Obama’s EPA Imposes New Rules To Shut Down Coal Industry And Raise Electricity Rates

Obama uses his EPA to implement his failed “Cap & Trade Plan”  – and today the EPA announces “New Rules” that will immediately skyrocket power rates – just as Obama said he would do.

In yet another act of tyranny, the EPA, under orderes from Obama – has announced today that it will impose new ’emission standards’ or MATS on the power and coal industry.

As MSNBC reports:

WASHINGTON — After a two-month delay, the Obama administration on Wednesday unveiled new rules for coal-fired power plants that mean costly investments passed on to consumers, but also health benefits.

A “significant Clean Air Act announcement” was set for 2 p.m. ET by the Environmental Protection Agency. Both environmentalists and industry were gearing up for the final say on rules covering mercury and other toxic emissions from power plants fueled by coal.

Reuters also notes:

The Obama administration on Wednesday unveiled the first-ever standards to slash mercury emissions from coal-fired plants, a move aimed at protecting public health that critics say will kill jobs as plants shut down.

While Obama’s vaunted Marxist plan to destroy the power industry in the United States in his Cap & Trade plan went nowhere in the Congress, Obama did not let the legislative defeat stop his plan to dismantle and destroy the prosperity and self sufficiency of the United States.

He is implementing it by fiat, using the Alphabet Agencies to enact his decrees.

The Marxists are telling us that this effort is to ‘cut down on mercury and arsenic poisoning’ emitted from coal-fired power plants.

This is CRAP.

Do you honestly think for a SECOND this regime gives a rat’s arse about mercury poisoning?  Why did they then outlaw the incandescent light bulb and demand all Americans use “Green energy” MERCURY-FILLED fluorescent bulbs???  You remember them, the ones that require a Hazmat team to clean up should your bulb break.

Lest anyone attempt to deflect the BLAME for your soon-coming skyrocketing electric bill, this statement from the EPA’s ruling says plainly:

 the standards are accompanied by a Presidential Memorandum that directs EPA to use tools provided in the Clean Air Act to implement the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards

The EPA admits, these orders came on down from Obama.

This is simply the effort to take America down, and prostrate us before the world exactly as Obama and the Marxist Left seek to do.

This is why I laugh at those who say Obama is just clueless – he is NOT clueless or stupid, he is – coldly calculating and purposeful.  Bankrupting the coal industry is EXACTLY what he said he was going to do.  Making your electricity rates SKYROCKET is exactly what he said he would do under his Cap and Trade plan.  But since his plan failed in the Congress, he is simply imposing it’s designed-provisions through the Alphabet agencies that do his bidding.

Here, recall what he said he would do in 2009:

Get the picture of what this plan is intended to do?

Obama will of course go and blame his political opponents for the pain and misery he is causing – but that too – is for the ultimate purpose he seeks: mass violence and death as he tears this nation down before the rest of the world, by design.



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5 responses to “Obama’s EPA Imposes New Rules To Shut Down Coal Industry And Raise Electricity Rates

  1. LMonty

    invar, this has nothing to do with the epa- but dont know how else to get it to you. for your reading pleasure, of course.

    it may seem a small thing against the epa, but it really illustrates the administration priorities. and their goals. only dependance will do. being dependant for lifes needs tends to make the masses compliant. just my take on it-but there’s been such a pattern.


    our justice department hard at work again! ya just gotta love how they spend your tax dollars. crack down on a farmer producing milk, while they facilitate semi automatic weapons getting into criminal cartel hands? which one is a bigger risk, a gallon of milk or an armed paramilitary cartel member??? just ask the grieving loved ones of 300 dead mexicans and a couple of federal agents….

  2. invar

    Amen LM. Pointing out the gross hypocrisy and ridiculous double-standard this regime employs, is a now-DAILY occurrence. Each day passes and the most egregious lies, stretches and bold-faced denials of what they are actually doing become more incredible from one day to the next.

    Reminds me of a prophetic scripture in Daniel 7:25 that says that the anti-Christ will wear down the saints. Many of us watching and warning are being worn down.

  3. UNeverKnow

    You on the right love to banter around the words, “socialism” and “communism.” I wonder if you even understand the concept that we have been a mixed economy for a long time. A fire station, a police department, a military, a library, schools, a public highway–all examples of socialism. It’s a collective ownership by the people. Stalin nor Lenin is under your bed—relax.

    You guys just never give up on this ridiculous line of talk, do you.

    The electrical suppliers are starting to shut these plants down because the upgrades cost too much to remain competitive in the sale of electricity to the public.

    The reduction in electric use through CFLs (or better, LEDs, which do not contain mercury) is intended to enable multiple coal-fired plants to be shut down, thus reducing mercury emissions and the need for mountaintop-removal mining etc., and potentially reducing CO2 emissions.

    Do try to keep up with this ever-so-complex topic, won’t you? And try being honest participants instead of blaming everything on Obama!

  4. invar

    You on the Left are freaking tyrants, and always couch your tyranny under the auspices of reasonable-sounding verbiage – but it is always misery and death your ideology ends up fostering.

    The Environazis like yourself love to try and deflect the truth to some obscure and stupid notion that you sucker the gullible into believing, when your intents are to break and destroy this society and bring this nation to ruin. Those are your goals, that is your mission.

    The eruption in Iceland last year spewed more CO2 and other gasses into the atmosphere than all the electric plants in the world have contributed since the invention of electricity. So your lies can go pound sand – there is no need to reduce any emissions, unless you want to talk to your Chicom pals and get them to reduce theirs – and they will tell you to pound sand also.

    You enemies do not get free play here. We will continue to point out how vile, sickening, dangerous and destructive your ideas are to the well being of Americans and the world.

  5. LMonty

    invar- sadly, this might be worth a read and consideration


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