declared an enemy that can be erased from existence without any opposition, and who is a good comrade.

  3. The scope of the lawless disregard for The Rule of Law expands exponentially by the day by the very nature of corruption of these elites lust to obtain and retain absolute power.

    In light of this treason against the sovereignty of We The people you only have to look back in our last century to find the epitome of tyranny in its most violent form, and remember well as Hitler said it best:

    “It is convenient to have a system of laws where everyone is a criminal.”

    When you distill the treason this is today down to its very essence, at the core of this tyranny there is no difference between the tyrants we have right now and all that came before.

    Ultimately every rule, law, regulation, what have you, that functions out of power not directly of the Rule of Law of The US Constitution, has a very unique feature to it that does not exist when Laws are based on our Constitution, namely this unique feature involves the threat of enforcement via the barrel of a gun wielded by the hands of an apparatchik of the Nomenklaturer class if you do not comply.
    There is no recourse or redress. The are no alternatives. You either comply or you get shot. With this newest instrument of tyranny, the elites now have a fig leaf of “Law” to round up whomever their black little hearts desire. No reasons required. In a blink of your eye, Poof! your gone, you do not exist, you have no due process, nor is there any burden of proof that lies with authority to check the hand of despotism.
    Not much Liberty in that I’ll tell you.
    It smacks you right upside the head just how corrupt nasty and evil these princes of darkness and perfumed mandarins are.
    The worst scum on God’s Green Earth I’ll tell you.
    Tells you something.
    There’s a butchers bill in every brand of tyranny, never fails, in all its myriad forms. It is the one constant that the nearer the totalitarianism to fruition, the more insidious this treachery against the common man. And this butchers bill we got coming looks like its gonna be a real hell of a doozy too.
    We got one thing going for us that in all of history of Humankind never possessed, a system of government well established and based on the Rule of Law and God given unalienable natural rights. A system where this Rule of Law places the only power in the hands of The Sovereign. US, you, me we. See, we have something that is being taken, not something hoped for but never attained.
    I think it is a paradigm that is not only not completed, but has much to realize. Thing is, you can not destroy Liberty, you can only kill the people who cherish it. It is the idea that is all the difference. Down to the nitty gritty, down to it’s very crux, Liberty contains a motivating inspiration that no amount of power or riches, or tyranny, or despotism can hold a candle to. In its essence Liberty is something akin to Faith in God, faith in something better, larger, sweeter.
    It is the Gospel of Liberty.
    One day, it begins. It may not be today, nor tomorrow, next week or next year. But I’ll say this, Liberty is husbanding its time and resources, and where its redress begins is something that will take all by surprise. It will begin with the tiniest of sparks. Its retribution will be fierce, it will give no quarter, show no mercy, it will exact a revenge that knows no equal.
    A conflagration of the will where nothing stands in its way.
    There is a long over due comeuppance. It has been smoldering for a long time. Those who believe they have the power to repress and stamp out this smoldering anger of disenfranchisement do so at the very risk of their existence. They do so by their hubris over and their disregard of the rights of Men.

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