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Obama, Holder, Napolitano All Knew & Directed Gunwalker Scandal – Video from March 2009

H/T to Rightscoop for the scoop and doing my part to get the evidence spread far and wide.

Now we know why Obama issued executive privilege to keep Holder from having to release documents about Fast and Furious. Video from C-Span of a March 2009 press conference where gun walking/tracing was announced as not only as an issue very important to the president, but directed by the president in conjunction with Attorney General Eric Holder:

As speculated from statements given by Obama and Mexican President Calderon in 2009, this gunwalking operation was intended to kill innocent people for the purpose of changing the political opposition to gun bans and gutting the Second Amendment.

Forums and blogs are betting amongst themselves how long the video will remain before it’s pulled down with whatever excuses Youtube offers for helping Obama scrub the evidence from the net.

Adding then ATF director Ken Melson’s remarks from the ATF.gov website.  While Gunwalker is mentioned by name, Fast and Furious is not, however, the ‘tracing’ initiative that became Fast & Furious was laid out in detail.  In the months after Obama’s inauguration in 2009, there were repeated ‘stories’ cited by Obama in April 2009 about U.S. guns going to Mexico because of gun show loopholes that Obama wanted ‘closed’.  This along with Holder’s remarks about brainwashing Americans into giving up their views on the Second Amendment, all play into the insidious plot that this scandal is or the numbers of dead people, including American border patrol agent Brian Terry who was killed with one of these gun walked weapons handed to the drug cartels by this regime and it’s alphabets.


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Republicans Charge Eric Holder With Contempt Because He’s Black










On the day His Heinous has exerted Royal Privelege, er – ‘Executive Privelege’ to hide the documents Attorney General Eric Holder has refused to turn over to Rep. Daryl Issa’s Congressional Oversight committee’s subpoena, I am marveling at the Useful Idiots in Congress and the Media’s attempts to cover for Obama’s cover-up of White House sanctioned murder in order to infringe upon the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

To me, this asked-for Executive Privilege is admission that Obama himself was involved directly in the Gunwalker scandal.   If not, Obama has just involved himself personally, in order to provide cover and keep secret the documents that implicate and lead the Gunwalker scandal to the doors of the highest offices in the land, and the nefarious attempts by Holder to lie and deceive the Congressional Committee investigating the insidious plot.

It is not lost on those of us watching this scandal unfold that Eric Holder is a firewall to any justice being brought to bear on the Obama regime’s usurpations of power and treason committed since 2009, so Obama will indeed protect Holder no matter what.

Enforcing the law is now up against a criminal regime that says to the GOP and Issa; “How many Divisions does this Congressional Committee have at it’s disposal?”  Obama has tossed down a gauntlet to the GOP in Congress saying in essence: “Come get me if you dare”.  Given the spinelessness that exemplifies the GOP leadership of Boehner and McConnell, the split second the hint of the charge ‘racism’ is in the air, look for the GOP leadership to shut down Issa and order it’s party to ‘lighten up on Obama’ after a contempt vote is held.

The documents may show the Obama regime’s scheme and designs to walk guns to Mexican drug cartels in the hopes of killing Americans in order to change public opposition to Obama’s gun ban plans.  Eric Holder, the top ‘law enforcement officer in the country’ has perjured himself on multiple occasions during the 8 months of hearings the Obama media has buried from public view.

The Regime and the MarxoFascist Democrats have declared the hearings nothing more than “political theater”, and have gone on the offensive to decry these proceedings as ‘political’.  The lead up has been to charge the GOP with ‘coming down too hard’ on Eric Holder.  The narrative today by the drones for the Dictatorial Regime is that “Fast & Furious” was all BUSH’S FAULT.  They say it was a Bush operation and Obama’s regime knew nothing of it when they took office.   Of course, this is nothing but a contemptible lie, easily proven via video testimony from Holder himself.  But to an emoting populace, hating Bush is still a tactic the regime hopes is an effective deterrent in tossing muddy water on who is actually responsible for the deaths of Mexicans and Americans such as Border patrol officer Brian Terry.  Unlike Watergate, there are many dead people as a result of this ‘operation’, but the Regime and it’s sycophants will continue to insist this Constitutional crisis is merely a GOP political ploy that nearly everyone wants to pretend does not exist.














However, if the heat of public scorn continues and is not deflected from the Regime, if Holder looks to suffer further actions after contempt charges, let me be one of the first to print that the Useful MarxoFascist idiots and their media apparatus WILL employ the race card. Obama himself may parrot such talking points and suggest race and politics is the issue being used to ‘attack’ his regime.   The skids are already being greased for this anyway by race pimps such as Al Sharpton who in the act of supporting the regime, are already claiming the only reason Holder is being targeted is because “he’s black”.   This will become the narrative if  “Blame Bush” does not fool the majority of people who get their news from Comedy Central and diminish the crisis in the public eye.

“Because he’s black” is the trump card to absolve the Regime from responsibility and culpability.  It’s the welfare victim mindset played out now to perfection after decades of excusing criminal behavior and aberrant culture rotting American society.  “Because they’re black” is how and why Eric Holder was allowed to get away with not following the law to prosecute the Black Panthers intimidating voters at the polls in 2008.  “Because he’s black” is how the criminality of this regime and it’s supporters in the Congressional Black Caucus is excused and ignored.

The race card works and gets the emoting black welfare populace of “Holder’s People” all ‘wee-weed up’.  It’s reliable political TNT to ensure silence and capitulation to the Left and their messiah, Obama.  It is already demonstrated that the GOP leadership are cowards and will run away from their duties of upholding their oaths and justice, holding their privates in fear.  Sharpton already lit the fuse for this coming narrative:

The Marxofascists figure that even in the face of proven criminality of this regime, the racism charge negates and abolishes justice and the rule of law.   Mob rule and injustice is part and parcel of Obama’s ‘Hope and Change’, taking a Representative Republic into a Marxist Tyranny.

UPDATE: The Congressional Committee has voted to hold the Attorney General in Contempt, the vote of course along party lines.

Many of the Democrats in the hearing using the occasion to bash gun rights and excuse Holder from his lies and obfuscation.  Rep. Connolly talked about Kangaroo courts and said we need more gun control and an assault rifle ban instead of a contempt vote while Rep. Speier said that gun walking still exists because anyone in American can buy guns “they do not need” like AK 47’s.

I guess to tyrants in positions of governmental power like Speier, getting such guns out of the hands of American citizens and putting such weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels for use ON Americans, is perfectly acceptable.

UPDATE II: The Obama Media Propagandists are so predictable.  Within 8 hours of this blog post, Chris Matthews – unhinged as he is decides to lead the establishment of this narrative that the contempt charge against Holder is based on racism:

MATTHEWS: I don’t want to start too much forest fire here, but it is my instinct: Is this ethnic, Mr. Mayor?

BROWN: I think it has some ethnic flavor to it. It will be interrupted by some in that vein.


BROWN: And you have to be careful you don’t give the opportunity to make that case factually and what Darrell Issa is doing is — has given some individuals the opportunity to make that case and to compare it to a stop and frisk.


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