Pelosi: GOP Attacking Holder To Surpress Voters










From the tyrannical wannabe queen who told us that they “have to pass {ObamaCare} so you can find out what is in it”,  the massive mobilization to protect Obama’s regime over the Fast & Furious scandal reaches a new level of incredulous absurdity.  The vain attempts to tarnish and slime those investigating the scheme to infringe on the Second Amendment via deaths of Mexicans and Americans has gone from Blame Bush, to Because Holder is Black and today Pelosi says it is To Suppress Voters.

Pelosi a national embarrassment?


A national idiot with evil intent.



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5 responses to “Pelosi: GOP Attacking Holder To Surpress Voters

  1. hardrock45

    Nancy Pelosi should be at the top of the list to receive a brain transplant.

  2. invar

    Shouldn’t be too hard considering her brain is located in her arse.

  3. hardrock45

    Her head does seem to be up there most of the time.

  4. RM

    This administration and the media, use every legitimate challenge to their tyranny as an opportunity to fan the flames of race hatred. How sick and evil are these people that they would rather see cities burning and citizens dying violently than surrender to the truth?

  5. invar

    It’s what Marxists do, as history teaches.

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