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New Black Panther Chief To White Republicans: ‘OUR ‘FEET WILL BE ON YOUR MOTHERF***ING NECKS’

Michelle Williams, New Black Panthers chief of staff threatens the upcoming RNC convention in Tampa FL

If history was not such an excellent teacher, waving off and disregarding the insane rantings and threats coming from Obama’s Black Militant Marxist Army would make sense.  But history teaches that such threats from devoted followers of Marxists/Anarchists/Socialists/Collectivists – is ignored at our own peril.  History teaches that classic agitation thuggery that is being displayed by the radical Left always is used to implement tyranny.  Obama campaigned for his Marxist cousin Raila Odinga in 2006 who employed such methods, including mass murder to force a change in Kenya’s 2007 election results.

The threats coming from the New Black Panthers are threats that the media ignore.  They are threats that the Obama regime and Eric Holder have repeatedly REFUSED to prosecute. Such threats and criminal activities caught on tape are ignored is matched only by the outrageous efforts the Obama regime has made to criminalize Whites, the TEA Party and Conservative Americans in official DHS reports to Federal government agencies.  Agencies that have requisitioned MILLIONS of rounds of hollow point ammunition.

But aside from threatening violence at polling places on white ‘crackers’ and calls for the killing and murder of ‘whites’ in subtle and not-so-subtle radio rants and black venue appearances, the NBPP (I’ll call them Black Nazis) this week again threatened whites and Republicans.  This time they say they are targeting the RNC Convention in Tampa and on some militant Black radio program, NBPP Chief of staff Michelle Williams on Monday warned that their feet will be on the necks of whites and Republicans whom in her conspiratorial screed, charged them with ‘killing the black community’ in some vain effort to equate her threats as some kind of self defense.

NBPP Chief of Staff Michelle Williams








Hat tip to Breitbart for the audio from the radio broadcast.  If you can stomach foul language, ghetto- talk and four-letter threats.  If not – the link is there as evidence of what they are pushing for.

One day they may get their wish, and the moment they make that last mistake – they are going to wish they never crossed that line.


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