Deal Reached on Defense Bill Authorizing Indefinite Detainment Without Charge or Trial.

The Hill Reports that Congress has reached a deal on the passage of the 2011 Defense Authorization Act discussed here.

Most notable is that supposedly they are “changing the language in the Section 1031 Clause  about U.S. citizens being detained indefinitely without changing the bill’s core language”.

Right.  Read that again.

What that says to me, knowing how the Ruling Class likes to remake and redefine plain language, is that they are going to “redefine” the language in section 1031, so the indefinite detention of American citizens without charge or trial will not sound as bad – but it will not change the core intent of that clause in the bill.  They will still have the power to make anyone they choose, disappear without charge or trial.  The bill will just not sound so bad when they vote on it, and they can claim that the bill does not say what it means.

In addition, at the demand of Obama, the Chief of the National Guard is to be elevated to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The only other hair-raising comment came from RINO/Lib John McCain – who opposed the elevation of the chief of the National Guard to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the following about the deal struck; “They won” .


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