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Obama Signs Your Internment or Assassination At His Whim Into Law

After much supposed opposition by the Obama regime, Dear Leader signs the NDAA into law.


Happy New Year Hope & Change Suckers.  It is now LEGAL to arrest you without charge indefinitely without recourse at the government’s whim.


Be careful what you write or say about this regime now.  Soon people will begin to disappear under the auspices of ‘threat to national security’ and the chilling effect of the compliance to slavery through fear is about to be achieved.


Same as it was in the Soviet Union, where people would disappear in the middle of the night.


Read it and weep HERE.

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TEOTIAWKI: The End Of The Internet As We Knew It

The tyranny of the Ruling Class marches on towards a much desired goal; to restrict web site content and block access to sites the government accuses of engaging in “infringement”.

Free Speech and access to uncensored information is about to be outlawed by the thugs in D.C.

All tyrannical and despotic regimes of men move to ban three key things right when they are in the act of imposing an iron fist upon a people: weapons for self defense, freedom of speech and free access to information.

It is no surprise that the Ruling Class in D.C. are working overtime to impose those things.  Gun control was eagerly sought to be imposed on the people in a criminal conspiracy involving Obama’s Justice Department with the Gunwalker/Operation Fast and Furious scandal that smuggled guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels for hoped-for use on Americans so as to foster the call for an abolishment of the 2nd Amendment.  The pompous and lawless Attorney General Eric Holder continues to thwart efforts to hold him accountable for his heinous involvement in that treason.

Earlier this year the Ruling Class in Congress attempted to impose “Net Neutrality” rules by granting the FCC the right to regulate the internet as it does the telephone and television airwaves under the oft-used notion of ‘fairness’ and  “keeping the internet flowing” – but in truth – it granted large corporations (mainly the mainstream news corporations) a monopoly in league with the government, license grants by the FCC to charge for a tiered pay-per-view” browsing privilege.  This was roundly seen as a back-door approach to letting the government regulate the internet – something Obama lackey Julius Genachowski has been pushing for.

The need to regulate the free flow of information and speech is vital to any despotic or tyrannical system.  In all practicality, information is more important to control than guns for a despotic regime.  It is said that the advent of the fax machine is what directly led to the Soviet Union losing it’s iron grip on it’s people.   A tyranny cannot allow access to information or the exchange of ideas it cannot control.

So in addendum to the defacto imposition of net neutrality – the Ruling Class in Congress, under the auspices of ‘combating online piracy’ and ‘copyright infringement’ are heavily pushing the “Stop Online Piracy Act” or SOPA and the “Protect IP Act” or PIPA.  Both are blatant attempts to grant the Federal Government the ability to block any web site, close any blog or web channel it merely ACCUSES of engaging in illegal infringement of copyright. is an example of our future under these defacto rules they now seek to make permanent law.  It was a site the Feds took over with many other ‘hip-hop’ sites last year without any recourse provided to the owners. They FALSELY ACCUSED the site of copyright infringement, denied the owner DUE PROCESS for over a year and only recently, without any explanation quietly dropped the case.

A test run to see what they could get away with.  But now with SOPA and PIPA, those actions will be legal and enforced whenever the Feds and the media conglomerates decide to block, stop and seize those blogs, web sites and forums they want to shut down.

Just think how willing the old media of ABC, CNN, NBC and the print whores at the NYT and the wire services at AP and Reuters – will use this law to attempt to get their old media monopoly on information back.  Any blog mentioning the news can be legally shut down, blocked and seized for nothing more than an accusation by one of these sites that the news blogged about was ‘infringed’ from their site.  And of course, you can be assured the sites that are sympathetic to the agenda of the MSM will get a free pass, while those questioning or opposing the agendas will become daily targets.

The Ruling Class cannot tolerate the free internet. They hate the Blogosphere and the power it has to shape public opinion and dispense information.  They hate the eyes watching and reporting their attempts of treason and tyranny – and like all despots of mankind’s history – they will have to take over the last bastion of freedom that stands in the way of their designs.

As with all the tyranny we willingly suffer, the Ruling Class will use clever sounding titles to obfuscate the real purpose and intent of these bills.  “Protect IP” and “Stop Piracy” are certainly noble-sounding names that the less-than-informed will embrace.  But at their core – it the mechanism in the hands of the government to block, seize, stop and eliminate the information it does not want you to access or share.

Welcome to Amerika. discusses the consequences for the internet.

Would you be outraged if the Department of Justice shut down The Foundry without any warning and blocked access for more than a year?

The Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA as it’s known in the House, and the Senate’s PROTECT IP Act would give the U.S. attorney general the power and authority to block criminal enterprises from trafficking in illegal products online.

But the two bills making their way through Congress are the wrong solution. They pose serious threats to freedom of speech and expression and raise security concerns. With the Senate possibly voting on the PROTECT IP Act in January and the House moving forward with hearings on SOPA, Americans should understand what’s at stake.

Think about this now for a moment – the Attorney General, who was behind putting guns in the hands of Mexican drug cartels so they can be used against Americans for the purpose of abolishing the right to arms in the USA, who has been lying and deliberately covering up his role in that treason, will be granted power to decide what blogs, sites and forums can be seized, blocked and shut down with these Acts.

While Fast and Furious was their underhanded conspiracy to abolish the Second Amendment, these two Acts will grant him the ability to abolish the First Amendment, legally – and at his whim.

When the free flow of access to information and discussion is controlled by government, real tyranny, real genocide can begin without fear of consequences for the Ruling Class.

And as I said earlier this has been attempted before, in a former tyranny we suffered that we overthrew:

The Licensing of the Press Act 1662  an Act of the Parliament of England (14 Car. II. c. 33), long title “An Act for preventing the frequent Abuses in printing seditious treasonable and unlicensed Bookes and Pamphlets and for regulating of Printing and Printing Presses.”

Motivated by a desire to eliminate chaos and piracy in the printing industry, protect parliamentary activities and proceedings from its opponents, suppress royalist propaganda and check the widening currency of various sects’ radical ideas, Parliament instituted a new state-controlled censoring apparatus in the Licensing Order of 16 June 1643.

The Licensing Order reintroduced almost all of the stringent censorship machinery of the 1637 Star Chamber Decree including:

pre-publication licensing
registration of all printing materials with the names of author, printer and publisher in the Register at Stationers’ Hall
search, seizure and destruction of any books offensive to the government
arrest and imprisonment of any offensive writers, printers and publishers.

The Stationers’ Company was given the responsibility of acting as censor, in return for a monopoly of the printing trade.

Nothing new under the sun, and Satan and tyrannies of men stick to what works, and they are happy that their people are ignorant of or forget history.


UPDATE:  Well at least someone has some interesting ideas of how to try and stop this:

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Obama’s EPA Imposes New Rules To Shut Down Coal Industry And Raise Electricity Rates

Obama uses his EPA to implement his failed “Cap & Trade Plan”  – and today the EPA announces “New Rules” that will immediately skyrocket power rates – just as Obama said he would do.

In yet another act of tyranny, the EPA, under orderes from Obama – has announced today that it will impose new ’emission standards’ or MATS on the power and coal industry.

As MSNBC reports:

WASHINGTON — After a two-month delay, the Obama administration on Wednesday unveiled new rules for coal-fired power plants that mean costly investments passed on to consumers, but also health benefits.

A “significant Clean Air Act announcement” was set for 2 p.m. ET by the Environmental Protection Agency. Both environmentalists and industry were gearing up for the final say on rules covering mercury and other toxic emissions from power plants fueled by coal.

Reuters also notes:

The Obama administration on Wednesday unveiled the first-ever standards to slash mercury emissions from coal-fired plants, a move aimed at protecting public health that critics say will kill jobs as plants shut down.

While Obama’s vaunted Marxist plan to destroy the power industry in the United States in his Cap & Trade plan went nowhere in the Congress, Obama did not let the legislative defeat stop his plan to dismantle and destroy the prosperity and self sufficiency of the United States.

He is implementing it by fiat, using the Alphabet Agencies to enact his decrees.

The Marxists are telling us that this effort is to ‘cut down on mercury and arsenic poisoning’ emitted from coal-fired power plants.

This is CRAP.

Do you honestly think for a SECOND this regime gives a rat’s arse about mercury poisoning?  Why did they then outlaw the incandescent light bulb and demand all Americans use “Green energy” MERCURY-FILLED fluorescent bulbs???  You remember them, the ones that require a Hazmat team to clean up should your bulb break.

Lest anyone attempt to deflect the BLAME for your soon-coming skyrocketing electric bill, this statement from the EPA’s ruling says plainly:

 the standards are accompanied by a Presidential Memorandum that directs EPA to use tools provided in the Clean Air Act to implement the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards

The EPA admits, these orders came on down from Obama.

This is simply the effort to take America down, and prostrate us before the world exactly as Obama and the Marxist Left seek to do.

This is why I laugh at those who say Obama is just clueless – he is NOT clueless or stupid, he is – coldly calculating and purposeful.  Bankrupting the coal industry is EXACTLY what he said he was going to do.  Making your electricity rates SKYROCKET is exactly what he said he would do under his Cap and Trade plan.  But since his plan failed in the Congress, he is simply imposing it’s designed-provisions through the Alphabet agencies that do his bidding.

Here, recall what he said he would do in 2009:

Get the picture of what this plan is intended to do?

Obama will of course go and blame his political opponents for the pain and misery he is causing – but that too – is for the ultimate purpose he seeks: mass violence and death as he tears this nation down before the rest of the world, by design.


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Obama’s Newest Treason In Support of Jihadist Islam


Obama’s actions continue to demonstrate his kindly dispositions to America’s declared enemies, while undermining our allies for the purpose of laying America prostrate before the world.

In an observation by Jeff Head, the Obama regime again demonstrates it’s support of our enemies, vowed to our destruction and little to no media attention is brought to bear on this treason, and not that a majority of Americans would even care as the final stretch of buying for the Christmas season occupies most America’s focus.

We will soon rue the day that we ignored all these warnings – but then, it will be too late – or most will blame others for what the Jihadists will wreak upon us.  I am truly beginning to wonder about the Islamist prophecy of a ‘Tall black man will assume the reins of power in the West” and deliver the nations to the prophesied “Mahdi” to conquer and subjugate to Islam and thus establish a global Caliphate.

The policy of this regime is to embolden America’s enemies while weakening us against the world.  Even the most ABSURD statements that reveal the true nature of this regime running their coup against America from within the White House, are justified.

White House Stands by Biden Statement That Taliban Isn’t U.S. Enemy

But that stupid (and revealing) statement by the dumbest man to ever occupy the Vice Presidency, is not as outrageous as the actions of his boss in the last few days, and Jeff Head points them out:

Two Critical, Devastating Decisions by the Obama Administration that reveal his intentions

By Jeff Head

December 20

In an ever apparent reveleation of Obama’s true foreign policy aspirations, two reports from yesterday, December 19, 2011, punctuate the lengths this man and his supporters will go to destroy American foreign policy, prostrate us before the world, and make a mockery of the death of thousands of American soldiers, and the injuring and wounding of tens of thousands more as they bravely fought the enemies of this nation who attacked us on 911, and freed tens of millions of civilians in those countries in the process of defeating them.

Obama is undoing all of that with the following types of foreign policy actions:

1st: The Daqduq disgrace. A Hezbollah terrorist who masterminded the capture and killing of five US Soldiers in Iraq in 2007 is set free rather than being sent to GITMO.

2nd: A Taliban Embassy in Qatar approved by the US admin to negotiate normalization of relationships!

So, we captured a Hebollah terrorist in Iraq guilty of masterminding and taking part in the attack, capture and then murder of five American soldiers in Iraq. Now that Obama is pulling completely out of Iraq and leaving that nation which we won in so hard fought a manner, defeating Saddam Husseins armies and tens of thousand of Al Qaeda and other terrorists in the process, these prisoners were to be taken with us for trial and housed in Gitmo in the process. But not Daqduq. He will be released. That’s right, a murderer of US soldiers will be released! Obama reveals himself to be amazingingly brazen in his sympathies for the enemy.

Then, after defeating the Taliban and freeing Afghanistan in order to make sure that the government that housed the Al Quida operatives who master-minded and carried out the 911 attack was powerless to do so again, Obama is now willing to negotiate normalization of relationships with them. At the end of World War II would we have negotiated normalization of relations with the Nazis? With the Imperial Japanese? The answer is a resounding, NO! We destroyed them abjectly and made sure their ilk and politics would never rise again and forever be a hiss and a by-word in human history.

Anyone now doubt as to WHY Biden declared that the Taliban was “not an Enemy” of the United States?

Some may say that times have changed, that we live in a more “diverse” world today. But the principles do not change. You cannot countenance, coddle, or appease abject evil and totalitariansim. All of history shows this to be a monumental mistake. You must face them head-on and defeat them utterly, and then ensure that their aspirations, parties, organizations, and desires are so resoundingly annihilated that no one would ever consider taking that path again. And that is is exactly what we should do with the totlaitarian, racist, tyranical and abject evil Taliban and any other fundamental Islamic, Jihadist government or organization that is so disposed. Their intent is to kill or subjugate us all…and they are as committed to those goals as were the Nazis and the Imperial Japanese.

But that is not Obama’s intention, it never was.  In his own “autobiography” Dreams From My Father – Obama wrote: “I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”.

And Obama has been true to his written word.  Not only fundamentally transforming the United States of America, but standing with Jihadist Islam, and even empowering them to achieve their desire of a global Caliphate to subjugate America:

But Obama, as the so-called “Arab Spring” has shown, is so infatuated with and kindly disposed towards these enemies that he is doing all in his power to undermine our allies who support us in fighting them in the Mid-East and having them replaced by so-called “freedom fighters” who in every case are turning out themselves to be fundamental, extreme Islamics and Jihadists. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and the Al Quida led rebels in Libya. I say in every case, but that is not exactly true. In 2009 the people of Iran rose and first demonstrated by the tens and hundreds of thousands against the Mullah rulers there in the “Islamic Republic,” and then fought them as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard began to attack and kill them. The Obama administration did not lift a finger to help those true “freedom fighters.” In not doing so, but then in supporting the likes of the Muslim Bortherhood, Obama has shown where his sympathies lie…and those sympathies, in the opinion of this individual, are a result of his early upbringing in that very environment (which the complicit Main Stream Media has failed to do it journalistic duty regarding, before the election or since).

The Truth about Obama’s Upbringing

The result is the establishment of fundamental islamic nations in the Mid-East, surrounding Israel and our few remaining friends there…the beginnings of what some migh call an Islamic Caliphate:

Add to all of this his monumnetal destruction of the free market and the US economy at home, the Obama administration is in the process of shredding all credability and strength of the US at home and abroad. He promised “fundamental change.” Well folks, this is it.


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Sharia Law USA: Efforts To Criminalize Speech Critical of Islam Now Underway

Secretary of State Clinton and Organization of Islamic Cooperation are meeting to discuss implementation of mechanisms to limit speech critical of Islam… in America.

Thanks to LMonty for the heads up on this story.

If you think your head is spinning trying to keep pace with the rapid and deadly threats to our liberty by our this government tyranny over us (just last night they passed the bill to indefinitely detain Americans without charge or trial anywhere in the world), then this news is not going to ease your dizziness – only accelerate it.

While this regime in power says it is working to fight “terrorists” (without mentioning Islam or Jihadists) – at the same time, they are working to CRIMINALIZE any speech critical of Islam under the justification that  such criticism “incites hatred and violence against Muslims” which they equate  to shouting “Fire” in a crowded theater, and therefore have legal precedent to restrict.

The Islamists and their apologists seek to impose an aspect of Sharia Law here in the United States, where it is illegal to criticize Islam.  Of note, there is no effort whatsoever to extend similar protections to Christianity or Judaism.  It’s still open season on the biblical faiths in the West.

On top of that, obviously the First Amendment is now moot and abolished in the mind of this Obama regime, as prohibiting the free exercise of the Christian religion is their legal right, while establishing protections for Islam as a matter of law, is perfectly legitimate.

Read very carefully what Clare Lopez states here at the American Thinker about this ‘working initiative’ between the OIC, and Clinton.  Note at the link in particular, the statements of the OIC charter to impose global Sharia Law and what the Obama regime has ALREADY implemented in it’s ‘anti-terrorism’ efforts domestically.  It should chill you to your bones.

Islamic World Tells Clinton: Defamation of Islam Must be Prevented — in America

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton welcomes Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu to Washington this week, it is critical that Americans pay attention to what these two leaders intend to do.  From 12 to 14 December 2011, working teams from the Department of State (DoS) and the OIC are going to discuss implementation mechanisms that could impose limits on freedom of speech and expression.

The OIC’s purpose, as stated explicitly in its April 2011 4thAnnual Report on Islamophobia, is to criminalize “incitement to hatred and violence on religious grounds.”  Incitement is to be defined by applying the “test of consequences” to speech.  Under this twisted perversion of falsely “yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater,” it doesn’t matter what someone actually says — or even whether it is true or not; if someone else commits violence and says it’s because of something that person said, the speaker will be held criminally liable.

The OIC is taking direct aim at free speech and expression about Islam.  Neither Christianity nor Judaism is named in the OIC’s official documents, whose only concern is to make the world safe from “defamation” of Islam — a charge that includes speaking truthfully about the national security implications of the Islamic doctrine of jihad.

Incitement to hatred under the OIC definition includes artistic expression like the Danish cartoons, literary expression like Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses, or Pastor Terry Jones’ burning of his personally owned copy of the Qur’an.  According to the “test of consequences,” if Muslims feel compelled to burn, loot, riot, and kill in response to such exercises of free expression, under the laws the OIC wants the U.S. to enact, it would be the editor and cartoonist of the Jyllands-Posten newspaper, Salman Rushdie, and Terry Jones who would be held criminally responsible for any damage or deaths that ensue.

Last March, the State Department and Secretary Clinton insisted that “combating intolerance based on religion” can be accomplished without compromising Americans’ treasured First Amendment rights.  But if that were so, there would be no possible excuse for engaging at this level with an organization like the OIC that is openly dedicated to implementing Islamic law globally.  This is why it is so important to pay attention not only to the present agenda, but to a series of documents leading up to it, issued by both the U.S. and the OIC.  From 12 to 14 December 2011, the DoS and OIC working teams will focus on implementation mechanisms for “Resolution 16/18,” a declaration that was adopted by the U.N. Human Rights Council in April 2011.

Resolution 16/18 was hailed as a victory by Clinton, because it calls on countries to combat “intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization” based on religion without criminalizing free speech — except in cases of “incitement to imminent violence.”  But if the criterion for determining “incitement to imminent violence” is a new “test of consequences,” then this is nothing but an invitation to stage Muslim “Days of Rage” following the slightest perceived offense by a Western blogger, instructor, or radio show guest, all of whom will be held legally liable for “causing” the destruction, possibly even if what they’ve said is merely a statement of fact.  The implications of such prior restraint on free speech would be chilling (which is precisely the point).

In fact, the “test of consequences” is already being applied rigorously in European media and courts, where any act or threat of violence — whether by a jihadist, insane person, or counter-jihadist — is defined as a “consequence” of statements that are critical of some aspect of Islam and, therefore, to be criminalized.  ….. Now, if the OIC and the Obama administration have their way, it’s America’s turn.

I contend that is already well underway.  Consider Obama’s speech in Cairo that preceded the militant Jihadist overthrow of Mubarak.  Consider Obama’s celebration of every Muslim holy day with White House Pronouncements, but never once an address on Christmas or Easter.

Once it’s understood that under Islamic law, “slander” is defined as saying “anything concerning a person [a Muslim] that he would dislike,” the scope of potential proximate causes of Muslim rage becomes obvious.

….Consider what is likely to be a bloodbath for Coptic Christians that will occur as soon as the Muslim Brotherhood and its Salafist allies are firmly in control of Egypt.  This provision means that any Western media that accurately report that coming massacre could be legally charged with “incitement to imminent violence” under the test of consequences, in effect blaming those who raise the alarm instead of those who perpetrate the violence.

….It would not be overreaching to conclude that the purpose of this meeting, at least from the OIC perspective, is to convince the Obama administration that free speech that rouses Muslim masses to fury — as defined by the “test of consequences” — must be restricted under U.S. law to bring it into compliance with sharia law’s dictates on slander.

It is important to note this section in the article at the Thinker, and consider the NDAA bill they passed last night that gives government the authority to detain American citizens indefinitely:

…the White House published “Strategic Implementation Plan for Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States” in December 2011.  The plan makes clear that “violent extremism,” not Islamic terrorism, is the primary national security threat to the homeland.  According to this “strategy,” the solution is partnership with “local communities” — the term used for the administration’s favored Muslim Brotherhood front groups, which already are using such relationships to silence their critics, both inside and outside government.  These new rules of censorship state that the term “violent extremism” can no longer be used in combination with terms like “jihad,” “Islam,” “Islamist,” or “sharia.”  And these new rules are already being taught to U.S. law enforcement, homeland security offices, and the military nationwide.

It is already policy in the Obama regime to strike and strip any reference to Jihadist Islam in conjunction with terrorism.  The entire focus of this regime is to paint Conservative Americans, returning vets and the TEA Party as domestic terrorists and extremists, with no reference to Islam whatsoever, AS POLICY.

The agenda of this week’s Department of State/OIC meetings may mark an important “milestone,” as Sayyed Qutb might put it, on the pathway to sharia in America.  If — under the “test of consequences” — those who speak truth about Islam, sharia, and jihad may be held criminally responsible for the violent actions of those who say they find such truth “offensive,” then, in the future, “violent extremists” could be just about anyone…anyone the government, in obedience to the sharia dictates of the OIC, decides they are.

Further, if the rubric is to be based on this “test of consequence,” then it creates a real temptation to any administration so inclined to “create” consequences that will justify a change in America’s free speech rights.  By way of example, analysts have suggested that the motive for the Department of Justice’s “Fast and Furious” scandal, now under congressional investigation, may have been to create a “crisis” — a “consequence” — caused by U.S. guns shipped across the border to Mexican drug-dealers (and used in multiple homicides, including an American Border Protection officer) to “nudge” public consensus to expand gun control laws.

Even if Obama’s State Department seems fully enamored with a “test of consequences” on speech critical of Islam, most Americans across the political spectrum will realize that this perverts the traditional understanding of the First Amendment.

Much more at link.


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Yet Another Nail….

It passes, 283 – 136.

The Bill: To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2012 for military activities of the Department of Defense, for military construction, and for defense activities of the Department of Energy, to prescribe military personnel strengths for such fiscal year, and for other purposes.

Contained within this new law unchanged, is Section 1031: which authorizes the military to go literally anywhere in the world to imprison civilians — even American citizens in the United States itself — without charge or trial, based on suspicion alone.

It now goes to Obama for his Heinous’ signature into law.

Don’t look for a veto.  Obama and his regime has played this very well, making statements that they ‘oppose’ the provisions for detention of American citizens, yet Obama’s own man Carl Levin (D) spilled the beans that it was Obama himself who demanded they REMOVE the language that would exempt American citizens from the provision of indefinite detainment?

The ability to make anyone disappear, without charge or trial – is now, with his signature – “legal”.  Anyone that the ‘executive’ declares an ‘enemy’ or ‘terrorist’ is subject to being arrested indefinitely without charge or trial.  That means Obama, on his own authority can declare you an enemy – and make you disappear, all perfectly legal.  Let’s also not forget who this regime has already deemed to be a domestic terrorist, and one wonders what the Ruling Class idiots in D.C. are smoking, unless it’s our flesh they crave.

In addition, a national security waiver allows the executive branch to move Jihad terror suspects from military tribunals to civilian courts was placed in the president’s hands rather than the Defense secretary’s, a change Carl Levin said Obama had asked for.   So Obama himself can decide what American citizen is an enemy he is able to make disappear, and at the same time, Obama can decide that Jihadist’s caught on the battlefield can be tried in civilian courts with the rights American citizens used to have.

Get the picture of what is going on now?

All this under the guise of funding the military for fiscal year 2012.

Then again, Harry Reid shoves Cowboy Poetry festivals into budget bills.  Pretty much means they can now shove whatever they want into anything they pass since they now have the power to make anyone they want disappear into military custody.


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Ron Paul: Blame America First or Blame Israel Altogether


There really is little to no difference between Ron Paul’s ideas on foreign policy and hatred of America’s military strength, and Barrack Hussein Obama’s – except for the fact that Ron Paul may be far more of a clueless lunatic than his Marxist counterpart.  Especially in understanding radical Islam or of our allies who stand as the only bulwark against them in the Islamic nest of the Middle East.

Like the mainstream media who contorts or covers up facts in logic defying twists to support Obama, Ron Paul’s Mob Zombie True Believers, do the same thing for their political savior.  They’ll even cover for Ron Paul’s blatant anti-Israel stance, and jump through hoops of absurdity and parsings to even declare that Ron Paul is a ‘Zionist” in response to the fact their messiah was not invited to appear at the Republican Jewish Coalition forum.

Daniel Greenfield notes the ridiculous attempt by The Atlantic to portray Ron Paul a friend of Israel, when his statements and actions illustrate him to be absolutely no different than Obama’s hostility towards our only ally in the Middle East.

More to the point, I wanted to link to this piece, so we can be reminded of Ron Paul’s absurd positions and statements regarding Israel, who he blames for the world’s woes only second to his blaming America first for radical Jihadists and the chaos now enveloping the globe.

Ron Paul: Blame Israel First

Do you know who the latest Zionist on the block is? It’s the man who called Israel, “an aggressive, national socialist state” and suggested that the original World Trade Center bombing may have really been carried out by Israel.

…So how is he a Zionist? Ask Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic. According to him,Ron Paul is, “in one sense, a true Zionist, a believer in two core values of the Jewish liberation movement: Jewish independence and Jewish self-reliance.”

But not Israel itself.  That’s clever double speak to cover for a man who repeatedly suggests that Israel is a bane to the United States.  But it’s election time and Ron Paul, a career politician , vying for the Presidency for the third time under different parties, has to pander for votes beyond the unemployed college anarchists and Alex Jones/Lew Rockwell cultists who join with the Occupy crowds to tear down everything they hate about America.

The Mob Zombies of course insist their vaunted savior is simply against foreign aid, kind of the same way they insist he is against earmarks, but appropriates them on a regular basis.  But as Greenfield points out – it’s not foreign aid to Israel that Ron Paul has issues with:

Ron Paul isn’t simply against foreign aid; he believes that the Israeli lobby controls Washington and involves American in foreign wars… and that this was among the causes of September 11. Paul has described the original World Trade Center bombing as a “retaliation” and during the Republican debates in 2007 and 2011 blamed American foreign policy for Al-Qaeda’s attacks.

… Ron Paul has insisted that we should have stayed out of WWII and let Nazi Germany and the USSR fight it out, and that by entering the war Churchill only prolonged it. Clearly this was another expression of Ron Paul’s Zionism and his desire to promote “Jewish independence and Jewish self-reliance.”

Ron Paul supporters will clamor that the above material comes from the Ron Paul Survival Report, which according to the Paul campaign was supposedly written for years by some mysterious stranger pretending to be Ron Paul. This unknown stranger discussed his time in Congress, his medical career and his wife Carol all in the first person.

Of course the mob zombies in the cult of Paul buy that ridiculous argument as if a fiery finger wrote them on stone.  That the media will attempt to regurgitate this is their effort to continue to fraction the Conservative base and throw the general election back to Obama.  A house divided cannot stand, and Ron Paul’s purpose seems to be to continue to divide the Conservative House, so that the Marxists continue in power.

Perhaps my greatest visceral dislike of Ron Paul, is that he gives aid and comfort to our enemies, while denouncing America and our allies in their presence – almost as readily as Obama does on foreign speaking engagements.

In an interview with Iranian television, Ron Paul complained that the president had not said anything to Israel about its horrible massacre, compared Gaza to a concentration camp, and made it rather clear that he sympathized with the terrorists. It wasn’t some unknown mysterious stranger signing Paul’s name to hateful screeds. It was the man himself doing an interview with the agents of a murderous regime responsible for the murders of numerous Americans.

What about the following statement in the House of Representatives?

“Bin Laden’s claims are straightforward. The U.S. defiles Islam with military bases on holy land in Saudi Arabia, its initiation of war against Iraq, with 12 years of persistent bombing, and its dollars and weapons being used against the Palestinians as the Palestinian territory shrinks and Israel’s occupation expands. There will be no peace in the world for the next 50 years or longer if we refuse to believe why those who are attacking us do it.”

If this was 1942 – Ron Paul’s absurd and infuriating appeasement comments would sound something like this:

“Tojo’s claims are straightforward.  The U.S. defies Japan with military bases on islands in the Pacific, it’s initiation of aggression against Japan by  stationing fighter squadrons on mainland China, and it’s dollars and weapons being used against Japan’s expansion of it’s territories.  There will be no peace in the world for the next 50 years or longer if we refuse to believe why Japan attacked us on December 7, 1941.”

Ron Paul isn’t calling for impartiality or agitating for non-interventionism because he supports Jewish self-reliance, but because he believes that Israel is the source of our problems. He has made it clear over and over again that he blames Israel’s own war on terrorists for terrorism, just as he blames America’s war on terror for terrorism against America.

Paul’s hatred for the United States government has led him to make a common intellectual cause with Islamic terrorists. As far back as his Survival Report days, Paul had gotten in the habit of responding to Islamic violence with conspiracy theories. When Tehran was calling for Rushdie’s head on a plate, Paul wondered if “Some of the people hyping the Rushdie affair have other motives? For example to make Moslems look bad for geopolitical reasons?” (Ron Paul Survival Report – April 1989)

In January 2002, Paul wrote, “How can we forever fail to address the provocative nature of U.S. taxpayer money being used to suppress and kill Palestinians and ignore the affront to the Islamic people that our military presence on their holy land of Saudi Arabia causes.” In that same article he described the terrorists as “those who so passionately hate us that suicide becomes a just and noble cause in their effort to kill and terrorize us”.

In his book, “A Foreign Policy of Freedom,” Ron Paul insisted that, “all recent presidents have reiterated our obligation to bleed for Israel.” American soldiers have never bled for Israel, but language of this sort plays well with Paul’s base, and continues feeding the myth that America’s confrontation with Islamic terror is due to Israel, rather than Islam.

Occasionally Paul switches gears and points out that a cutoff in foreign aid would be good for Israel. That may well be the case. I believe that and so do quite a few people who support Israel. But this issue stands entirely apart from Paul’s larger “Blame Israel” worldview.

Ron Paul is not simply anti-foreign aid, he is anti-Israel. That is the country he has singled out for blame over and over again. And while he has every right to his opinion, conservative Jewish groups have a right not to give him a forum.


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Deal Reached on Defense Bill Authorizing Indefinite Detainment Without Charge or Trial.

The Hill Reports that Congress has reached a deal on the passage of the 2011 Defense Authorization Act discussed here.

Most notable is that supposedly they are “changing the language in the Section 1031 Clause  about U.S. citizens being detained indefinitely without changing the bill’s core language”.

Right.  Read that again.

What that says to me, knowing how the Ruling Class likes to remake and redefine plain language, is that they are going to “redefine” the language in section 1031, so the indefinite detention of American citizens without charge or trial will not sound as bad – but it will not change the core intent of that clause in the bill.  They will still have the power to make anyone they choose, disappear without charge or trial.  The bill will just not sound so bad when they vote on it, and they can claim that the bill does not say what it means.

In addition, at the demand of Obama, the Chief of the National Guard is to be elevated to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The only other hair-raising comment came from RINO/Lib John McCain – who opposed the elevation of the chief of the National Guard to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the following about the deal struck; “They won” .

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Goodbye Internet & 1st Amendment – Congress To Pass “Free Speech Kill Switch”

Federal legislation purporting to protect online intellectual property will impose sweeping new government mandates that will permit the Justice Department to shut down any internet site it doesn’t like (and cut off its sources of income) on nothing more than a whim.

The hits just keep coming.

The last bastion of free speech and information is about to be legislated away by Congress, and grant this tyrannical behemoth of a federal mammoth, the power to silence and shut down any web site, blog or critical commentary it does not like, under the guise of stopping those who steal online movies, essentially criminalizing the internet.

The US Senate’s Protect IP Act (PIPA) and the House version, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) are Orwellian in scope, and will empower the government to patrol and have the ability to shut down and remove blogs, web sites and forums that are merely accused of or suspected of engaging in ‘copyright infringement’ without charge or trial.

The Chairman of Google noted:

[The] government [will have]the power to cut off Web sites unreasonably. They could be shut down, and search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo could be stopped from linking to them.

“The solutions are draconian,” Schmidt said Tuesday at the MIT Sloan School of Management. “There’s a bill that would require ISPs [Internet service providers] to remove URLs from the Web, which is also known as censorship last time I checked.”

Even the liberal Lawrence Tribe warns about the unConstitutionality of these measures:

SOPA provides that a complaining party can file a notice alleging that it is harmed by the activities occurring on the site ‘or portion thereof .’ Conceivably, an entire website containing tens of thousands of pages could be targeted if only a single page were accused of infringement. Such an approach would create severe practical problems for sites with substantial user-generated content, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and for blogs that allow users to post videos, photos, and other materials.”And likewise: “The notice-and-termination procedure of Section 103(a) runs afoul of the ‘prior restraint’ doctrine, because it delegates to a private party the power to suppress speech without prior notice and a judicial hearing. This provision of the bill would give complaining parties the power to stop online advertisers and credit card processors from doing business with a website,merely by filing a unilateral notice accusing the site of being ‘dedicated to theft of U.S. property’ — even if no court has actually found any infringement. The immunity provisions in the bill create an overwhelming incentive for advertisers and payment processors to comply with such a request immediately upon receipt.”

The itself also warns about the Constitutionally destructive nature of these bills:

Under the so-called “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA) the federal government – which is prohibited constitutionally from abridging free speech or depriving its citizens of their property without due process – would engage in both practices on an unprecedented scale. And in establishing the precursor to a taxpayer-funded “thought police,” it would dramatically curtail technology investment and innovation – wreaking havoc on our economy.

Consider this: Under the proposed legislation all that’s required for government to shutdown a specific website is the mere accusation that the site unlawfully featured copyrighted content.  Such an accusation need not be proven – or even accompanied by probable cause. All that an accuser (or competitor) needs to do in order to obtain injunctive relief is point the finger at a website.

Think about that for a moment.  Any liberal mainstream media site, who is in the tank for Obama, or by behest of those they support, can claim copyright infringement and have forums, blogs and other internet discussion groups talking about the news they write, blocked and taken down without so much as a hearing.  And to coerce your ISP to ‘do as they say’ by yanking your site – the Hill reports:

…SOPA would grant regulators the ability to choke off revenue to the owners of these newly classified “rogue” websites by accusing their online advertisers and payment providers as co-conspirators in the alleged “piracy.” Again, no finding of fact would be required – the mere allegation of impropriety is all that’s needed to cut the website’s purse strings.

 The proposals also mandate that User activity be policed and monitored by the ISP, and establishes the same kind of government-restricted firewall that China and North Korea employ against their citizens.
But then again, the Ruling Class tyrants will no longer suffer us little people from getting our information from sources besides their mainstream crony lackeys, and will do anything to silence and prevent dissent against their rule over us.

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More Ron Paul Idiotic Lunacy – Says Bush ‘Gleeful’ That 9-11 Attacks Happened

Alex Jones acolyte and candidate for a straightjacket Ron Paul says 9-11 attacks prompted glee because they provided pretext for invasion of Iraq.

Question One, who do rabid American-Hating Leftists and Jihad Terrorists often quote and look to for validation of their hatred of America?

Answer: Ron Paul.

Question: What is the difference between Marxists who hate America’s former strength in the world and Ron Paul?

Answer: Nothing.  They both sound exactly the same.

Yes, the crazy lunatic Uncle in the attic is back to spew more 9-11 Truther madness and make insidious and outrageous claims to his whacked-0ut appeasement horde hippies whom will vote for Obama should their own political savior not be on the ballot come November.

But this time, he goes over the line from being a clueless outrageous nutball – to an overt and calculating offensive nutball deserving our absolute contempt.

Yes I said clueless, as this is the moron who lectures us and insists Iran was and is no threat to American interests and that WE have provoked the Ayatollahs, Mullahs and Ahmadinejad to hate us.

CBS News reports:

Ron Paul: 9/11 prompted “glee” in Bush administration

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said Thursday evening that Bush administration officials were gleeful after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks because it gave them a pretext to invade Iraq.

“Just think of what happened after 9/11. Immediately before there was any assessment there was glee in the administration because now we can invade Iraq,” the Texas Republican told a group of mostly young backers in Iowa. He went on to suggest officials are now setting the stage for an invasion of Iran.

This is beyond contemptible despite this clown’s current denials that he did not mean what he said and is being taken out of context, which is what he always does when called on his ridiculous and oft-made Blame-America-First comments.

No Ron, we are not taking you out of context  We heard and read the transcript of what you said when you said it.  You are a consistent imbecile who blames America for causing 9-11, and you blame Bush for starting an unprovoked war (after you voted for the resolution to use force in A’stan). You just forgot to smooth and cover your Alex Jones Truther crap in clever political language to give yourself plausible deniability you said anything so blatantly offensive to the American people.  But we know what you really mean.

First of all, we all saw what happened on 9-11.  NO ONE was gleeful 3,000 Americans were immolated and crushed to death, except maybe for some former President who lamented that 9-11 did not happen on his watch.  That you subtly and now overtly claim that Bush was ‘gleeful’ for it so he can go to war in Iraq is the HEIGHT of insidiousness.  You need to be censored and run out of Congress on a rail, unfortunately many just ignore you and consider you an Alzheimer patient warming a seat in the House.

Second of all, we did not invade Iraq immediately after 9-11 as your ‘glee’ comment would indicate was the intent.  We went after the Taliban who harbored Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan first.  Iraq came later in 2003, when the extensive nature of Jihad that had gone unanswered since the early 1980’s revealed a bigger threat than we understood.  You remember the dance Colin Powell did with the UN for over a year???  Bush rightly decided to act against Sadaam Hussein’s 12 year violation of UN mandates and our own 1991 Cease Fire after it was learned that he was not only funding Jihadists himself, but declared Jihad on America, the same as Bin Laden did in 1997.  Bush was a putz to plead with the UN to try and get some kind of approval before we acted in our own security interests.  Bush had all the authority he needed to invade Iraq by Sadaam’s violation of the 1991 Cease Fire and the near-constant targeting of U.S. aircraft keeping the no-fly zones he agreed to, aggressor-free.

But of course arguing these points ad nauseum with Ron Paul’s ‘true believer’ cultists is a complete and utter waste of time.  They simply need to be defeated and rendered neuter as we would the Marxist Left.  Many of these same Paulistas voted for Obama in 2008, and will do so again – so we’re dealing with another wing of the America-hating faction that identifies with the anti-war appeasement Leftists that side with America’s enemies.  Both the unhinged Left and the unhinged Libertarians hate American superpowerdom with equal aplomb and gleefully attach themselves to whatever cult of personality comes along to do nothing but rant about what is wrong with our country.

For all the empty claims from worshippers of Ron Paul that their vaunted political savior is the only real Conservative – the FACT is that Ron Paul is a Libertarian, and NOT a Conservative.  He never was.  He has to run on a Republican ticket in order to win elections. Ron Paul is nothing more than a political opportunist who has accomplished NOTHING during his tenure in Congress but rant about what he says is wrong, while doing nothing constructive about them, while he appropriates earmarks for himself and constituents after ranting against them.  He talks a big game, but he does NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to take down the very things he purports to stand against.  If Bush lied to get us into Iraq as he asserts where are his articles of impeachment drawn up against Bush?

He’s just a lunatic career politician, one his cult-of-personality True Believers insist will save America from itself.  The same kind of crap not afar off from what the Communists state Obama will deliver for them.

Ron Paul is happy to hand Obama a second term by saying he will push for a ‘brokered GOP convention’.  Paul has no intent to back down after he loses the primary.  Don’t be surprised that he will run 3rd party if he doesn’t get the GOP nomination.  He will.  He wants this office badly, he has run for it 3 times now on different tickets and is willing to hand it back to an overt Marxist, if he’s not the nominee because his contempt for America’s military and standing in the world is as much as the rabid Marxist Left.

By some miracle if it ever came down to voting for Paul or Obama, this author will be writing in his dog….. again.  A much better choice than two America-loathing morons hell bent on  destroying those  things about this country they hate while empowering and establishing the very enemies in the world who want America itself destroyed.


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